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"You, my friend, are wrong. They were born to kill, and so we shall."

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a character in “Forget What You Know”, as played by Candy_


Eledise (Elle-le-deeze) of the House Trakars

Eledise is the Daughter of Helenris and Galdrin.



Her hair is what her mother likes to call ''as brown as the mud in the swamp behind our house''; dark enough that the shade borders being black, but light enough that it's alliance is evident. When she stands in the light, the hairs each hold a shimmering gold-like appearance, such as of golden fairy-flax, and each strand catching the light in such a way that it is unique for each one.

Her eyes are a light green that Eledise likes to think came from one of the Dragons of Old - when she sees it closely, such as on the pond or a river, small lines appear that stream through a pattern as if it is scaled. They also hold shimmering flecks of gold, sparsely dotted, that remind her of the paintings she sees in her mother's books.

She prefers to wear breeches and shirts rather than blouses and skirts. They're usually brown and white, mixed with green cloaks. When she has to wear a dress, Eledise only accepts the best of what she can get - silks and chiffons, in bright, beautiful colors. Her favourite is a pure white gown. The chiffon is embroidered with silver flowers over a dress of silk, with large trumpet sleeves, and is tied at the waist with a flowered golden sash.

She is 5' 3'', with hair as long as her hips, usually braided in the back.

Eledise, for most of her life, has been alone. Not in a sense of physical matters; but emotionally, she has stranded herself on the edge of her small society, and continues to keep that way - mostly because it's saved her life several times. She feels it helps her keep her mind on her task, killing elves, after she lost her brother to them.

Underneath her cold self, she is very bright. Before she lost her brother, she was friends with everyone in the city; it was hard not to be, when she could easily talk to everyone, and remain cheerful even in the dark times. Her mother said her smile was just as bright as her hair in the sunlight. She was also thoughtful, keeping an intelligent look on each situation, while keeping an emotional thought as to how to deal with them.

* Drinking
* Laughing
* Eating
* Dancing
* Running
* Riding her horse
* A good fight
* Lore

* Dressing up (most of the time)
* Fighting without reason (when it was not an elf)
* Unfair fights
* Elves
* Losing her books
* Losing her friends
* Holding a dying man, and having to watch him die.

* Dagger fighting/duel-wielding
* Horse-riding
* Talking her way through a closed door.

* Sword fighting
* "Running" blind
* Fighting herself
* Lore-books, memories, or anything of the sort.

Her mother was born a noble, and was her father, leaving her in a wealthy situation. She almost pretends to ignore this, and prefers to be with the lower social of the city, making friends with those who she believed to be more concerned about life than wealth. Even as she did this, she collected History of the World in her home, asking her parents for all the books that ever traveled through the city on a merchant's cart. She read all of them, leaving an extensive knowledge of them, but she knows that when they are to be put to use she will find faults and worries.
She continued this life until she was 16, when she found her brother dying in the woods on a horse ride. He died in her arms, and she rode home with him, returning with her cold-hearted personality she has today. Mostly because it was evident what had happened - an elf arrow was sticking through his heart.
On the slow walk through the city, where people followed her to the heart (and her house), she had secretly made a pact with herself to kill as many elves as she could. Even if she had to pay for his life with hers.

So begins...

Eledise's Story