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Jim Malloy

"Kiss me, I'm Irish!"

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a character in “Gaol Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry”, as played by Robinwing


Jim Malloy

Age: 17
Year: 7th year
House: Cerva
Wand: Walnut, 13.2 inches, phoenix feather core
Patronus: A stoat
Familiar: A blonde rat named Mallory

Ah, how to say this nicely... Jim's not the brightest crayon in the box. He's wonderfully kind and deeply loyal, but don't ask him to help you figure out solutions to your problems. He enjoys helping out, especially when it comes to heavy lifting, however he is somewhat gullible, which can be a troublesome combination. He trusts very easily, and will take anyone at their word unless it's proven he shouldn't. He's slow, but steady, and once he's there, he'll always be there. His loyalty is a trait he prizes, and he prizes friends and family above all else. He makes sure that he can be relied on, no matter what, though this can lead to him running himself into the ground a little. He has a good sense of humour, if a bit dry for some people, and he likes to make jokes. He likes music, and can play guitar, though he didn't inherit his mother's singing voice.

On the other hand, Jim doesn't forgive easily. If he feels you've done him or those he cares about an injustice, he will have a problem with you. He's somewhat impolite, but in a very friendly way. He hardly ever has a cross word to say about people, but he doesn't see the point in censoring himself, especially among friends. He gets along well with kids younger than himself, as he's the third eldest among his cousins, and there are twelve who are younger than him, so he has a lot of practice. He can be a bit of a flirt, but he rarely means anything by it, it's just another version of being friendly, to him. Jim is, shall we say, somewhat directionally challenged. He couldn't find his way out of a paper bag, which he is rather embarrassed by.

Jim's a halfblood from Harlem. His mother is Clarisse Malloy, a witch with a particular knack for Herbology and singing, and his father, Chuck Malloy, works construction, like his father and his father's father before him. Jim is proud of his heavily Irish heritage on his father's side, which has had one or two witches and wizards, but still a predominantly muggle family. His extended family are all tightly knit, with a couple of his mechanic uncles taking Jim under their wings, his Nana and great aunts cooing over him and his cousins, and they all practically live within a ten minute walking radius. It's like a little bubble of Malloys in the heart of New York.

Jim takes for granted that his mother is so completely assimilated to the Malloy clan, to the point where he's never even heard her maiden name. The truth is, his mother is a pureblood witch, from one of the families that overvalues that. They tried to convince Clarisse away from even befriending Chuck, going so far as to consider memory charms when they realised how far their relationship had gotten, with Chuck having asked Clarisse to marry him. Overhearing this, Clarisse disowned her family... And got locked in her room for her trouble. However, ever the Ursus, she'd thought ahead to prepare a way to contact Chuck if this happened. He helped her escape out from under her family's collective noses, and explained to his family what had happened, with some edits. The Malloys welcomed Clarisse, and if Clarisse's relatives wanted her back they'd have the devil's own task of it.

Clarisse and Chuck got married that spring, and had Jim in early winter. It didn't take long for them to notice their son's inclination to magic, though Clarisse was somewhat apprehensive about the idea of sending him to Gaol. He's the spitting image of her, and Clarisse has had no contact with her siblings or cousins since she left. But, the Malloys decided they'd rather have him close by over dodging what they hope are the slim odds of Clarisse's family recognising Jim.

  • Music
  • Flirting
  • Helping people out
  • Building/fixing things
  • His family
  • Funny things

  • Getting lost
  • People hurting him or those he cares about
  • Being called stupid (he's self aware enough to know it's kind of true but sill)
  • People lying to him
  • Overly serious people

Password: Specialis Revelio

So begins...

Jim Malloy's Story


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Jim Malloy

"Standin' on a corner, watchin' all the girls go byyy~" Jim sang, accompanying his three elder cousins, Jerry, Jack and Sarah. It was mostly as practice for Jerry and Jack, they were going to be taking part a play as a favour for Aunt Kelly, and it involved them singing that and doing a little dance. As such, all four of them were wearing baseball caps as stand ins for the newsboy hats in the play. However, there was also the fun of getting a little louder and trying to sound a little better whenever some girls passed by. As a pair of especially pretty girls approached the bench the Malloys had claimed, the four of them each took their hats off in turn, holding them to their chests. Jim's voice was pretty much toneless when it came to singing, but hiding it amongst the much nicer voices of his cousins meant that the Malloys earned some blushes and giggles from the passing ladies.

Sarah looked over at the watch Jim was wearing, and nudged him. Puzzled, Jim checked it himself.
"Crud." He muttered, as he passed his hat to Jack. He wasn't even in the right part of New York yet, though he didn't have a doubt that he'd make it. It was a short trip to grab his stuff from home, say his see-you-Thanksgiving-breaks to his ma, da and every Malloy he passed, and hail himself a cab to take him within walking distance of Rhiamon Way.
"You taking a vacation, kid?" The cabdriver asked as Jim climbed in with Mallory's cage and his guitar beside him, after he'd hefted his suitcases into the trunk. He had all the stuff he needed, either by borrowing his ma's old stuff or going out with her and his da to get it from Rhiamon way. They were New Yorkers, it was hardly a journey to Mordor.
"Goin' back to school." He replied with a grin. The cabdriver made a non-committal sound, and soon enough, Jim was walking down Rhiamon Way. Personally, he liked touching base there before he reentered the Wizarding World for the next school year, same as he liked to head to the nearest fast food place when he returned to the Muggle World. It was around then that he noticed the backs of some familiar heads through a store window.

"Aurora! Eric!" He called, as he picked up his pace. However, as he drew closer, he recognised a few other familiar faces, and two strange. One was Liam Madsen, with presumably his little sister on his shoulders, since he didn't seem the type to pick up random children and carry them around. The next was Claudia Gardner, with a kid that could only have been her sister. The last was all too familiar.
"...Hartzel." He greeted in an almost-growl. He walked into the shop himself, and caught Aurora talking to the first years. He decided against talking to Hartzel, and instead focused his attention on Aurora and the first years, trying to completely ignore Hartzel.
"Need a hand there, Aurora?" He chuckled with a grin, popping out from behind her.


Gemma Jackson

Gemma cleared her throat at the table. Her parents were both sitting ramrod straight, faces pinched in annoyance. They knew what today was. They knew what it had been since Gemma was eleven.
"M-may I be excused? I need to pack a couple of last things..." She'd been fully packed and ready to go for the past week, but the breakfast before she finally got back to Gaol was always awkward and scented with resentment and disappointment. Too much so for Gemma to stomach. She'd been careful not to mention what she was packing for, as her parents were less likely to comment if she didn't mention magic at all. Her mother gave a curt nod, and Gemma stood up and carefully didn't hurry towards her room. She sighed as she collected up everything, stood in front of her door and counted to thirty. On twenty eight, she opened the door and quickly crossed the open-plan penthouse, until she was beside her exit out. She didn't call out a goodbye, and she was thankful her parents didn't acknowledge her as she walked out with her suitcases. She gave a sigh of relief as the doors to the apartment building clicked shut behind her, and she was out into the September air.

It wasn't too long until Gemma was finally stepping onto Rhiamon Way, and she let a secretive smile cross her face. She was in the clear until next summer, now, and she eased a little. She could see other Gaol students milling around, excited for the new school year, whether because of learning or seeing friends again. She smiled as she heard a familiar accent rise above the general chatter, shouting two familiar names. Gemma decided against heading toward them, she'd see them on the boat soon enough. Instead, she found herself a bench to rest on, with her potted tulips on her lap and her suitcases at her feet.


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”Well why don’t you go back to your fucking pig-sty, farmboy? I’d rather go to Hogwarts- there would be no imbeciles like you. ”

Eric was prepared to retort with a carefully worded comment on Chloe's educational preference when she suddenly seemed to have snapped into a trance. Confused, Eric hesitated before responding when she spoke quietly, almost as if someone else was there. "My Lord, I can't do it in front of everyone." Biting his tongue, Eric looked around at the on-lookers, wondering if they were as bewildered as he was. This wasn't the first time Eric had witnessed this Ursus student talking to herself, but he had never been within such an earshot that he caught every word. He looked back just in time to see a fist flying toward his face, smacking him right in his jaw. Bubbles of bright light seemed to float around in his line of vision as the blow knocked him back a step. Still in a state of surprise, he felt Chloe shove past him, pushing out of the book shop, running down the street. Just as she did so, Eric heard another familiar voice.

"Want me to kiss it better?"

It was Aurora, a friend of Eric's. She hugged him quickly before patting his cheek. Eric couldn't help but crack a smile as his hand followed Aurora's, going to rub his jaw. "Couldn't hurt." He chuckled lightly as she went over to Liam and Eden, no doubt to give them a hug, but it proved to be too difficult this time, given Eden's position. She settled for a friendly wave and said, "When I can hug you both, I will. Be warned." She then turned and approach a pair Eric hadn't seen, another friend of his, Claudia and her little sister, Flavia. He offered an embarrassed smile to Claudia when Aurora looked back toward him."So we seem to have two first years in our midst guys, let's not give them a bad impression by fighting it out. Don't mind Chloe you hear, she's just a little misunderstood." Eric let out an audible scoff. Misunderstood, he thought. Misunderstood people don't attack others like this. Though the pain was still strong, Eric couldn't help but wreck his brain as to who Chloe was talking to. "My Lord"...

Aurora's voice was being drowned out by Eric's thoughts. He sat there, idly rubbing his jaw as his friends greeted one another. He supposed the scene wasn't as attention-drawing as he had originally anticipated. Thankful, too, though Eric had half a mind to go and look for Chloe, but decidedly enough, he stayed and nodded in response to yet another friendly face. Jim Malloy, one of the goofiest people Eric knew. "How ya' been, Jim?" The two exchanged smiles as Jim offered to help Aurora with something.

Eric could feel a bruise forming on his cheek when Thomas Decius, a 6th year in the Ursus house entered the store, stopping momentarily to offer a polite smile to Eric, which he returned. He absentmindedly watched Thomas as he went off, going about his business when he looked to Liam. "Sorry about that, man..." He looked to Eden. "Hey! This'll be your first year, right? Hope to see you in Aquila!" Sighing inwardly, he turned back to her brother. "Listen, I think I'm gonna go head back to the ship. I'm in compartment 23. I'll see ya'll later." Eric gave a departing wave at the others in the store before exiting, glancing around the street, looking for Chloe. He searched for a moment before shaking his head and heading back to the ship. On his short walk, Chloe's words kept ringing in his head. My Lord, I can't do it in front of everyone. My Lord? Who was she talking to? Eric placed his hands in his pocket as he turned down the street corner, the ship located just a few more blocks along the way. A smirk crept across his face as he looked toward the sky. Heh.. For a small girl, she really does pack a punch. Leave it to Eric to find the optimistic side of being punched in face.


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#, as written by Miyer
[font="century gothic"]

"Need a hand there, Aurora?, Auroa jumped and turned around to see Jim behind her as she still struggled with the annoying little bat. "If you would I will totally love you forever!" She cried in desperation as she gave the small bat another tug, struggling to work if free and staring up at Jim with big puppy dog eyes while the minutiae creature glared daggers at his hands, seemingly unaffected by Aurora attempts to remove him.

"Come on Dyl, let go of me..." She had resorted to begging with the damn bat who continued to ignore her, and Jim as they tried to distantly the thing from her hair. Giving a final sigh, she removed her hands in resignation as she realised the bag wasn't moving as time soon and she was doing more damage to herself than the small creature. "Thanks for that Jim, but I don't think he will be moving anytime soon no matter how hard we try.", however she was soon distracted from the nuciance when she saw Thomas walk through the door holding the brand new Aether V.

"You should have stopped by there first, Aurora. Someone purchased the last Aether V, though he might be willing to sell or loan it for a price. Or maybe the shopkeeper was lying when he said it was the last one. It's a common marketing trick," , Her eyes widened in horror as they lay upon the gorgeous piece of art that would allow her to fly at 200 miles and hour at prim conditions; The way the handle had been carved and polished; the perfect arrangement of bristles; And the perfectly, calligraphy carving of "Aether V" at the end of the handle. She could not lose it, not even to Thomas.

"You and me, we are going back to that broom shop which I will raid until I find another, amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, perfect, Aether V. If the shopkeeper wasn't lying, then I will pay your double, no triple! The original price!" She all but begged him, as she moved to stand it front of him, eyes fixed on the broom that had to be hers. "Come on Tommy, I'm begging over here!" She said while looking up at him with her best puppy dog eyes.


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"That is NO WAY an Aether V," exclaimed a young girl's voice. Thomas blinked, having missed the girl as he focused on teasing his friend. He smiled sliglhtly at her excitement. Judging from her similar appearance to Claudia's as well as the older girl's cringing, this had to be her sister.

"Oh my gosh. How did you manage to afford it? It's, like, the newest in the Series! Can I touch it?" the girl asked excitably.

"I come from a family with too much gold on their hands. Of course you can touch it," he told her, allowing the girl to touch it. He wasn't one of those Quadpot-obsessed types who cringed at the thought of a child touching their broomstick. It wasn't like the child would break it. He grinned over at Aurora as she took it in. Soon enough, she sprang into action.

"You and me, we are going back to that broom shop which I will raid until I find another, amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, perfect, Aether V. If the shopkeeper wasn't lying, then I will pay your double, no triple! The original price!"

Thomas shook his head. He wouldn't exhort his friend in such a way. He may come from a family famous for pursuing wealth, but that didn't mean he was greedy.

"Come on Tommy, I'm begging over here!" She finished while looking up at him with her best puppy dog eyes. Thomas couldn't help but gaze into those eyes. It was one of her favorite tricks, but it still got to him. He did his best to regain his composure.

"Alright. I will go with you to the broom shop. I'll even sell it to you at three quarters of the price if you accompany me to the school ruins. I have an idea on how to open the chamber we couldn't open last year," he told her with a grin as he offered her his hand. He knew she didn't like his manners, but at times, he couldn't resist teasing her with a little chivalry.


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For the first time in his entire magical schooling career at Gaol Academy, Benjamin "Benji" Fox did not board the ship to school at the Georgia port, the closest stop to his home state of Tennessee. That was bizarre in of itself given that for the past four years, Benji's presence in the eleventh compartment from the end of the ship had been an undeniable truth like how two plus two always equals four or that owls were wonderful for package deliveries if you remembered to tip them with their rodent of choice. However, the oddest thing about it was where Benji actually was; Baltimore, Maryland, standing in the middle of the Alvar family rare book shop next to a port key in the shape of a bookmark, and listening to the Alvar children squabble tirelessly as he had for the past four days.

When Sophie Alvar had let it slip to her parents about the nice boy a few years ahead of her that had helped her with class, she had clearly underestimated how enthusiastic her parents would be to meet said nice boy. In a whirl of excitement(for her parents) and dread(for Sophie), an invitation had promptly been sent via owl to the Fox household with an invitation to have them stay in Baltimore for the last few days of Summer vacation. To say that those days had been difficult would be an understatement; the parents, once the Alvars had realized that they didn't need to tiptoe around the issue of squibs and muggles, and grandparents(because there was no way Randall or Miriam were missing a chance to be around other members of the magical community) had gotten along famously, and the children, well, less so. At first, the amount of sibling discourse had been a little disorienting for Benji given that he was an only child, but, unfortunately, he'd gotten used to it, letting the brothers' endless teases and their sister's cutting retorts become the soundtrack for his little visit. At least, he decided, she was talking to him again- Sophie had refused to even make eye contact for the first two days of his visit when Allan, the only Alvar boy still living at home, had jokingly insisted that Benji was his sister's boyfriend.

"You both have everything?" Gregory Alvar asked one last time, eying the two as they shifted on their feet, luggage topped with owl cages, the birds blessedly silent, gripped tightly. They'd already said their goodbyes and, honestly, they'd made sure that they'd had everything at least five times now, but parents do have a tendency to worry about these things.

"Yes, daddy," Sophie huffed, looking more than anxious to go.

"Alright then. It's about time, go ahead and put your hands on the port key-" The instruction was cut off in a short manner by Allan who apparently couldn't risk a parting shot at his baby sister.

"Remember to hold hands, Fi-Fi!" He cooed, despite his mother's prompt glare. Sophie, as she always did, colored a violent scarlet color and was about to round on her brother with a verbal assault to violent that it might have left a bruise or two. However Benji, who'd had more than enough of this by now, was too quick, grabbing her hand and tugging it down with his just as the hour struck and, quite suddenly, the middle of the rare book shop in Baltimore, Maryland, was missing two people leaving behind a guffawing older brother, a scolding mother, and several proud relatives.

They were unceremoniously dropped off in an out of the way part of Rhiamon Way, closer to the docks than to the shops. Sophie landed uneasily before smoothing down her uniform skirt, grumbling something about the perfect use of a bat-bogey hex, while Benji simply straightened back up- he would never get used to port keys- and started off towards the ship. Hopefully his usual compartment wouldn't be occupied- well, at least by someone he didn't know. If it was someone like Thomas then he'd-

"Benji." He stopped in his tracks and turned around to see Sophie looking just as red-faced as before.

"What is it?"

"I forgot my charms book." Before he could even reply, she charged on quickly, "But it's not my fault- Allan was talking when I was packing and he distracted me, so…" She huffed. "I need to get a new one."

"It's fine, Sophie," Benji said, cutting off any further rants. "We'll just drop our stuff off and I'll go with you, okay? We still have a little bit of time." When handling Sophie, especially when she was upset, it was best to use kid gloves, a lesson Benji had quickly learned last year after his first disastrous tutoring attempt.

Sophie nodded and quick as could be they dropped off their luggage and still sleeping owls before heading towards the shops.

It was lucky that Benji knew his way around Rhiamon Way because Sophie was completely out of her element. She was used to her parents buying everything for her and just staying put in the ship every time it stopped. The crowds buffeting her on all sides, most of them children around her own age, were frustrating and she couldn't help but press in a little closer to Benji just to make sure she didn't get lost- not that she'd ever admit it because she was just fine on her own, thanks very much.

They managed to fight their way through the crowds and into the Madsen family bookstore where Sophie vanished, presumably to find her charms book, and Benji was left to idly look around, fidgeting slightly with the shiny new Exemplar badge adorning his shirt. It would be a lie to say that he wasn't disproportionately proud of it and it would be a complete fib to say that he'd maybe cheered quite loudly the moment the badge and letter had arrived at his home.

It was only after Sophie had returned, dragging him resolutely to the counter so that she could pay for what was most certainly not a charms book(not that he could tell since she was hiding the cover resolutely from him) that Benji recognized the fact that, oh, hey, his classmates were here. And were also leaving. The bad thing, he supposed, about having friends was that, inevitably with him, they had other friends they were closer to, usually being people you didn't know all that well. That was the case with Aurora and her menagerie of friends that had swept out the door, excited about some broom or another, or Claudia, his own housemate who still lingered inside with Liam and some first years he was sure he'd never met before. He liked them sure enough, but he couldn't possibly just push himself into their group.

Sophie, whose self-esteem issues revealed themselves in a much different way than the doubt that constantly washed over Benji's mind, had no such issue. As exasperated as she may have gotten with Claudia, a familiar face was still a familiar face, and she was one of the closest things Sophie had to a friend, which was a bit sad, really.

"Hey, Claudia," She said, waving towards the girl and, given the general social obligation, Benji was about to call out a similar greeting when instead an explosion resounded within the shop. Well, not so much an explosion as an entirely too powerful light show. Sophie let out a shriek of surprise, stumbling backwards, and Benji had to shield his eyes before something more concerning than a firework gone wrong caught his sight. A boy- he didn't know him, so possibly a first year- has been propelled backwards in the explosion.

With all of the responsibility granted to him by the Exemplar badge and the general morality that he quite hoped most people had but knew from experience that they didn't, Benji hurried over to the toppled over boy, even as Zeke called out a not so sheepish apology.

"Are you okay?" He asked, almost immediately kneeling down next to him. If he was a first year, well, his life at Gaol had just gotten off to a rocky start.