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a character in “Ghost of the Machine”, as played by Whitney080



Codex // C07885X or just CX

Age appearance-

This Demoid was created a Female.

Codex was built with multiple long, metal rods for legs and a curved piece of steel for the arches of her feet. Therefore, her model was built more for the speed aspect. Human-wise, Code stands at 5'7" and weighs 164 pounds due to the fact that she was made from three different types of material; plain Metal, Steel, and the strongest there is.. Tungsten. She does not look fat nor bulky though, rather slim, in the physical sense that of a curvy, young female with gently rounded shoulders and soft facial features. However, if one of weak strength tried picking up Codex, being deceived by her looks, they would be in for a surprise. Her skin is ivory in colour, and she has a few noticeable features that keep her standing out among the rest. Her eyes are a deep, crimson red, this from where she can shoot laser-beams from them. Code's "creator" found it funny, and decided to give her light blue hair which stands out against the colour of her skin and eyes; It's liked he wanted her to be noticed. There is one more thing..
Unlike most Demoids Codex was never fully finished. The person who created her left her right arm without the proper material to pull off human skin. Therefore, that whole arm is skinless, leaving her robotic underneath exposed for the world to see. Since that arm does not have skin as a protective covering when exposed to water that arm can short out and become useless unless fixed.
Codex likes dark colours so she tends to wear blacks, dark reds and so on. She has a tendency to wear long-sleeved shirts to cover her robotic right arm-leaving the hand visible-and various styles of pants unless during combat where she wears a suit of armor. She usually has on a pair of boots which come to her knees, when outside during the day seems to always be carrying around a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses.

"Defensive" Mode: During certain types of combat, when in absolute need, Codex's whole structure can transform to where she is surrounded from head to toe in heavy, tungsten armor in the pattern of red and black. When this happens her left arm is replaced by a large revolving gun that can transform into a long, broad-blade sword. However, there is another setting Codex uses for minor purposes where her robotic right arm transforms at the hand into a Gatling Gun.
Defensive Mode Here
Transportation Mode: Codex can transform herself in a slim, black Sports Car built for speed with built-in rocket launchers in the front by the headlights(Only operated by Codex's
Operator) or a small, red motorcycle for getting through tight spaces.

Using a Medical Microchip which was planted within the back of Codex's head, at her hairline, she can search through it, the palm of her right hand opening up and "delivering" her whatever tool she may need.
+ Learning new things
+ Her Operator
+ Candles
+ The sky
+ Being treated like an actual person
- Water
- Threats
- Boredom
- Rude people
- Rain
- People who treat her just like a machine

Codex acts a bit serious when she doesn't always need to be, feeling as if safety comes first, no time to goof off. She tends to be a little too protective of her Operator, so don't be surprised if you find her standing too close. She likes to train, therefore is usually found in the training area working on her shooting. Despite her serious-attitude Code is fairly curious and asks a lot of questions which was found to get on most peoples nerves. For every argument she has a nice, witty comeback and loves using sarcasm when the time calls for it. She's not afraid to throw a punch and under many circumstances has been called "Intimidating." Underneath her robotic build there is something there.. Something they may even be considered human... (More revealed through out the role play, sorry it's short! -_-)

After one test Codex was deemed a failure and her creator turned his back on her. It was told she would only be a common tool, something used by an elderly woman in need of assistance around the house. However, two years after being left to rust Code was found by a researcher in need of a big break. He worked on her and even though all the bugs didn't get worked out he considered her a success, naming her Codex. After a few tests the researcher found her absolutely perfect, a "killing" machine as he put it, but went in to change a few things on her right arm, stripping away the applied skin. Unfortunately the researcher died the night he was "tweaking" her, and she was never fully finished, missing a few emotions and the skin which was suppose to cover her arm. Not long after she was sent to the Academy since the researcher did not leave her to anyone.

Codex's Operator is Shouju Sunaipa.
"Let's see how this goes..."

So begins...

Codex's Story