Vincent Romeo Margrave

"Just call me Romeo please."

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a character in “Ginryu: School of the Fist”, as played by Soul_Alchemist


Name: Vincent Romeo Margrave, goes by Romeo
Age: 19
Style: Street Fighter

Romeo stands at about 6 feet tall, with a lean muscular build, though it leads some to believe he is weaker than he really is. His hair is brown and shaggy, and his eyes are the same color. There is a healthy tan to his skin, and he has a tattoo on his left shoulder of a yin yang surrounded by the Chinese trigrams, which he sometimes says he can use to tell the future. (He really just kids people about it). Normally he can be seen wearing the outfit above, or something similar, sneakers, jeans, a light long sleeve shirt with a black sleeveless leather jacket over it, and a pair of black leather gloves, 'biker style.' In addition he now wears the talisman he received from Jian around his neck.


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Aside from a couple extra pairs of clothes Romeo has brought;
His father's old school boxing gloves, though he doesn't use them
A couple books to read at night
A silver pocket watch his father gave him years ago
And a picture of him and his father together when he was little


Back Story:
Romeo fights because he has to. When he was only 6 years old his father, a professional boxer, was killed in a match, and after that he was placed in a foster home, and swore he'd never end up like his dad. However, at the age of 17 he became emancipated and moved out on his own. He got a job at a local resturant and started going to collage on the weekends, but because he had so little money he lives in a very crappy apartment on the bad side of the town, and at first was always getting mugged. That's when he began training himself, and soon he wasn't getting mugged, he was winning, and sometimes new guys just fought him for the hell of it. Sometimes he won, sometimes he lost.

When he received the letter from Jian he was suprised, to say the least, but, seeing as how he had nothing left, his parents dead, no friends, barely a future ahead of him, he readily accepted the invitation and packed up.

Romeo has never been taught anything, all he knows he learned either on his own or from movies/books
Despite his looks he is actually rather smart and loves to read
He is an excilent cook, though he won't admit he's anygood
He likes to joke and tell people he can read the future with his tattoo, as many people from where he lives ahve no idea what the symbols really mean

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