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Ricky Monteblanc

The product of a one-night tryst between Aphrodite and a very well-to-do Swiss banker.

0 · 237 views · located in Camp Half-Blood

a character in “Half-Blood Camp Academy”, originally authored by Guest, as played by Discipline


Ricky's a sandy-haired (flipped up like so), green-eyed teenage-child about the age of 14 or 15. He looks a good deal younger than his age, having been mistaken for 10 or 11 once. He's very lightly built and pale, not looking much like a soldier at all. Favouring a pair of sneakers, jeans, and a polo shirt when it's warm, and a hoodie when it's cold, he's relatively nondescript... except for the slight aura of perpetual self-satisfaction he gives off that seems to attract people like flies to honey.
He seems to never have had problems with acne before and his face is usually curled up into a crooked grin.
Ricky has a small stud piercing on his right ear where he keeps his weapons.

He's 5'2 and weighs approximately 92 lb.


Ricky is a relatively well-rounded person, with the attendant arrogance of a rich white-collar brat yet with the compassion of a child who knows what it's like to grow up without a mother and with a father who's either on a business trip, getting drunk at the bar with his friends, or in bed with a whore he found at the bar. He doesn't laugh too often, but when he does it's a rather contagious sound.

When he meets new people he's somewhat friendly but at the same time a bit wary (like most people), and when he greets friends he usually shouts an insult at them.

Ricky speaks German, English, and French.


As one of the relatively few sons of Aphrodite, he's inherited a fraction of her powers. In this case it manifests itself as a celestial-bronze revolver he's nicknamed "Neigung" (it was a gift from Aphrodite to Al, to give to their child when he or she needed it.) It requires no ammunition except for Ricky's will to, in his own words, 'live, love, and be loved.' Thus, he can in theory fire it forever and never tire (except for, of course, hunger and thirst) unless he ever loses resolve.

The revolver itself fires either mundane bullets (except for the fact that they affect monstrous beings) or 'tranquilisers', which, if targeted correctly, can cause an intense but short-lived rancour towards the next living being seen by the target.


After the one-night stand between Aphrodite and Ricky's father, a man named Albert Monteblanc, Aphrodite went back to her daily business, unaware that they had conceived a baby.

A few months later, on one of the rare days when Albert wasn't out doing something or another, he was received again by the goddess informing him that he would have to take care of another; their child, and that she wouldn't be able to help him nor should he tell their child about it. It was during this visit that she gifted him with Neigung.

And finally, one day, Aphrodite met him one last time, with a swaddling cloth and Ricky in her arms.

Albert raised Ricky by himself, living on the massive family bank account, until, when Ricky was five, Al discovered the existence of maids, and hired one to take care of Ricky. This meant that he basically lived alone but for a near-stranger caring for him, although they did get closer up until the age of thirteen, when Ricky was deemed able to take care of himself.

The day after the maid was fired, a hellhound attacked Ricky on his way walking back home from school. Ricky frantically ran down the mainly empty roads to get back to his house, the dog on his heels, and when he got inside and locked front door the hellhound started headbutting it headfirst. Seeing the door begin to come off its hinges, Ricky remembered his father's reminder that if he ever needed to defend himself, there was a gun in the closet, he searched for it, found it, and just at that time the door flew off. With a growl the hellhound charged him--

--and he shot it directly in the face, making it dissolve into vapour.

A day afterwards, a satyr came and ferried him to Camp Half-Blood, where he stays now.

So begins...

Ricky Monteblanc's Story