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Lily Castle

The Dryad

0 · 850 views · located in Lulamond Academy

a character in “Hero High”, as played by HolyJunkie


We're heroes, and heroes are unbreakable walls.


Father... sometimes I wonder...


β˜… Name β˜†
Lily Castle

β˜… Age β˜†

β˜… Role β˜†
Delta Team - Female

β˜…Gender β˜†

β˜… Year β˜†
Third Year

β˜… Power β˜†

β˜… Hero Name β˜†

β˜… Face Claim β˜†
Yuka Hanaki


β˜… Theme Song β˜†
Green-Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf

β˜… Personality β˜†
Down-to-Earth | | Cheerful | | Charming | | Tomboyish
With a strong sense of justice, Lily is often one to head into danger to lend assistance. She's quite level-headed, but that doesn't stop her from spouting encouragement in a gleeful manner. While one would expect such a bubbly personality to rush in without thinking, she does put thought into her actions. Even if her abilities don't allow it, she puts others before herself. An emotional support in times of need.

β˜… Bio β˜†
Despite the youthful face, she is actually quite tall and curvy.
For such a cheery person, Lily has has an unusual backstory. Her mother died giving birth while on a train between countries, and Lily wound up at an orphanage at the destination. She grew up in said orphanage, slowly discovering her abilities as she befriended the other orphans. Despite the low-maintenance comparatively, not many aspiring adoptive parents were comfortable with the idea of raising a freak.
The rejection in light of many of her friends being adopted filled her with a great deal of negative feelings. Seeing Lily so frustrated, the orphanage headmaster suggested she take out those frustrations at a local fitness club. While there, she was surprised to see the headmaster there. More shockingly, Lily learned that the orphanage headmaster herself was a retired self-defense instructor who had trained heroes. It was through this instructor that Lily learned fighting basics, how to apply her unique nature, and also found her calling to become a hero.
When she was of age, she went to school, and performed quite well. Her abilities also improved to the point where she was accepted at the prestigious Lulamond High. She still visits the instructor now and then.
Lily does not know her father's whereabouts.

β˜… Talents And Skills β˜†
β˜† Learned in parkour as well as martial arts focused primarily on grapples. Combined with her abilities, makes her a nightmare to contend with in close combat.
β˜† General toughness and resistance to shock, as her cells do contain cell walls.
β˜† First-aid knowledge.
β˜† Passionate gardener
β˜† Very cooperative.


β˜…Explanation of Ability β˜†
ABSORPTION & PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Her bare skin, like roots, can absorb nutrients from anything she touches. Her hair, like leaves and stems, can synthesize energy while watered and left under the sun. The roots can also be used to grant excess energy to others- often used to heal them. She can also utilize this energy to rapidly regenerate lost tissue.
BULWARK: By further focusing her energy on her skin, she can generate and apply a layer of tough, yet flexible wood around her body. However, the carapace negates the root and healing abilities until she sheds it. The carapace is graded as roughly the same level as steel, which makes her incredibly durable.
ZOMBIE-LIMBS: This does not translate into "Plant manipulation". She can only control the plant matter that is part of her. If a part of her gets severed, however, the lost appendage will rapidly drain of the energy that was present. During that time, it will rush towards the closest source of energy in order to try to sustain itself. This makes losing limbs dangerous for anyone nearby. Once the limbs run out of energy, they go limp and die. A finger will last two seconds at-minimum. A hand will last twenty seconds at-minimum, an arm will last two minutes at-minimum. The same math applies to legs.
LIMB EXTENSION: By focusing energy on her limbs, she can extend the reach of her arms and legs, and even split them apart into a third leg or a fourth leg. Controllability drops by a significant margin when she does this, so the most she ever does is extend her fingers and toes in order to further entangle her opponents.
WEAKNESS: As a result of her nature, extreme temperatures are a particularly nasty weakness. While she can survive a winter like a normal girl, her movements are comparatively laggy. Dehydration is also a particularly great threat to her. If dehydrated, or during winter, her normally green, bush leaf hair turns brown. While she can regenerate arms and legs rather quickly if she focuses energy, damage to her torso or head cannot be accelerated.
UNIFORM: Her ideal uniform is... well, nothing. However, for the sake of modesty, her uniform is light and breezy, with ample exposure to allow her to make skin contact and generate her carapace.

β˜…Likes β˜†
β˜† Sunshine
β˜† Water
β˜† Gardening
β˜† Art & Music
β˜† Jogging
β˜† Shopping

β˜… Dislikes β˜†
β˜† Fire
β˜† Winter
β˜† Wet blankets (figuratively, that is. She does enjoy a literal wet blanket.)
β˜† Brooding
β˜† Chemicals, especially those poisonous to plants.
β˜† Chocolate- hates the stuff.

So begins...

Lily Castle's Story