Nero Zodiac

"What is a Hamburger"

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a character in “Hie”, as played by HIe


{Nelson if your my mother}

Birthday:february 14
Blood Status: Halfblood
Appearance: Brown eyes that go along with his Black hair perfectly. Wears pretty comfortable cloths. He's 5'6 with pretty good posture

Personality: Nero is a very out going kind of person and anytime he sees a person alone he will make it his mission to talk to them. All ways on time for everything. If he's late for something, he will never let the person who made him late let it down, Thinks sports is a giant waste of time, Except Quidditch naturally. Doesnt really know why he was placed in Slytherin because he always thought he be in Ravenclaw for his love of knowledge. He works hard at everything he does (Except sports). But has always wanted to be on a quiditch team. But doesn't know what he would play.

First Year Slytherin

Wand: Pear wood with a Unicorn hair core 14 ÂŊ" and Slightly Yielding flexibility

Pet: Brown Owl

Patronus: White mare
Quidditch: Anything fine as long as its fun.
Broom: ---
Boggart: Werewolf

Story Thus Far...

Nero 'Nelson' Zodiac was born and raised in the big city of London. Where his family for generations has owned a small but comfortable resturant named Zodiac cafe. Where his house is on the second floor. His mom, Madison Zodiac, is a muggle. She doesnt really like magic or his name, Nero, so she calls him Nelson. But she puts up with magic for her family. His father William Zodiac is a diffent story though, he absoloutly adores magic. He went to hogwarts, played on the Quidditch team, and was in the house of Slytherin as well. When Nero got the letter for Hogwarts he nearly exploded with excitement.

So begins...

Nero Zodiac's Story