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Zed Yggdrasil Xavier

A shy, but intelligent boy with great ambition.

0 · 357 views · located in Hogwarts, the years of Harry Potter

a character in “Hogwarts and those that aren't Harry Potter”, as played by Zed Yggdrasil


The house of the ambitious and cunning.



Name: Zed Yggdrasil Xavier AKA: Zyx (Sykes)
Age: 11(currently)
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 85lbs.
Blood status: Pure-blood
Hair Style and Colour: Black and knee-length (feels like silk, his only vanity)
Eye color: Pale Violet
House: Slytherin
Wand Wood: Maple 12 1/2 inches rather swishy
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Familiar: Black Cat

Personality: Shy, analytic, ambitious and a rule bender (why break when you can exploit?) not easily impressed, a little bit of a blood purist so muggleborns need to be cautious around him, for he may tend to hex first and ask questions later. He doesn't hate muggleborns per se, he just hates the fact that they are ignorant of the wizarding world, though if they ate least show a hint of knowledge he'll be a bit more accepting of them.

Equipment: Wand, ritual knife, school bag, with standard year 1 books, plus a few from his family library, cat treats, string and a wand holster

Abilities: Occlumency (Level: Beginner, attempting a mindscape) Ritualist (Level: New) Summoning (Level: Prodigy)[More akin to permanent conjurations. as long as the anatomy of the conjuration is known innately]{Currently Known: 3}(Snake, Spider and Lizard)

Current known Spells:

Familiar Information
Name: Night AKA: Nightmare
Species: Bombay Cat/Red Eyed
Personality: Rather uptight and pompous, but a troublemaker to the extreme, has a habit to steal things and frame people for the fun of it. Loves string to the point that he will hoard it in his own kitty den that is filled with string and a few other odd things he has found. (Rumoured to have quite the haul of panties, it has not been proven however.) Has a weakness for girls he finds pretty or who bribe him with treats and string, preferably both at once.

History: Firstborn son of the Yggdrasil main branch family and he hates it. Him and his family decided to leave their home country of Norway and head to England after Voldemort's fall. Their family is known to own the largest grimoire in the world and adept in many branches of magic, to keep it safe. Zed has read some of the grimoire himself and learned the basics of Occlumency and how to Summon a school he is more interested in. He had also learned one ritual from the book so far and rather simple and small one at that called; Purifying Ritual. A small one that cleans impurities from his body for two months. His mother and father rarely pay any attention him, so he will become a little dependant on his friends. He will however not take kindly to betrayal. He wants to just get through his time at school and get a mastery in charms and transfiguration and possibly potions, so he can continue with his dream of becoming a Master Summoner, a profession that has not been seen for over a thousand years.

So begins...

Zed Yggdrasil Xavier's Story