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Christopher T. Black

"When People Are Very Damaged, They Often Meet The World With A Kind Of Defiance." ~J.K. Rowling

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a character in “Hollywood Arts High School”, as played by JustBeingMe






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N A M E: Christopher Tanner Black
A G E: 18T A L E N T: Photography
G E N D E R: MaleG R A D E: Senior

"When People Are Very Damaged, They Often Meet The World With A Kind Of Defiance."
~J.K. Rowling

Highway To Hell~AC/DC
Californication~Red Hot Chili Peppers
Simple Man~Jason Manns & Jensen Ackles
Sound Of Silence~Disturbed



"When You Create Something New, You're Breaking Tradition - Which Is An Act Of Defiance."
~Steven Strogatz


Black or Black Sheep

Hertosexual & Herto~Romantic
{A Sexual attraction
towards only those of the
opposite sex.} & {A romantic attraction
towards only those of
the opposite sex.}

[Romantic Interest]

50% German
25% Native American
15% Spanish
10% Swedish



"In This World Its Not Faith That Saves Us, But Defiance."
~Benjamin Franklin



Christopher is a fantastic photographer, he started taking pictures when he was very young because his mother was always working and to keep him busy she gave him an old camera and a handful of film. It wasnt until she had the photos developed that she realized he had an eye and talent for it. Paying for the lessons to encourage and grow this interest and gift was a financial hardship that she dealt with happily just to see the smile on his face.

His photos are on the darker side, showing more the nit and grit in the world. Focusing on the slums and homeless more then anything else, he does alot of black and white with some splashes of colors that just amplifies the almost disturbingly sad and emotional photos he takes. He some how manages to bring fourth the sense of helplessness, pain, and loneliness his subjects feel on daily, he also can bring fourth the brief sense of hope, happiness, and thankfulness that his subjects felt when they were treated like a human when he photographed them.



"In Your Absolute Defiance Against Tyranny, Lies And All Odds; Lies Therein, Your True Moral Strength. Rise!"
~Mamur Mustapha



Christopher is a rather tall young man, well muscled with naturally dark brown hair that lightens to a sandy blonde when exposed to alot of sunlight which LA has plenty of. He is ruggedly handsome with is sharp jaw, well drawn nose and mouth, deep set multicolored eyes, and almost constant 5 o'clock shadow. Though tall and thin he is no way able to be considered wiry or lanky, if anything the best way to describe him is bulky. He has spent years working out and playing numerous types of sports which has only added to this impression.

He keeps his hair on the longer side, the sides are cut at a semi short length and the top is left long so when he wishes he can do a 'man bun' which not many can pull off but he can easily. Christopher has been told on several occasions that with his eyes being different colors it makes him appear mysterious which is only added to the 'bad boy' vibe he gives off because of his personality and the way he dresses.

Christopher's style can only be described as classic 'bad boy'. Black leather jacket, dark jeans normally in black or dark gray, boots or converse, simple shirts normally only black, white, gray or dark blue, and a beanie of some sort. Now, for Christopher he isnt trying to come off as a bad boy or some sort of mysterious guy from the streets. Financially the simple shirts and dark jeans that will last are smarter, a leather jacket if maintained will be usable for over a decade. Truthfully the only things that he wears purely because he like them and their look are his shoes and his beanies.

Growing up in a one room apartment with his mother was hard and it made him appreciate his things so even though he might smell like cigarettes and have two days growth because he hasn't shaved, his clothes are always clean, always well maintained, and always fit him right which always confuses people on whether he is a rich kid pretending to slum it or a poor kid who appears better off. Either way he presents well in a nonchalant and lazy way.
Christopher's style

[Height and Weight]

Abstract black and white tattoo on his left forearm.
Mothers name in a different language.
Three inch long scars on his stomach from a mugging gone wrong.
A quarter sized oddly shaped birthmark on the back of his neck.

Both Ear Lobes



"Hope Is An Act Of Desperate Defiance Against Monstrous Odds."
~Ivo Andrić


Honest Deceptive Collected Calculating Observant Affectionate Considerate

Whether it is his natural born personality or caused by being raised in the 'slums' of LA, Christopher is a cold, calculating, deceptive young man who is always very collected and honest when speaking and only affectionate toward certain people. He uses his calculating and observant personality to come up with creative ways to get the photo he wants or just to get what he wants in some situations. He oozes charm, add that to his deceptive nature and he can normally distract away from whatever he wishes people to momentarily forget. Now, putting it like this makes him seem like a bad person but when you add those same bad qualities to his good, well it is a whole different story.

When Christopher really cares about someone he is kind, affectionate, and considerate so when you add being observant to this mixture you end up with a young man who knows the person he cares about needs or wants before then even say anything, he is also always honest. He might be deceptive but he has mastered the art of being deceptive without telling a lie. He believes that you cant have a relationship with anyone if you lie, and though he comes off as uncaring he might care to deeply which would explain why he tries to keep his distance by pushing his bad qualities to the forefront.

It is very easy for him to come to care about the people around him, he adores the homeless around his apartment and knows them by name, he greets the cashiers at the stores he frequents and can tell you how their families are doing if you ask him. Christopher isnt some enigma, he is just a little complicated but in the best way.

[Likes and Dislikes]

✔Stormy Days ✔Cold Nights
✔Popcorn With Extra Butter
✔The Smell Of Coffee ✔Cuddling
✔Fighting ✔Photography ✔Reading
✔Meeting New People In Weird Places

✘Hot Days ✘Being Bored
✘Being Looked Down Upon
✘Licorice ✘Chocolate ✘Tea
✘Comedy Movies/Actors ✘Crying
✘Stress/Stressful Situations

[Strengths and Weaknesses]

✔Charming: Christopher knows that he is an attractive young man, from his two toned eyes and strong jaw to his cocky devil may care attitude, he reeks of false confidence and because of this can charm the socks off most people. He likes charming older women especially because it makes him feel powerful to get them to blush.

✔Quite: He has a quite nature and way about him which allows him to get into places that he isnt supposed to go without being noticed, this has allowed him to get some of his best photos and also allowed him to out run/hide from trouble in the past.

✔Calm and Patient: Some of his best photos came after he sat for hours in the same position without moving, after being yelled at, swung at, and even attacked but some how managing to keep his cool. Its really hard to get him angry and even rarer for him to become impatient, this is one of his greatest skills and his benefited him greatly.

✘Aggressive: Though not easily angered he is extremely aggressive, from single track mind to getting what he wants or when finally made angry. He doesn't mean to be as aggressive as he is but it can be disillusioning to see him lose his cool in such a manner.

✘Short Sighted: For being a smart, observant, and typically kind young man Christopher has the bad habit of being short sighted. He will occasionally say something, do something, or talk his way into something that will either effect him badly, effect someone else badly, or will have foreseeable consequences had he thought about it at all.

✘Insomnia: It might be caused my Christopher's large addiction to caffeine and energy drinks but he suffers from insomnia. In some ways this has benefited him because it has allowed him to get photos he would never have dreamed of capturing other wise but truthfully this really is more of a weakness due to the fact that the lack of sleep effects his school hours and has occasionally made him sick and took him out of school all together.

[Oddities and Flaws]

✔Camera/Taking Pictures: Christopher always has his camera with him, if it is hanging around his neck then it is in its protective case but nine out of ten times in around his neck or up to his face because it seems as if he literally sees the world through the camera lens.

✘Punching Things: Its not an act of violence from anger but frustration and it typically only happens when extremely stressed out or on a deadline and he believes that he has done something that will set him back on the schedule he has plotted out in his head.

Basophobia & Acrophobia: The two phobias are connected, basophobia is the fear of falling and is a natural fear in most mammals though Christopher's is a more extreme case which is connected to his acrophobia which is the extreme or irrational fear or phobia of heights, especially when one is not particularly high up. He can handle heights up to a certain point (three stories up) anything more then that limit will send him into a panic which occasionally turn aggressive or physical in his need to escape the situation.



"Be Yourself, Don't Take Anything From Anyone, And Never Let Them Take You Alive."
~Gerard Way



It was cold, stormy night in Los Angeles county when a quite 9 pound baby came in the world to a scared and alone teenager with no one to turn to. Alice Black had always been a street smart girl but everyone makes a mistake at some point and her mistake happened when she meet Kennedy Smith. About nine months later she had a oddly quite infant attest to her three month long 'relationship'. If it hadn't been for Dolly Yin, a single mother of four and waitress at Alice's favorite diner, Alice and Christopher would have ended up in the system because there was no way that the sixteen year old giving birth wouldn't have drawn attention. Dolly claimed to be Alice's step mother and said she was going to help Alice raise her baby to the Hospital but in reality Dolly couldnt do more then that and point Alice in the direction of James Randell.

James Randell was a elderly man in his early eighties that owned and managed the apartment building Dolly lived in, in exchange for helping him manage his tenets, keep the building clean, cook his meals, and go to school Mr Randell gave Alice and her newborn son a place to live. It was as good of a deal the girl was going to get and so she took it with open arms. When Christopher was five years old Alice gave him an old camera to play with as she was busy doing the accounts for Mr. Randell who was in bad shape after a heart attack. Now, Alice is the sentimental type so when Christopher told her a week later that he had filled up all the film she decided to get the pictures developed when she got him some more. This turned out to be a great thing because it showed alot of childish clicking away but it also showed that with a little bit of grooming her son could really make something out of what seemed to be a natural talent because though blurry, out of focus, and sometimes just odd his photos were taken at unique angles that brought them to life, they were taken in areas that had natural lighting to back drop or deep shadows that made them seem mysterious and Christopher was very much into it.

Straining her finances Alice got Christopher into Junior Photography classes when he was seven and he rapidly progressed through the courses. Of course he was also in school at the time and Alice made his grades a stipulation to him continuing on with what had quickly gone from fun hobby to passion. He made friends easily and they became his main subjects in his photos, and as they drifted away from him when he entered junior high he changed his perspective to the people he saw everyday, the ones no one else seemed to see or care about which oddly enough made his mother and Mr. Randell very proud of him, probably because he was bringing those forgotten people into the light and making those who saw his photos, care about them again.

When Christopher was entering his Freshmen year of Hollywood Arts High School Mr Randell passed away, which was when Alice and Christopher found out that they were the closes thing to a family the old man had because he willed the building and all of his minimum saving to them. This helped the little family out because they had always existed pay check to pay check but the death of Mr. Randell though deeply effected the teenager because the grumpy old man had been his only father figure and had been his best friend. It was the death of Mr. Randell that really pushed him into showcasing all the pain and suffering the world can dole out, mostly because Mr. Randell's last days were not peaceful and easy, they had been filled with the old mans moan of agony and begging for death, had been filled with Alice's tears and Christopher's prayers.

His sophomore year in High School he picked up acting. Mostly just to have something to do outside of photography, take his mine off Mr.Randell's death which he still wasn't over, and to help him meet more people. Sense then he has grown to truly like his acting courses though his primary pursuit is his Photography.

So begins...

Christopher T. Black's Story

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Ashleigh Nyguen
Location; Campus → Home

It has been about two hours since the final bell rang and dismissed the students for the day. Before the students left though, an announcement was made that there was to be a bonfire on the campus behind the school. Students were greatly encouraged to attend the spectacle but it was not really mandatory for them to attend, since it was the weekend. Ashleigh leaned against her car in the parking lot and pondered on the idea of attending the bonfire that was to happen within a couple of hours.

She waved and spoke to certain people that passed by her while continuously thinking. Some people were going to the bonfire while others were going home and just relaxing, or having a kickback with a few people. Since there a couple hours and few minutes before the event tonight, Ashleigh decided to go on home so that she could change and be comfortable for the night.

As she made it home, her parents were there in the living area of their home and of course, she went over and addressed them before running upstairs to her room so that she could shower and change. After she did that, she sat down on her bed and went over to her backpack, pulling her cell phone out of her side zipper and sending out texts to see who was going to attend the event later that night.

To: CJ :D
Going 2 the bonfire tonight, luv?

To: Chris ;3
You know, I bet you'd get an A if you capture amazing pics of tonight's bonfire.

She sent that message towards Chris as a slight bribe to get him to go to the bonfire so that she wouldn't be totally alone. Ashleigh made a few banners, which were hung up around the school for the bonfire just to capture people's attention about the event. She decided to send out at least two more text messages before putting the finishing touches on herself and leaving her home.

To: Alice :)
Hey, girl! Bonfire tonight or nah?

To: Haley :D
Are you tagging along with me to the bonfire?

Once she sent those messages, Ashleigh stood up and even tied her hair up into a high ponytail, which was something really rare for her to do. She grabbed her car keys and phone then trailed down the stairs and told her parents that she was going to school's bonfire, an event that opens up the school year and something that has been done every year. Her parents nodded their heads and she was out the front door within an instant but did not really leave yet. Instead, she sat down on the front porch and waited for people to text her back.