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Chris Carpenter

"Life is fucked up, but that only means I'm going to work harder to make the most of it."

0 · 355 views · located in Los Angeles, California

a character in “Hollywood Someday”, as played by WitchNCat13


“Give me therapy I’m a walking travesty.”
Image Image
Theme Song:
Sick Puppies||Maybe
Song to love interest:
Daughtry||Feels Like Tonight



Full Name
Christian James Carpenter

Christian doesn’t mind his name however he prefers CJ. His fans were the ones who started calling him CJ, so he is quite found of it. His close friends and family call him Chris though. His little sister calls him Chrissy, but she’s the ony one allowed to call him that.


60% French
25% Irish
15% English

Sexual Orientation

San Diego, California

The Lead Singer of Heartbreak Motel



~Always does a Peace Sign when he takes pictures with fans
~Rarely ever seen without a beanie on, he loves them.
~ Is always offering to get naked at their concerts, but has yet to do it.

✯Playing Guitar✯
✯Hard Liquor✯
✯The Fans✯
✯Being On Tour✯
✯Fast Cars✯
✯Writing Songs✯
✯His Band, Heartbreak Motel✯
✯Energy Drinks✯
✯His Little Sister✯

✗Obsessive Fans✗
✗Judgmental People✗
✗His Temper✗
✗High Maintenance Girls✗
✗Running out of Cigarettes✗
✗Being Questioned✗
✗Showing Emotion✗

Cocaine, Weed, Cigarettes, Whiskey, Sex

-X- Might have got one of his fans pregnant.
-X- Dangerously addicted to Cocaine
-X- He's an alcholic

Distinct Markings
He has a scar along his fore arm, that’s very faded from where is guitar string snapped and cut his forearm. He’ got one behind his right ear from a fight he got into.

He has snake bite piercings, but he rarely wears them.

He has a few. A rose on the top of his right hand and a skeleton trick or Treating on his right forearm.


Christian is a good guy with bad habits. He can be the most, kind hearted person when he wants to be, but most of the time he’s an arrogant ass hole with a big ego. However, his entire life he’s been the center of attention so why wouldn’t he have a big ego. He’s always been swooned over and put on a pedestal, which in turn has only caused him to have a big head.

He’s got an extremely addictive personality. He tends to get addicted to things really quickly; his first addiction was cigarettes when he was thirteen now he smokes a pack a day. He tends to get addicted to the worst possible things for him and no matter how had he tries to give them up, he’s to selfish and always goes back to it. He loves living the high life, he’s never, not gotten what he wanted, nor has he ever really had to work for what he’s wanted. He’s got a pretty short temper and pissing him off wouldn’t be good for your health.

He loves being the center of attention which is why he loves what he does so much. He loves being on stage while girls are screaming his name. What he loves more than attention though is his music. His music is his life, he writes all of his bands songs. The lyrics are pretty deep when you really pay attention and everything he writes about are very personal. He may be an arrogant ass hole most of the time, but when it comes to his fans, he really does appreciate them.

Past his big headed ego, he’s actually a really good guy. He’s got a lot of issues, due to his father. Most people are convinced that his life was always perfect, he’s even tried to convince himself that his life was perfect, but he knows better. He’s actually a really good guy, it would just take the right person to break down his walls.


Richard Carpenter||Father||Unknown
Lauren Carpenter||Mother||Alive
Cassie Carpenter||Younger Sister||Alive
Chris was born to a fairly well known family. His father an FBI agent responsible for some of the biggest drug busts in California history, while his mother owned one of the most popular dance studios in Southern California. His mother herself was a famous dancer performing on Broadway as well as being a backup dancer when she was younger. Needless to say the Carpenter family was very wealthy.

Chris was the first born to his parents, who at the time were just married and completely head over heels. CJ always got what he wanted when he wanted, although his father had very strict rules. Chris often described growing up with his father as growing up in a Military camp 24/7. Chris is father was more of a Military Sargent, than he was a father.

Chris was five when his younger sister Cassie was born. By this time his mother had gotten a deal to judge on a television talent show and his father was always gone. Which meant him and his little sister were raised by a Nanny, who rarely paid attention to them. His life was fairly boring; being a rich kid he never had a problem with friend. When he was thirteen he taught himself to play the guitar despite his father’s constant disapproval.

He started smoking at thirteen and by the time he was fifteen he was going to college parties and getting high and drunk. In his spare time he uploaded video’s on Youtube, singing original songs. Eventually he got picked up. By eighteen he was a sensation, the lead singer of the punk rock band Heartbreak Motel. That was when cocaine became easily accessible to him and he was immediately hooked. A year later he started dating actress Sara Moore. They got pretty serious over the year that they dated and were engaged to be married when he found out she was cheating on him with Hollywood’s favorite bad boy Eric. He was devastated, which was what caused him to stop giving a shit.

Recently he’s been sleeping with his fans just because he can and he might have really screwed himself, because the most recent one he slept with is saying she’s pregnant. Which is bad publicity considering he’s just about to go on tour with Daniella Selleca.

So begins...

Chris Carpenter's Story