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Aero Kade

"Life is a breeze, you just need to figure out which winds to ride on."

0 · 49 views · located in The Supernatural World

a character in “House of the Children of the Sun”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Aero Kade

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Image

Description of Appearance: With a bright disposition and a handsome face, Aero has soft, spikey, snow-white hair with random streaks of black in it, tainting it. He has joyful, yet analytical golden-colored eyes and is most commonly seen wearing a smirk or calming smile. He has pale skin skin, not too close to porcelain, but nowhere near a tan. He's adorned with a smooth muscle-tone, but it's not very obvious, and has more of an average-height lean and lanky look.

Usual Outfits: He usually wears professional-type clothes. Collared shirts, always button-down, and usually light-colored like whites or light grays. Aero usually wears baggy khaki pants, black or brown, with three belts--one in the loops (dark red) and one on each side in a U shape (both black). He also always wears a black choker and is occasionally seen with a silver cross necklace, though he is not a religious person. Other than that, he wears a pair of black ankle-high boots, usually untied.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Aero is the calm and cool type. He's usually pretty laid-back and can almost always been seen with a bright smile on his face. Most consider his presence to be uplifting. He's kind and loves making friends and usually would go out of his way to protect any of those he's close to, or maybe even some he's not. He believes in others above himself. Because of this nature, he tends to be fooled and taken advantage of a lot, but he brushes these things off and rarely holds a grudge. Despite all this, Aero does have a tendency to be very cocky and enjoys picking at people and making jokes just to hear others laugh--it's his favorite sound. He's flirtatious with anyone he finds interest in, whether male or female--it doesn't matter to him. However, no one should take him lightly. Even though he's like this, Aero is completely focused in a fight (even though he probably doesn't seem like it) and is very smart and analytical, easily finding out weaknesses in his enemies or noticing when something's not right with someone.

Skill with previous weapons: Aero found himself a trainer at a young age to teach him the way of weapons. Even though he went through many years of training, they were drawn out and he was never very constant with practicing otherwise. He's not horrible when it comes to a sword or daggers, but he's definitely no master when it comes to weapons. He has no knowledge with a bow and arrow whatsoever and the rare times he actually does choose to use a weapon, it's usually something lightweight, such as a couple daggers. He's not very good with shruikens or kunais either since he doesn't consider himself really coordinated enough to aim and throw--whenever he tries, he ends up completely missing his original target.

Previous education in Skill, if any: Aero is highly skilled in his Elemental magic. He has complete control over his wind powers and they rarely ever get out of control, usually only when he's feeling an overwhelming amount of anger--but that's extremely rare. He trained himself with these, getting little help from superiors. He would spend his days and nights practicing these powers until he was completely convinced that they were perfected. When he practiced them, he would allow no distractions, rarely ate, and rarely left the room/area he practiced in.

Powers: Aero has control over the air. He can create spheres of wind, razor-sharp discs, knock people off their feet with a wall of wind, and even lift others many feet into the air (along with himself as well, though he can't lift himself as high as he can others--something he's never been able to find the reason of).

-Cute guys or girls

-Animals larger than a small dog
-Loud noises

Strengths: Aero, due to his powers, is very acrobatic and flexible. He can do flips, jump higher than a normal, non-air-elementalist, and is also swift on his feet, easily maneuvering here and there.

Weaknesses: Aero has highly sensitive ears. He doesn't like loud noises. If he hears any particularly loud, ongoing noises, he'll completely lose whatever focus he's worked up and stop whatever he's doing, even if he's in the middle of a fight. It agitates him to an extreme amount. He's not a body builder, so if someone got a few good blows on him, he'd probably be out like a light--even though it may be a little hard to land a hit on him. Also on that note, depending on the opponent, it might take him many constant hits to cause a lot of damage, so he usually just goes for tuckering his opponents out.

Elemental of Air



So begins...

Aero Kade's Story