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a character in “Htrea-Rise of Maverick”, as played by birdguard


Height: five feet six inches
Appearance- think cat's features overlaid on a human skeleton. She has tortoise colored fur, along with black claws on her hands and feet. Her ears are tipped in black, along with the very end of her tail. She has auburn hair and green, catlike eyes.
Equipment- Mya prefers using her claws in battle, but she does use a rapier and a bow and arrow on occasion.
She prefers wearing a short tunic with a brown wool cloak to go over it, so she has room for her tail. She usually doesn't wear shoes, but when she does, she wears open toed boots, all the better to use her foot claws. She also carries a plain leather bag in order to carry supplies.
History- Mya left her home village in order to avoid the fate of most females in her village: marriage and childbearing. With her mother having died in childbirth when was a mere two years of age, Mya was raised by her father and three brothers. She left her village in Eqatue at the age of eighteen, and has been wondering the world for six years.

So begins...

Mya's Story