Marcellus Lucemferre

District 6 Tribute.

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a character in “Hunger Games”, as played by Ghost



Name: Marcellus Lucemferre
Nickname: M, Marcel, Marc... anything goes, really.
District: 6
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Marcellus is a skinny but lean teenage male. He is not intimidating with large muscles, the way a typical fighter would look. Instead, he looks unhealthy with his light frame and pale skin. The bags under his eyes never go away. His eyes are a blue-green-grey shade. His hair is dark and typically a bit messy. His appearance can be gathered by the picture. Regardless of the district he was born in, he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. His body is stronger what than initial appearance can reveal. He is quick and wild when ready for combat. He walks silently and possesses deadly grace.
Personality: Marcellus has a special personality for the Hunger Games. He is hoping to make an alliance with others, and when he's allied, he is loyal until the end. He protects those he cares for desperately, but will not hesitate to kill all others if necessary. He is fairly intelligent but can be taken over by a mad rage. Once in his serious rage mode, he is difficult to stop. He is not sure that he can try and win for himself. He is the type to try and help others...to help someone else win. There is a sadistic side to his personality, but he tried to keep it reigned in.

When first confronted, he will be hostile. He does not trust anyone in the first place, and definitely not in the Hunger Games. He dislikes most humans and tries to think of kills as...mercy killings, until he finds allies and can justify the kills as protecting those he cares for. He is not a leader type, but he can fit that personality if necessary. Mostly he is a thinker or the protective, guardian type. He does not joke around much and is mostly serious. He is also harsh on people who act like idiots.
History: Marcellus grew up in District 6- Scientific Research.
His twin sister died in the Hunger Games.
He wants to win, for both of them... but he knows he probably can't do that.
So he wants to help someone win...the way he would have wanted to help his sister.

So begins...

Marcellus Lucemferre's Story