Silvia Makoto

It is simply impossible for me to love him.

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Silvia Makoto


Demon 2


Silvia is very careful, everything she does in planned but also has a fierce temper. She loves her siblings dearly and will do anything to protect them. She can be sarcastic, almost vicious with her words. She is afraid to make connections with only outside her family so she will typically taunt those she feels drawn to even more or just ignore them. She can find faults with pretty much anyone. Once her barriers are broken through, she is kind and loving.

Human 2

Silvia can turn into a jaguar. As the eldest female in her family, she can also cook very well and has a wonderful skill of taking care of her siblings and other children. She can also sing, but will only do it for those she trusts.

Appearance Description
Silvia has slightly curled brown hair that reaches her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a golden yellow. Typically, she will wear only browns and yellow as those colors feel the most natural for her.

As anyone could expect, Silvia loves the jungle. Her room has a soft golden light with yellow/tan walls and wild plants all around. She loves nature. There are railings just below the ceiling where she can hide from people when in her alter form. The bed is the same pattern as her pelt and all of the wood has a natural finish. The wall behind her bead is actually a full mirror with closets behind it. In the corners, if you look closely, you may be able to find planks of wood used as scratching posts.

Do not call her a pretty kitty. Or ELSE.

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Silvia Makoto's Story