Anna Porter

Some things not even the sun can chase away

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a character in “If the shoe fits”, as played by Luflice


Character sheet
Let's get to know you
  • Name: Anna Porter
  • Age : (14-18) 15
  • Gender: female
  • Likes: flowers, knitting, sunshine, books, the color blue
  • Dislikes: having to stay inside, cutting her hair, loud voices, brutal movies
  • Description: Please don't use pictures here Anna is rather tall for her age, towering over her friends easily, at least the female ones. It's mostly her long legs actually, and being as thin as she was, although not in a dangerous or sick looking way, it makes her look only taller. She has blond, long hair, that she hates to cut, but has to know and then , so it mostly reaches the mid of her back. Since her family was killed, she hasn't cut it though, so that it grew longer and will soon reach her hips. Her features are a bit sharp, her cheekbones showing lightly when she makes certain expressions. Her eyes are a light blue, and rather big for her face, but it does seem to fit with her pale lips and light skin. She likes being outside a lot, but her skin still never gets a real tan.
  • Personality: Before everything happened, Anna was really the sunshine of the neighbourhood. She liked to dance and bake, liked to greet strangers randomly on the street, but kept personal things mostly to herself. She told people about everything but what was bothering her or worrying her. She had made it her goal to make other people happy and not bother them with her problems or not. Although they weren't so many of them, she lead a relative normal and happy life. Anna couldn't stand to see people cry, no matter if she liked them or not, and tried to cheer them up if she could. The people she wasn't fond of knew that, Anna didn't keep things like that to herself, although she was still always polite to them. She would have liekd to like every person in the world, but learned quickly that that wasn't possible.
  • Quirks (At least one): Always checking twice if she has everything she needs, makign brushing her hair a ritual, doing it for almost an hour
  • After the murders, what happened to them mentally?: Anna has constant nightmares, waking her up screaming and turning her into somewhat of an insomniac. She can't stand any loud noises, they will make her freeze and shake, and if it sdoesnt get better, find the next best place to hide.
  • Secretly (meaning, they suspect somethings odd, but don't know) they are.... an Angel
  • How long have they been at 'the house'? A bit over two months

Okay, what about your family and 'the event'?
  • Mom and Dad (names): Diana and Alfred
  • How did your mom die? Your dad? They were all blown to little pieces.
  • Siblings? (names): Laura
  • How did they go?: Just the same as the parents.
  • How did you discover what happened? I was right behind them when Dad started the car. I was late becuase I had to get all the make up off from the last show, and they already went to the car to start it and warm it up a bit, but as soon as they started it, it blew up.

Other things

  • Do/did you have any pets? A cat named Valentine
  • Other characters (siblings that lived/ friends.) A best friend named Ruby, but they barely write or talk anymore.


So begins...

Anna Porter's Story