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Isdir Bloodscribe.

A bookish mage, who likes power a bit too much.

0 · 252 views · located in Aldaria

a character in “Infinite Doom: A Dark Lord's Tale”, as played by WendyDarling


Name: Isdir Bloodscribe.
Title(s)/Nickname(s): "The Deadly Librarian," "Scribe of Sorrows," "Mistress of Magic," (but only by her exes, they don't count, right? Right?)
Race: Dark elf.
Gender: Female.
Deity: Astleia, contractually, as a Dark Elf, but secretly she worships Batus, who is amused by the irony and has chosen not to smite her for blasphemy.
Appearance : Isdir is 5'2" and petite, with medium gray skin, long white hair, and dark eyes. Built like a greyhound, for speed and stealth, much like the rest of her race. A light weight black metal armor covers her body, and is intermittently covered itself by billowing red cloth, giving an affect not unlike a harem girl attempting to armor herself against anyone seeing her actual skin. Each hand is covered with expensive rings, some magical, some poisonous, and some just to fill in the gaps. Magical gems, as the saying goes, are a girl's best friend, and Isdir had plenty of them, because real best friends were just too difficult and not as shiny.


Theme Song: (and)

- A skeptic. Research is important, as are facts. People are useful in as much they help Isdir get what she wants, i. e. more books, and otherwise she doesn't put much stock into them. If the magical books she wants are refused her, she would willingly use the few dark curses she keeps for just such an occasion.
- Stubborn in her quest to learn more magic, especially the powerful, ancient arts that are not much in modern use. Despite her general annoyance with people who breathe her precious air and take time away from her books, given her background as a bullied child Isdir is very loyal to those who protect her and support her pursuit of knowledge. But, given her priorities, she is careful not to get too attached to people who might get in her way later, so she makes few friends as she likes to keep potential curse options open.
- Bossy, but in a forceful suggestion kind of way that might be not quite truthful, as in, "Didn't you say something about going here tomorrow? Wouldn't that be helpful because you need your armor repaired?" "Look, it has another hole in it, how did that happen?"
- Sarcastic, but only with people she knows, as she isn't outgoing unless she forces it to suit her needs.

Morality:While she would not hurt the innocent, in her mind the end justifies the means, and she will do whatever it takes to get the knowledge she so desires.
Her own code of ethics is strictly based on the law, except for when the law keeps her from getting her knowledge--and in those cases, she would prefer to bend the law, not break it. Or hire someone to break it FOR her, leaving her blameless.

- Books, of course.
- Silence.
- Other mages, when she can learn from them and they're not the obnoxious secretive type, despite the fact the she IS the obnoxious secretive type. She would rather die... no, kill, than share anything from her grimoire.
- Long walks on the.... nope, libraries didn't require long walks, although stairwells could be convenient for many things.
- Good food, with intelligent company.
- Travel, when she can have her amenities. She's not fond of some of the more nature-y parts of nature, and has been known to use strong spells simply to slaughter bugs.

- People who ask her what she's reading every five seconds, or, *shudder*, want her to read aloud. Knock knock jokes.
- "Scenic" routes--what's their purpose? Seeing things? Don't we have a destination? Let's go, people!
- Misogynists and snobs, although she's a mite hypocritical there, but that depends on who you ask.

- Compiling her personal grimoire.
- Forging magic weapons / amulets /potions when she wants to experiment with new spells.
- Experimenting with new spells on her (*cough* victims *cough*) foes.

Skills: (of the non-quest specific nature)
- Knitting (what, it gets cold in winter!, and you can knit magically! Really!)
- Finding out and spouting random trivia about her surroundings/situations.
- Excellent memory, especially for embarrassing things people would rather her not remember.

Armor: Light body armor.

Weapons: A spiked chain given to her by her mother, poisoned of course.
- A magical dagger from her father that works like any other dagger, except for when Isdir has successfully stolen something in the last day, and then the dagger will inflict significant poison damage. Her father is sort of the passive-aggressive type.

Items: Two rings and an amulet for magical armor, as well as other assorted rings, a magical pack full of books and magical items she is in the middle of crafting.

Abilities: Magecraft.
- She can cast any spell in her books and can learn others, although that takes her time, and she can only cast so many spells in a day before it exhausts her. - Minor spells take less energy than major spells, etc.
- Isdir plans on focusing on one particular form of magic when she gathers enough knowledge to make the best decision, and/or finds spells so powerful she has to specialize to get the kind of power... I mean, knowledge... that she wants.
- Most of her memorized spells that she can perform in an instant include basic fireballs, a spell of invisibility, mage armor, and a spell of haste.
Other : She can use a spiked chain, but only with bare competence. She has occasionally poisoned herself with it, so she always carries the antidote.

Trinkets: (personal, sentimental belongings, if any) Her mother gave her magical knitting needles which she is wary of using, as they accidentally killed two orcs and a goblin, who were thankfully evil. They also accidentally got stuck right in a crack in a paladin's armor and made him deathly ill for weeks, but Isdir tries to forget about that. And he didn't press charges, so there.

Family: The Bloodscribes have always been scribes only in name, and thieves by trade.
- Among her more well known relatives is her Uncle Thaddeus, who took a dwarf princess as a hostage and ended up dead in exactly 6.578 ways.
- Her most infamous relative, on the other hand, was her great-aunt Hestia, who successfully stole an entire kingdom for two years before anyone caught on. It took the legitimate ruling family fifty years to mostly fix what she changed, and the people of the kingdom still remember her with fondness.
- Isdir's mother, feared for her general unpleasantness (to put it tactfully) is backed up by an un-thieflike spiked chain, which she manages to use frequently and very stealthily, despite all common sense that would say that a dark elf with a sharp chain would look like an out of work bondage queen (who perhaps authored "Fifty Shades of Elf"). Isdir may or may not have inherited this general unpleasantness (the bondage is a nasty rumor, her family swears) --her exes would say she inherited a double measure.

History: Growing up shorter than her siblings and near-sighted, Isdir had a difficult childhood. Her family stole from each other, as a matter of course, because there were always more items to steal to hone their craft, or people to con out of their life savings. But a near-sighted dark elf as a thief? She could neither protect her own belongings nor steal from others with any competence. It didn't take long for the jail break outs and bail money (stolen, of course) to make tempers run thin in the family, and Isdir was summarily kicked out of thief training... and almost out of being a Dark Elf, where it not for the fear of her mother.

Books became ally and friend, (according to some, even closer than that, but her siblings were kind enough to quash those lies), and magic being natural to her race, Isdir trained as a mage. Once she had exhausted the admittedly poor resources of her home area, she decided to take her chances with the wider world in pursuit of knowledge, especially knowledge that has been lost. For after all, knowledge is power, and there is nothing more satisfying than setting an orc on fire with a word after he trips you and makes you spill your embarrassingly girly drink.

So begins...

Isdir Bloodscribe.'s Story