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Felix Cadleigh

"I'm sorry, but it's my duty."

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a character in “It's a Masquerade”, as played by usernamesareadrag


Felix Cadleigh

None, and most attempts at creating one are struck down with a single glare.


Captain of the Guards under King Jack


Despite working for the King, Felix isn't a bad person per say. Oh, yes, he's rather stoic, not much for chit chat or small talk unless he actually needs to talk to someone. He's also distinctly loyal to his kingdom, going about his work with a disturb single-mindedness that should be feared by all who get in his way. He's also clever, a quality that you have to have when you're the Captain of the Guards, as he strikes down anyone threatening the King with a brutal efficiency. Felix is level-headed in most situations, keeping his calm in even the most dire scenes. Even when in a fight, it's incredibly rare to see his even temper break. However, he also has his good qualities. He's a caring person at heart and doesn't actually want to see anyone get hurt, especially when he can quite clearly see who is innocent despite whatever his King might proclaim. In those cases, he uses his own discretion once the King has lost interest, and if the occasional death sentence is swept under the carper for someone who has offended the King or if those who spread idle rumors are let off with no more than a slap on the wrist, well, no one seems to be complaining. Felix does realize just how wrong his King can be at times. However, what is he supposed to do? He's the Captain of the Guards; following and supporting whoever rules over Xen is his duty, whether he likes it or not. Yes, some of the crimes that he's committed under direct orders haunt his dreams at night, but he tries his best to soften his ruler's harsh blows and keep a sense of calm and peace in the land of Xen.

Felix was, quite literally, born to be part of the Royal Guards. His father, uncle, grandfather, and so on all served their time in the castle and Felix was destined to follow in their footsteps. From a young age he was taught to fight until swordplay became second nature and he could defeat other boys his age without even breaking a sweat. His academics were also focused on by tutors and, later on, the guards that he apprenticed with so that he would be able to read, write, and generally be intelligent enough to assist the country's rulers in any way possible.
It was a hard childhood, admittedly, leaving little time for fun and generally living the life of a child. His life was consumed with his work, forced to fixate on the goal that his family set for him to eventually become Captain of the Guards. Still, he survived, clinging to that one goal until, in his mind, it became his own- it was the only thing he knew. So he worked tirelessly to improve himself and, while other little boys were playing around or just beginning their apprenticeships, he was either sparring or studying.
He was relatively young when the old king died, but old enough to recall the little princess that he'd glimpsed around the castle and at the occasional ceremony that he was allowed to attend. Still, even when she disappeared one day, he didn't ask after her. Not because he didn't care but because it wasn't his place. His job was to assist the true ruler of Xen, whoever that may be.
At this point in his life, Felix has managed to work his way up to the Captain of the Guards and he's comfortable in that position. Well, comfortable apart from the progressively dark things he's seen swirling around the castle. Rumors of war, of invasion, of evil seep through the castle walls and for the man that acts as the eyes and ears of the kingdom, well, it's more than a little disturbing.

-Animals, but in particular dogs and foxes
-Freshly baked bread

-Admittedly, some of the current King's actions, but what monarch is perfect?
-Large bodies of water given that he's unable to swim

Felix looks every part the Captain of the Guards. He's rather tall at 6'2 and muscular, but not grotesquely so, just enough to show every ounce of hard work that culminated in each muscle. His skin is relatively pale due to almost always being covered, but his face is more tan. Felix's body is littered by countless scars from fights, training accidents, and other miscellaneous incidents over an active lifetime. His hair is blonde and kept short and neat to keep it out of his pale green eyes. His face also has a constant sort of stubble, more from a lack of attention to that one aspect of his morning routine. When not dressed in his guard uniform which is, annoyingly enough for him, slightly flashy, he prefers to dress in more subdued, neutral colors in clothing easy to move around in.


So begins...

Felix Cadleigh's Story


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In a full stop, halt, his eyes roamed around the forest, looking carefully as he creeped around, being sneaky like the fox he is. Sniffing the air he quickly dashed up the cliff of rocks like a hopping deer bouncing through the fields. When he reached the top edge of the cliff, he hooked his claws and dangled from the edge,swinging his body he jerked up flinging himself up forward into the air, his body started to shift and a bright light formed around him. Like a star in the sky fir but a moment, he was now falling down to his two feet in human form, parly, all but his ears and three tails that is. Putting his ears and tails away wasn't the problem he had either, he just liked them out, helps him hear better and the tails help him be balanced and walk more with elligints.

Shifting his weight in his kimono he pulled out a Japanese hand fan from the inside of the chest to the kimono. Waving it to his face as he walked down the top of the cliffs trail, he kept walking for a long distance to another part of the woods. It was a nice stroll and peaceful. His eyes roamed around looking at all the beauty that he never once got tired of. Peace is how he felt here in the woods. Any other place always made him feel unwelcomed and not himself.

About an hour later he reached his destination. A hidden pond within the forest, where the leaves and grass covers everything in it's path, where pink flowers bloom and animals roam. where a small waterfall drizzles water into the pond. It was the most magical place of the forest, nearly the only place unicorns and other magical creatures felt safe in.
Cyclonus didn't spot there, he kept walking, smiling sweetly at the other unicorns and bowed their head at him and went back to eating the plants. All animals in the forest has accepted him with welcoming arms- I should say welcoming paws, wings, fins and hooves, but that would be to much. To the animals Cyclonus is their protector the one they look up to for if there's any problems. The forest is there home, they all work together to protect it from unwelcomed guest.

ImageStopping at the bottom of the pond there was a little pond all by itself. At the top of it there was a spirit rock, with little sphere of spirits flying around the little pond. It was peaceful the sound the sphere make, like music in the air; chimes. It is one of the purest place of all the lands.

He sat down at the edge of the pond, across from the spirit rock, the only thing that kept them apart was the body of water before them. Cross cross Cyclonus started to meditate quietly. Back straight up, hands on each knee, perfect posture. The only thing that now moved was his three tails that stuck out behind him. ....Slowly inhales.....his chest slowly expanded, he held his breath for a moment and....Slowly exhales....his eyes fluttering shut and he was now in a trace of the spirits. nothing moving not even his tails, even the air itself and the forest all stopped in time.

(Post is a bit odd! Sorry about that if no one likes it, I could change it :P Thought this was a cool idea though.)


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"Shut. Up" Elyssa snapped back to him grouchily. "Gee, someone's grumpy." Jack was slightly clueless about why, but he knew she had a few good reasons. At least she answered his questions. "That's the spirit.." She still wasn't sure about eating later today though. "Well, get back to me on that then." He wasn't going to argue with her. That'd take up too much time, and wasn't in the mood for the hassle.

Not knowing where else to go with her, he shifted his attention to Felix. "Ah, well, off to find that bum.." Jack roamed the castle some more to find him. "There you are.. about this ball. Of course, there'll be a bit more security than usual, due to just more people here than there normally are." As he was thinking of what else he had to say, his paranoia set in. "More opportunities for a traitor.. just per capita.. anyway... think that's all." Thinking back to what happened with Elyssa, he was reminded of more. "Oh, and you have the day off during the ball. Enjoy yourself. Maybe you'll be at supper... Elyssa couldn't even answer."