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Marcello Salvator

"What are you lookin' at."

0 · 623 views · located in Jefferson Academy

a character in “Jefferson Academy”, as played by CameraShy


I'm not as scary as you'd think. Just cause my pops a mob boss, don't mean i'm looking to fill his shoes.



| Name |
Marcello Salvator

| Nickname(s) |
Marco | He likes to be called this rather than Marcello.
Princess | Something his brothers call him just to tease him. He hates the nickname and calling him this gets him angered quite easily.

| Age |

| Gender |

| Sexuality |

| Date/Place of Birth |
December 27; Sicily, Italy

| Nationality |

| Rank |
F Student



| Childhood/Family Life |
Marcello was raised in a strict household ruled by his father with no mother around. Marcello's father wasn't one to tie the knot and marry which resulted in many women leaving Vince. Marcello didn't know his mother well and has only seen her face in photos though all he knows is that she was an exotic dancer before meeting his father. Marcello's mother left a little after his birth after being denied marriage again by the man whom she loved or at least claimed she loved. The closest thing Marcello had to a mother was Martha who was always willing to spread a little wisdom and love to the Salvator children. Marcello's childhood was normal in his own opinion; he fought with his brothers, got his ass beat whenever he crossed the line, and didn't think about the future like every child. Though most people don't think his childhood was normal when he mentions how his brothers got to beat the crap out of him whenever his father ordered them to or how his father took all his boys to a strip club when they turned sixteen cause apparently that was when boys were starting to become real men. All in all, he doesn't complain much about the way he was raised.

| High School Career |
Marco hasn't changed much throughout high school. He has always been the kid with the bad reputation, because of his family, and the kid that was thought to not amount to much in life. He dated a few girls during high school but those relationships never lasted. In the middle of Junior year, Marco started dating Anton though no one knew. It was a secret relationship for quite some time, but after awhile Marco didn't care if other students found out. The only people he doesn't want to find out is his family and now entering Senior year, there officially an open couple at Jefferson Academy.



| Personality |
Independent | Impulsive | Bold | Hot-Headed | Humorous | Inconsiderate | Laid-Back | Stubborn
For a boy who was raised in a very cautious, glass-like world, he sure likes to smash boundaries. Hyperactive, energetic, and impulsive; he lives on a precarious edge. As a result, he’s not very good at decision-making, and often does stupid things without thinking about the later consequences. Marocello has a quick-temper, and a quick tongue. Although funny usually, he can get very snarky and sarcastic. And when he’s in a grumpy mood, he’ll be sure to let everyone know. He’s pretty mouthy, and frequently says things without the consideration for others’ feelings. He’s neither the most sensitive nor the most empathetic person. Don't be fooled though, Marco is all bark and no bite or at least that's how most people look at him. It takes a lot to actually get him to fight physically with someone. He believes in not throwing the first punch in most situations.
Marco is laid-back usually going with the flow of things. He is also very independent but sometimes his independent nature can be a fault. He doesn't like to admit he's wrong or ask for help, in his opinion that's a sign of weakness. Bravery is something else he has but his bravery can be reckless most of the time.

| Joys In Life |
Anton | Marco has been in a relationship with Anton since Junior year and, to be honest, his life is slightly easier because of Anton. Marco is probably most open around Anton than anybody else. Anton just makes him more comfortable with who he is.
Sugar | Marco loves sweets and anything sugary. He loves to put sugar in his cereal and he would put sugar in everything if he could and if it was considered healthy. Sugar is probably his greatest addiction.
Drinking | He isn't the biggest drinker but his father and brother's let him drink whenever he wants. Sometimes it even seems that they encourage it. Whenever Marco is upset or stressed he will often drink some whiskey or plain beer bought from a convenient store.
Cooking | One of his guilty pleasures. He loves to cook and is surprisingly quite good at it, as Martha always tells him. His brothers always tells him he'd make the perfect house wife just to tease him.

| Fears |
Large Bodies of Water | He never learned how to swim as a child and after being thrown into the deep end of the pool by his father, he never wanted to learn.
His Father | Upsetting or disappointing his father is something he doesn't wish to do. Marco's father is a very scary and powerful man who doesn't give any of his children special treatment.
Sexuality | Marco has no intention of making his homosexuality known to many people, especially his family. He is a closeted homosexual towards his family and strangers. He doesn't say he likes guys unless he knows the person is accepting.

| Life Philosophy |
"Even when things get tough, just shake it off and keep on walking, because no one will be there to hold your hand through it. Not even god."


❀ Cooking
❀ Alcohol
❀ Overly Sweet Food
❀ The Ocean
❀ Honest People
❀ Flavored Water
❀ Rock & Metal Music
❀ The Smell of Rain
✘ Bitter Coffee
✘ Loneliness
✘ Judgmental People
✘ Ice Baths
✘ Reality TV Shows
✘ Egocentric People
✘ Being Belittled
✘ Cold Weather



| Parents |
Vince Salvator | Marco's father is a very strict and powerful man. He is a mob boss who tries to toughen up his children rather than dote on them. He has no problem in giving his kids a good beaten if they step out of line and he expresses that very well.
Martha Oakley | Martha is like a mom to Marco. She is the family lawyer/nanny and she even lives with the family to keep an eye on the kids, especially Marco. Martha is a very understanding person and is actually one of the few people who Marco feels safe around. He feels like he could tell her anything, well almost anything.

| Siblings |
Vino Salvator | Marco's oldest brother who he gets along with well but like every brother relationship, there are some bumps and bruises. Vino is someone he can depend on but not someone he could hang out with as a friend. Vino is strict like there father and he knows when to give a little tough love but he actually takes consideration of others feelings which makes him a perfect leader.
Calvin Salvator | Marco gets along with Calvin but they express there hate for each other more. Calvin loves to mess with Marco and embarrass him. He actually gave the nickname, Princess, to Marco which is still used today. Despite the constant fighting, they're there for each other in the end.


| Build |
Marco stands at an average height of 5'11" and weighs around a good, 154 pounds. He has an average athletic build with a slightly lean physique.

| Hair Color |
Light Brown

| Eye Color |

| Distinguishing Marks |
Scars | Marco has a long thin cutting mark across his back from when he was a kid. Him and Calvin were fighting in their tree house and eventually he was accidentally pushed out of the tree by Calvin. His back was scraped across a big rock that he fell on. His left hand is a little messed up from when he punched a VCR. He was angry and did something stupid. He can't fully clench his left hand now and even has a few small scars on his knuckles.
Piercings | Marco isn't a big fan of piercings and actually only has one from a dare. He got a belly piercing at the age of 15 when he was dared by his oldest brother.

| Style |
Marco likes to be comfortable but look good. He tends to wear t-shirts and he especially likes to wear v-necks. His shirts are usually either plain or have minor designs on them such as band logos, patches & stripes, or even cartoon characters printed on the shirt. He likes to wear leather and is almost always seen wearing a jacket when outside. He'd rather wear boots than sneakers or DC shoes. The only tight clothing he would wear is skinny jeans which he doesn't mind wearing on occasion.

So begins...

Marcello Salvator's Story