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Isabella Lovegood

"Im order to be irreplaceable one must always be different"

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a character in “Just Young Gods”, as played by BubblyBrunette



{"I'm a bit of a troublemaker". }

|Full Name|
" My name is Isabella Sophia Salem Lovegood. I know it's a mouthful"|| Isabella Sophia Salem Lovegood

"Well it depends on who you ask, My sister calls me Isa, My friends calls me Bee, and Everyone else call me Bella." || Izzy, Bee, Bella, Isa, Salem.

" I am a Leo, you can tell by my fierce personality"|| August 21st

"It depends on what license you are looking at..."|| 17

|Role in the Band|
" I control all the merchandise"|| The Merch girl

" I don't have to answer that question".|| Straight (secretly pansexual)

" Well I guess I am short for being seventeen, But my doctor says I five foot four."
|| 5'2"

|Hair color|
"Well it depends on what mood I am in."||Pastel blue, purple, green and grey.

|Eye Color|
" My eyes are a grayish blue color"||Some say her eyes are a bright alaskan ocean blue color, but they change frequently due to the lighting surrounding her. If you look closely there are gray specks surrounded by her captivating innocent eyes.

|Distinguishing Marks|
" I have a couple of tattoos but if I showed you i'd have to kill you"||Isabella has a uniquely shaped birth mark on her right shoulder blade. She has scars on her back from past relationships.

Isabella has porcelain skin, bright ocean blue eyes and long, healthy, elaborately styled pastel colored hair. She has a long face with friendly eyes, a small nose, defined cheek bones,and full pink lips.She has a small birthmark on her right shoulder blade. A very noticeable feature is her white, sparkly teeth. She is 5'2" and has a small muscular build.

{"I'm not just Lexi Lovegood's little sister". }


" I love dancing, drinking, listening to music, taking pictures, having fun, selling merchandise, The band."|| Dancing, singing, partying, being a free spirit.

"ANSWER"|| Answer

|Family tree|
"ANSWER"|| Answer

"I um, I have a few secrets."|| Pregnant with FC: Ashton Irwin baby
She is also a pansexual but hasn’t told anyone, and she has a crush on Cameron Montgomery

"ANSWER"|| Answer

|Personality Traits|
Observant, Optimistic, Reckless, Sarcastic, Charming, Responsible, Kind, Innocent, Strong, Stubborn, Naive, Intelligent, Self-less, Caring.

One look at this young girl has people falling head over heels for her. At first glance she seems like all that a proper young lady would be. However, when she opens her mouth and that image begins to shatter like pieces of a dropped mirror. Isabella is a girl who loves to live life for the moment and has little to no problem getting loud and ignorant with people when she feels that it's needed. She doesn't mind stepping on people's toes and telling them exactly what she thinks. There is no such thing as sugarcoating with her. She's not rude or obnoxious, though quite a few people might accuse her of being such. She's simply brutally honest and won't apologize for being herself. Despite her apparent coarseness, she's actually a pretty sweet woman if you can get past her big mouth. She's not a stranger to lending a helping hand and she can recognize when she's hurt someone unnecessarily – Even if it takes her a while. She always makes up for her wrongs and will, begrudgingly, admit when she is wrong. One thing that she hates more than anything is handouts. She doesn't like getting things just because she's friends with someone or anything of the like. She believes in getting yourself noticed on your own. Isabella has always looked up to her older sister Lexi. She follows in her footsteps and takes on similar characteristics of her sister.

|Feelings on others|

|Theme songs|
"ANSWER"|| Answer



So begins...

Isabella Lovegood's Story