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King & Lionheart

King & Lionheart


A prince and his servant run away together after the servant is taken prisoner for something he hasn't done.

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Looking for someone to play either Prince or Servant.

Prince of Asaydia, has had his manservant for four years, they have been friends for three. He has only recently found out his servant has magic, and while he has been taught to hate it as he grew up, he is trying to understand it for his friend's sake.

Servant of the Prince, has had magic all his life and can't get rid of it. Has kept it a secret from the Prince so that he could protect him, but now has to be honest with him as the Prince saved him from the gallows by running away with him. Has always had feelings for the Prince.

Just looking for someone active and willing to RP with me. I'm happy to take either role. PM or IM would be awesome, but posting in OOC works too for reservations. Character sheets don't need to be too detailed, I mostly just want to get down to the RPing. 300-400 words a post is perfect, more is even better. Less than 600 is great though too, so replies can be quick and good, but not a novel.

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Victor was terrified.

Earlier that day, he had been running about the kitchen, dodging servants and cooks as they all rushed about, trying to make sure the kings ball went off without a hitch. The king was just about to make his toast as Victor entered the ballroom, and it was as he stood up that someone came out from behind Victor with a ball of fire in their hand, ready to throw it at the king. It was instinct for Victor to try and stop this, using his own magic, something he had kept hidden from the palace for years now, to stop the other warlock.

The king was saved, but Victor still had magic, something that the kingdom was told to hate.

They locked him up in the dungeons, and he knew there was nothing his prince could do to save him now. The next day he would be burned at the stake. Or at least, that was what was supposed to happen. He hadn't expected Jamie to sneak down to the dungeons and free him, nearly dragging him to the stables before they both took off on horseback. Even from miles away, they heard the alarm when it sounded at the kingdom. They kept running until way past midday, and it was starting to get dark when they finally stopped in a clearing well off the road to start setting up camp.

Victor knew that Jamie couldn't have already come to terms with learning his manservant, and his friend now, was a warlock, something that the d'Autriche family despised. The only reason Victor had lied about it for so long was for that exact reason, and he needed to stay close to Jamie in order to keep him safe.

The manservant stayed silent as he dismounted his steed, a cherry bay mare that he often rode when the prince went out hunting, and started to take the bags off each horse, unpacking things they needed to set up camp. It wasn't until he had to go over to the prince's horse to grab things that he quietly said, "Thank you."


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Character Portrait: Victor Pendragon Character Portrait: Jamie Lucifen d'Autriche
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Jamie yawned as he sat down in a beautifully carved chair, sitting up as straight as he could.

A few hours ago, it was a great celebration between the king and queen of the kingdom; the Queen was pregnant! News spread through the kingdom in a blink of a eye, it even appeared like the whole world new about it! Everyone was over-joyed... except for Jamie, that is. He despised both his stepmother and father, and now they were going to bring a child of their own into the world? The thought of a combination of the two into a child almost made Jamie sick.

As the young prince's father stood up to propose a toast, a servant burst through the kitchen doors. No, it wasn't just any servant, it was Jamie's personal servant, a good friend at that. Something seemed to alarm him. Before anyone could even open their mouth to say something, someone came up from behind the servant with a glowing orb of fire in the palm of their hand. Before the savotager could throw the scorching object, Victor stopped him from doing so, thus also sacrificing his hidden identity.

Jamie froze in his chair with big eyes, finding it hard to breath. Out of all people to be cursed with such a... a horrid thing, it had to be his one and only friend.

The blonde male pleaded to his father to release his imprisoned servant as the guards arrested Victor, but to no avail.

That is when Jamie took it apon himself to break Victor out of prison, stealing his favorite steed from the stables after retrieving Victor from the dungeon. He could hear his own heart pounding fast in his chest as the clinking of soldiers' armor hit the ground with every step. This resulted in Jamie grabbing the closest horse he could reach instead of giving Victor the time to choose his own. With that, they both rode off as fast as the two horses could carry them.

--Hours afterwards--

Jamie dismounted his hazel Italian Trotter, letting out a sigh of relief. Although he didn't say anything, his mind was filled with questions.

Will I be able to go back? Will I be killed, too? Where will we go?

As the prince took out a bag of oats to feed his tired pet, Victor approached Jamie's horse to grab a few things. The blonde heard a muttered "Thank you", and smirked slightly. He nodded in reply and continued to tend to his beloved horse.

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Forest by Gentlemiss


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Awesome, C: The spot is yours.

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Hello, I'd like to reserve the role for the servant if not taken already! I'll make the profile when I get home.

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