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Number V. Ruknix- Oak Heart Tamer

"Aww man, a mission? Do I have to??"

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a character in “Kingdom Hearts: Final Hearts”, as played by digi-kun


Number: V
New Name: Ruknix (ROO-niks)
Real Name: Rinku
Age: 17
Rinku- Blond hair long blond hair tied back into a pony tail, and bangs that were split down the middle, blue eyes, thin, yet well toned body, 140 lbs, 6'2". Would wear a brown, sleeveless, leather vest, with Khaki cargo shorts and leather slippers.

Ruknix- Dark green hair, that covers his eyes and is not as long, but he still has it in a short pony tail. His eyes are a now darker, grayish shade. He wears the traditional Organization cloak.


Rinku: Is carefree and very air-headed. He lived in a world where the people live harmoniously with the creatures around them, so he has a lot of respect for wild life and living things. He loves animals especially because of his world's natural affiliation with the wild.

Ruknix: Still has remembers his deep caring for the natural world and so chooses not to harm animals and trees. He also chooses to act clumsily and very carefree. Even in battle, where he controls wood, he would prefer to make wooden puppets to fight for him. Even his whip allows him to fight from a distance as opposed to clashing in close quarters combat.


The weapon he wields is a bladed whip. To elaborate, it's a long, double edged sword that has been broken into at least 20 different parts, all connected with a rope twice as long as the sword itself. He can also control the path of the whip allowing him to fight from a very long distance.


Rinku- Living in a tribal world where the people had a special affiliation with the wild, Rinku had a deep, spiritual connection to the earth. He was also part of a special group which defended their tribe from the more dangerous animals of the wild. The group had special abilities in which they were able to tame and control some of the animals. Rinku was especially talented at this as he was able to tame and befriend many creatures, and with their help, was able to defend his tribe perfectly. However one day, the skies turned dark. An darkness so eerie and disturbing that one's heart could be crushed at the mere sight. Then they came. Hundreds of heartless. Searching for every living thing to take hearts from. Nothing was spared, humans, canines, birds, even the trees were torn down. But Rinku and his comrades fought back with all they had. But it wasn't enough. The sheer number was just overwhelming, and eventually even took Rinku's heart. All he could remember last was falling into a suffocating darkness.

Ruknix- The strange creature found himself at a beach. He had no idea what he was doing there. Or where he was. Who he was. Or even what he was. He just sat there. Blankly staring into the gleaming twilight. He took a walk along side it. Thinking. Slivers of words ran through his mind. Tamers...Wild... He winced slightly. What did it mean? He tried to remember but couldn't. Only shards of himself were even visible, much less recognizable. A portal opens up before him. He thought it strange that the portal didn't scare of surprise him. Scare...? Surprise...? He then thought. What is that...? The cloaked man who came out approached him. "Do you seek answers?" He spoke. Answers... The creature nodded. The cloaked figure raised his arm out and over the creature's forehead. As if trying to read his blank mind. "Your name...Rinku..." Rinku... Then the creature convulsed. He collapsed to the ground, holding his head in pain. Memories came through in floods. Memories...but once it was over, he still felt nothing. He still felt empty. "Rinku..." the creature muttered. But for some reason, the name didn't mean anything to him. Like it was something that belonged to someone, or something, else. "Yes, Rinku. However that is not you. You have been reborn. And if you wish to seek meaning..." The cloaked figure offered his hand. "Then you may follow me now...Ruknix." The creature looked up at the cloaked figure. I am...Ruknix... The creature, now Ruknix, grabbed the cloaked man's hand, and followed him into the portal.

So begins...

Number V. Ruknix- Oak Heart Tamer's Story