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Lips of a Lover's Liar

Lips of a Lover's Liar


The words are burning in the back of your throat. Just itching to slip past your lips. But you won't let them past. 'Cause you know. You know the ugly truth in it all.

453 readers have visited Lips of a Lover's Liar since SuckOnMyJuiceBox created it.


... ~ The words are burning in the back of your throat. Just itching to slip past your lips. But you won't let them past. 'Cause you know. You know the ugly truth. ~ ...

You know.

1]You know how she lies. You can tell by the way her dark eyebrow twitches when she speaks to you. And how her bottom lip quivers ever so slightly, and the way her hand drifts up to subconciously brush a strand of hair away from her hauntingly beautiful face as she explain that her boss is keeping her for the nightshift. You can tell when she lies. You can read her like an open book. But you won't ask. You don't dare ask, for you know what she would say.. and that would kill you.

You know.

2]You know the presise movements he makes when he does it. First comes the sudden interest in his shoes. Then the constant wrist rubbing. You know him all too well. Painfully well. Now hes telling you how he has to go to his brothers house for the third time this week. He's slowly edging his way to the door and you don't move. You don't even make a sound because he's drunk, and he gets rough with you when hes not sober. The blue and purple marks on your arms are enough to convince you to leave him alone tonight.

You know.

3]She's yelling now. You don't even care to remember about what though, you just know it was something pointless. Useless. Stupid. But you know why she does it. You just don't understand how she could. She picks fights on purpose now, just for an excuse to storm out of the house, to get away from you. She takes the car and comes back at around three in the morning, just like always, smelling of cologne and cigars. She doesn't even try to hide it, and it kills you to know where shes been.

You know.

4]Your both watching a movie now. Curled up on the sofa, cuddling close. Your eyes are glued to the TV and his are glued to his cellphone. He's smiling softly now, but not at the movie nor you. He's smiling at his cellphone, to be exact, the text on his cellphone, and you already know this. He's been spending more time on the phone now, more than with you, and you know why. You know because you overheard him in the bathroom, talking dirty into the cellphone, using the same lips he uses to whisper sweet nothings into your ear at night.

You know.

5] Shes a box of trouble laced with pain, and you knew it to begin with. Your friends warned you about her reputation but you didn't listen. You thought you could change her ways, that you could be a loving couple. You thought wrong.
You can practically see the wheels turning in her head now, contemplating on which lie she should feed you. Which death sentence. She chooses the "Girls Night" lie to feed you, and you try to talk her into going to dinner, but shes shoving the lie down your throat and you know its useless. Shes stubborn and hard-headed and she always gets what she wants.

You know.

6] He's perfect; or atleast thats what everyone says. But there wrong and you know it. He's just an amazing actor.
Your amazed at how easily he lies. He's so good at it you wish you could believe him. You wish you could believe him like everyone else, but you can't. You Won't. Not since that day you caught him with your sister. Your trying to build back your relationship, slowly rekindle it, but its falling apart into pieces. Pieces that your afraid, won't be able to be put back together.

We know the ugly truth in it all.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .~
So this is kind of how the plot is gonna go: Your character's boyfriend\girlfriend is cheating. Your character is aware of this, but keeps it in secrecy to his\her friends and partner. (Your character's partner isn't an actual player; you control your characters partner.) All the characters have been friends since childhood, which means they know eachother pretty darn well xD
So eventually, all the friends start falling in love with eachother. (Cliche, I know xD)
Anddd.. Well, we'll see where it goes. :)

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .~ .~ .~ . ~

Male characters:
1] Frank
3] Augustus
5] Luke

Female Characters:
2] Valencia
4] Ouija
6] Robin

Character Sheet:

Name: (Full name)
Number: (Which relationship you picked from the paragraphs above.)
Age: (Preferably no younger than 19 )
Gender: ( Do I really need to explain this?)
Residence: (Apartment complex, condo, ect.,)
Appearence: (Pictures or description, or both xD No anime though. Sorry )
Personality: (Be UNIQUE!!)
Relationship: (You can add onto what relationship I gave you from the number you picked. o.o )
Other: (Anything you want to add on. Peircings, tattoos, ect.,)

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~
-This is a SERIOUS Rp -_- No Vampires, werewolves, magic, or anyother kind of crap.

-I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, want one liners. If I see a one liner, I will strangle myself with a lamp cord.

-Atleast write two pragraphs, I dont want an entire essay though xD Just write whatever you think is enough.

-No MarySues

-No Godmodding.

-I also don't want people constantly getting hurt\breaking down\cutting and craving attention. This is a realistic roleplay. Make it seem as real as possible.

-Correct Grammer.

-Have fun and be creative ;D


Message me if you have any problems or questions!

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"You understand, right Rob?"

I nod, keeping my eyes on the fluffy purple dinosaur in front of me, stroking its arm and avoiding his crushing gaze.
I knew this was coming. It seems to be happening more frequently than before though, more creative excuses to get out of the house. Last week it was, "Going out with the guys," tonight its, "Out of town meeting."

I watch as he adjusts his tie, focusing his attention on anything but me. Now hes turning around, keeping his back to me while he fixes himself a sandwhich before he leaves. One slice of ham, two slices of lettuce, and one slice of cheese with whole wheat bread; I knew it by heart. I knew him by heart. The way he slowly moves his rough and calloused hands to pick up his briefcase, the tap tap of his shoes against the hardwood floor, the way he carefully bends down and kisses me on the cheek just before shutting the door. Leaving me all alone to do nothing but stare at the purple dinosaur in front of me.

"Do you know when he'll come back?" I whispered to the glassy eyes in front of me. They stared back blankley, and I stared back just as much, as if those round, plastic eyes held the answer to world hunger.

"Yeah," I whispered, "Me either."

I stood up and walked over to my phone on the counter, and started blindly punching numbers in. I didn't need to look though, I knew these numbers like the back of my hand.

Coffee? I texted to them all.

Even though it was a one worded text and not very descriptive on where, I didn't need to add anything. We had our own little coffee place we always went to.
Stuffing the cellphone in my jeans pocket, I slipped on my tennis shoes, snatched my jacket from the table, and headed out the door with a slam that earned me not quite enough satisfaction.

I was sick and tired of being lonely.

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Hi, you've reached Bridget, I'm not able to answer your call, so please leave a message. Thank you! BLEEEEEEEEP.

"Hey, Bridge, when you get my message, please call me back. I thought you'd be done with work by now... Guess not. Alright, call me. Bye." I mutter into the phone, then flip it closed when I simply have no more energy to keep talking to the voice mail. Bridget's phone is off, just off. No ringing tone that would indicate her not hearing her phone. Off as off can be. I let out a frustrated sigh, cradling my forehead in my palms after I'd toss the phone next to me on the couch. She is out late again, supposedly working. But what could she be working at so hard, I hadn't dared to ask further more than anything else. She'd always blow up on me on the issue of me not trusting her.

I do trust her. Hell, I love her to death. But this is just too painful for me to ignore. She'd have excuses, and when the excuses would run out, she'd turn the blame on me. What's worse, she'd been having these convenient headaches just when things would get heated between us.

The quiet and brief ring of my phone brings me back to reality, and I quickly swipe the phone back in my hands, staring at the convenient text from Robin. I need coffee, and company from my friends. I don't doubt that she invited all of our friends.

Yeah. I reply, while getting up off the couch. I need to push Bridget to the back of my mind, tonight.

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"I'll be at my brothers house for a while Val, My cell might not work out there though so don't try calling"

I stood there, a blank expression written on my face. How could the man I was looking at now be the man I had loved for so many years, how could he be the same man who had laid hands on her. A tear fell as she reached up brushing the purple bruise underneath her eye. He approached her placing the same false kiss on her forehead and once agin on her bruised eye. His breath having the faintest smell of Hennesy. She closed her eyes counting his steps he took back towards the front door. Those were the steps he took away from their marriage, away from her life.

"When will you be back Levi?" she asked, her voice full of concern and fear.

"I told you Val, I didn't mean to hit you, you just got in the way." He paused exhaling. "I'll be back in a few days" He said slamming the door behind him.

She stood there looking at the front door, listening to his car engine start and peel off towards the road. Pulling her tan sweater around her she laid on the couch. Her phone vibrated on the side table and she picked it up.

Coffee? She sighed, it wasn't the time for laughs and catching up, especially with a fresh black eye.

If I say no, they'll ask questions She sighed and replied back.

Yeah, What time?

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I had just gotten in the shower after a long day of work. I enjoyed the hot water running over my face and body, it was soothing and relaxing. Closing my eyes as the water hit her face and I began to reflect on this past week. It was painful to do it, so very painful.

"Yea I know baby, I miss you to, You know I wanna be with you."

"I love your kisses, your sweet beautiful kisses."

Those were his exact words that fateful night. I tried every possible way to look at it, he was cheating on me. The late night text, him getting upset when I went to get his phone, the long absences, all settled into place at that moment in time. It was like a rock had dropped on my heart.

Stepping out of the shower I dried off and wrapped my towel around and went to an empty bedroom. Surprisingly my boyfriend was there, a smile came across my face, maybe this time he would stay.

"Hey babe I need to go take care of something, I'll be back ok."

Derick didn't even bother to look at me he just grabbed his coat, kissed my stunned face and closed the door. It was a numb feeling but I knew I should expect it. My cellphone snapped my attention as I read the text from Rob


I smiled as I rushed to get dressed. Black skinnies, Misfits shirt, pink Converses. I left my hair down so it just flowed in the wind. I grabbed my phone keys and wallet and headed to our meeting spot. When I arrived I ordered a strawberry frappe with whip cream. Sitting on a bench I waited for the rest of my friends.

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There was something pressing so hard against my brow, something that felt like it was going to bust through my skull and just smash into my brain, and it wasn't till a few minutes later that I noticed that it was the heel of my hand with my head laying in it. Bent over with an arm over my knees, I sat there with hunched shoulders as she stood nearby, an ugly, almost mocking smirk pulling at her lips as she didnt notice me looking at her from the corner of my downcast eyes.

"The girls called me out so we're going to be hitting the streets for a while. I'll check in so theres not point in calling or texting me."

Her hands were crossed underneath her breasts, those long fingernails like talons as they oh so gently grasped her upper arms. A gentleness that she would show only to herself and whoever else she was involved with. It felt like such a long time ago, that those hands touched me with that same attentive grasp. When she turned around and shimmied her way out the door, a resounding click of the doorknob later, I couldnt help but sit there on the leather couch and think about what all she had said this night and how she behaved. The same stubborness, the same poisonous words, the lashing tongue that seemed to be like a whip each time she let a lie roll off of it.

For a small while now I had thought of many scenarios as to why she just wouldnt tell me that she was cheating on me. She was forced to not tell. She was afraid of the man that she was with and just couldnt say anything. She was drugged and has become so addicted that she always has to go back to the same man to where she got it from in order to get more and fulfill the feeling. She was being bribed, blackmailed, threatened, perhaps even-

The buzz of my cellphone startled me out of my reverie. Reaching into my shorts, I slowly pulled it out and glanced at the message that filled its screen. Coffee?

Swiftly typing in,Great, just what I need..., I swiftly pulled on my usual boots before softly closing the door to my apartment and treading over to the coffee shop.

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"..My eyes are open wide,
And by the way,
I made it through the day..

Ignoring the blaring music coming from a CD shop, I rounded the corner and strutted down the sidewalk, keeping my gaze on the store windows as I passed by while simultaneously trying to take my lively phone out of my back pocket.

I replied back to all texts with K. Reading the last message, a new word flickered across the screen.


Contemplating on to answer it or not, I morbidly clicked the small green button. It was no good ignoring Robby. He was one of those people who'd keep calling until you answered.

"Yup?" I asked, dropping my gaze to the moving sidewalk below me. I could tell I was getting near the coffee shop. The smell alone was a dead give away. This street always had that lingering scent of baked goods. Whether that was because there used to be a bakery behind the coffee place, and I was used to the smell drifting along the streets, I didn't know.

"Babe? I'm gonna be gone longer than I expected," He informed me, "My boss had to cancel the meeting til Sunday and I'm already boarding the plane."

"Oh?" I replied, because I didn't know what to say.

There was a silence on the other line and all I could hear was his rhythmic breathing. "I'll call you back when I can okay?" He said, "No cellphones on the plane." He added as if I didn't understand that simple concept.

My eyes flashed and I brushed a strand of hair out of my face. "Yeah." I murmered.

"Love you" He said, just before the sound of a deadline filled the other end. I blinked and flipped the phone shut, keeping it in my fist, and ignoring the pressure behind my faint grey eyes.

Soon I approached Ouija sitting on a bench holding a frappe. I greeted her with an ear to ear grin and an estatic "Hi!"
Glad to have something other than Robby monopolize my thoughts.

"Hold on though, I'm gonna go get a coffee." I added so fast it came out as, "HoldOnThoughI'mGonnaGoGetACoffee"

Lifting one finger up and mouthing one minute, I walked into the coffee shop and shut my phone off, stuffing it deep into my jacket's side pocket while I walked up to the counter and payed for a coffee. Taking the hot cup in both hands, I headed back out the glass door, nearly spilling the steaming liquid in the process.

I stood there awkwardly, shifting from foot to foot. It had been almost a 5 weeks since I last went out with friends, though it felt like three months.

"Wanna' find a table inside while we wait for everyone else?" I suggested, shooting a glance down the road.

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I sat on the stool for quite sometime staring into space. 'Was it something that I had done, why am I not enough for you anymore Derick, for goodness sakes I love you!' I glared back at my reflection in the window. I looked at my face, it resembled me, but as i looked into my eyes, and the liquid that now coated them, I saw a completely different person.

One who was break apart day by day, text by text, and kiss by kiss. I took another sip of my coffee and closed my eyes until the tears went away. 'I can hear the song playing at the CD shop.' I thought, and I focused on that. On every word, on every syllable, on every letter. Anything that would distract me from my thoughts.

"..My eyes are open wide,
And by the way,
I made it through the day.."


My eyes snapped open, I choked on my coffee and almost feel off the stool. "Shit, Robin you scared me!" I smiled as I took a deep breathe glad to see one of my close friends. "So ho-"

"Hold on though, I'm gonna go get a coffee."

I raised an eyebrow, was it just me or was she really hyper. I just laughed and waited for her to get back. Meanwhile I refilled my cup and was standing with my arms crossed. "Yea Robbi, wait you invited everyone, nice I haven't seen Auggie in forever." I followed her then to a near by table.

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Tip Tap Tip Tap....Gum. Dodge. Crack in the sidewalk. Step around. A few chalk drawings. Skip over. The scent of a distant bakery. I was definitely near the coffee shop. Lifting my head so that I wasn't staring dejectedly at the ground, a distant smile pulled at my lips, my hands lightened up instead of being plunged in my pockets, and the sort of shuffling of my feet changed to more of a casual swag. There was no point in having my demeanor being that of a downer-of-the-party when I was going to meet up with the few childhood friends that I care for. Better to uplift the spirit than let it drag. Glances here and there in the street, a step off the curb, and in moments my hand had suddenly found itself pushing against the smooth surface of the coffee shop door. Distantly noting the song that was playing in the CD shop not too far down the street, I somewhat shimmied my way down the aisle as I walked up to the register to order my usual, Ice Thai Coffee.

While waiting, I glanced over my shoulder to look for any familiar face that I recognized. Scanning...Searching, ah there we go. So far only two of the group. Ouija and Robin. Not really sure if they spotted me yet, I waved a casual "Hi" over my shoulder before I heard the register person ask for some money. A bill and a few coins later, I was strolling over to the table that my long time friends were sitting at.

"Take me away from Time and season,
Far far away we'll sing with reason,
Forging our souls with flame and furnace,
Bear us towards a noble purpose...."

Huffing and mumbling lyrics, I collapsed onto an empty stool, took a hefty sip of my ice coffee and threw a grin at my fellow companions.

"And how are my lovely friends doing?"

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#, as written by Artik
Augustus James Lawler

"Call me Auggie."

The sound of her yelling, no screaming, gave me not only a headache, but a heartache. I could feel my temples throbbing, hear my heart thumping in my ears, or worse, hear the door slamming and the car peeling out of the driveway to god knows where. Honestly..I don't even remember what I said that set her off, or what she was even yelling so self righteously about. Not like it really mattered anymore. The fights were pointless, stupid, completely and utterly unnecessary, I knew that much. Did I really not make her happy enough that she had to run off to some other man?... Was she really that unhappy that she had to make up reasons to fight just to leave? I'm not the bad guy here am I? I puffed out my cheeks in a sigh and ran my hands up and over my face then back through my hair in mild frustration before picking up the bed sheets that were to be thrown into the washer. I inhaled and couldn't help but grimace as the smell of cigar and a cologne that wasn't mind flooded my nostrils and overwhelmed my senses. It made my stomach a little sick. To even think back to when she came home last night. The scent heavier and more potent then because she didn't even bother to hide it. Didn't have any sort of respect for my dignity to even try and hide the fact that she was with other men. No. She knew I wouldn't say anything. ..Couldn't say anything. I just couldn't... Maybe..just maybe I still hold the hope that she'll suddenly see the light. Suddenly decide that I'm good enough...

Just as my stomach was knotting at my own thoughts, the familiar buzz of my phone against my thigh brought me back to reality. Coffee. I couldn't suppress the natural smile the thought of hanging out with friends caused. Old friends. Loyal friends. Friends with whom I could be me and that was enough. With a quick push of the start button on the Maytag, my fingers then deftly danced across the keys in a response.

Sounds like a plan. :)

Not long after, I had thrown on my jacket, snatched up the keys to the jeep and was on my way. Stuffing my hands deep in my pockets, my long legs carried me fairly quickly towards the ever-lingering smell of coffee just across the street. Luke, Robin, and Ouija. My smile spread as I flashed my set of pearly whites at the group.

"Long time, no see." I remarked as I approached the table, gaze flicking to each friend individually, smiling and acknowledging Luke with a pat to the shoulder, and the two girls with a hug.

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Character Portrait: Luke Temperance


Character Portrait: Luke Temperance
Luke Temperance

A highly tolerant young man who some dub, " The Shell of a Man; Observer."


Character Portrait: Luke Temperance
Luke Temperance

A highly tolerant young man who some dub, " The Shell of a Man; Observer."

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Character Portrait: Luke Temperance
Luke Temperance

A highly tolerant young man who some dub, " The Shell of a Man; Observer."

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