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Living Puzzle

Living Puzzle


(18+) Set in a little coffee shop - bring your real life personality to life on paper to discuss and debate struggling and beneficial matters of life as we know it.

1,008 readers have visited Living Puzzle since Airanea created it.

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Please note: First and foremost, before continuing on - this RolePlay is based off another RolePlay called Random bits of thoughts - I was extremely interested in it and by all means it is an amazing idea - but I found the age group and topic's a little too young for my interest. After speaking with cass-isnt-here, I received her permission to create a group similar to hers. With that said, please if you are under 18 redirect yourself towards the link above, those who are 18 and over let me firstly say welcome.


Welcome to the world of discussion - of debate - of real life issues put into words of expression. Here we can speak without the fear of judgement, here we can act without the danger of repercussions. Topics will be thrown along with insights. This is a place where you can see different views of people from around the world, from people with different upbringings. Will there be a pattern, will you fit the mould of a certain stereo-type?

Put who you are down on 'paper' - create the character that is you and embark on a journey of vision - of view points - of reality in cyber land. Witness personal interaction first hand, the creations of society interacting without fear - will you learn from it or will you turn in anger and disgust?

To incorporate Role-Playing into this not so Role-Playing atmosphere you will play as yourself - with your own beliefs - your own real reactions to others - but this will take place in your dream of 'tonight'. You are of course allowed to write this out as playing yourself, with actions, emotions, and verbal communication - or since this is YOUR dream you are able to remain still with out the ability to move - paralysis. It is ultimately up to you how you wish to partake.

Tonight when you rest your head to be swept in long awaited dreams your mind is chitter chattering with the woes and stresses of life. You can feel the headache swelling while you try to re-balance your bills, figure out the final points and edits that need to be made on your class essay, and going over the fight you and your partner just had. Your mind is buzzing – it seems as if sleep will not be gracing you this eve. Think about it. Think about your struggles. Think about your hate – your love – your fear. Let it consume you. Let it d e v o u r you.

Sleep will find you tonight – and it will be the one to eat you whole – not the future fatalities of your sanity.

In this dream you find yourself in a warm room – the floor of aged cherry wood and the walls of slate grey stone, along the back wall is a fireplace containing whipping licking flames of heat. The scent of coffee and freshly baked goods waft up your nose – it smells too good to be true. The light hum of classical music plays in the background, you can’t make out which song it could be, but you do hear the taunting piano – the whining violin.

There are no windows – no doors – nothing but a cubed room – there is no escape.

Various pictures hang from these walls, if you look closer you may find that you are in some of these pictures – moments from your life that are vital – in others you recognize none of the faces - that is until you look around the room. There sit various strangers all of different colors, shapes, and sizes – behind their eyes you can see a hidden story, but that story you may never know – or will you?


1) I as the GM will not tolerate any form of disrespect to other members - this is an intellectual adult debate, the second you use name calling or belittling in an attempt to prove your point you will be kicked without notice - lets keep those tempers in check people.
2)Please try to organize your thoughts in a way that can be understood by all so you get an appropriate response.
3)It is up to you if you wish to partake in only the verbal debate rather than the 'role playing' aspect of it. Just please be sure to state in your first post that you seem to be fully paralysed your thoughts ringing out-loud for all in the room to hear(or some sort of variation of this to make claim as to why you have no actions.)
4)Please post at least once per debate - if it is something you have no interest in I understand a shorter post than usual, although I would love for all to get actively involved.
5)The topic will change every (Canadian/American)Monday so please try to get in your last words by then.
6)The more detailed the better, please strive for 200+ words per post - first person or third person I don't care, write to your preference.
7)Topics to be discussed are open for suggestion in the OOC. I will compile a list of all suggestions and run through it - don't be shy.

This is an adult discussion forum/RolePlay - 18 years and above - topic manner will be mature and some may be offensive to some people.
Characters will not be accepted until the day we begin.(aiming for Monday the 20.)

Still Interested?

Character Sheet
(Please add a picture at some point in your profile - it can be of you or a image you wish to represent who you are.)
Name: (Yes you may use a false name of course for safety reasons.)
Age: (Please use your accurate age)
Relationship Status: (This optional, but this will be beneficial to see the diversity between applicants..)
Religion: (This will be beneficial to see the diversity between applicants.)
Past: (Pieces of your past that you believe has helped influence your beliefs, or anything you wish to share)
Present: (Any current details of your life you wish to share - optional.)
Additional Details:

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everything is relative; nothing is absolute.


Character Portrait: Kaley

everything is relative; nothing is absolute.

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Character Portrait: Kaley

everything is relative; nothing is absolute.

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Most recent OOC posts in Living Puzzle

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

it's my buddy airanea! I missed you!

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

I think I might join this too.

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Yup I just need a few more days - I will PM everyone the morning we begin.


Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Is this role-play still a go?

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

When are we gonna start?

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Got it Rae and it looks great.


Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Alright will do, thanks

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Nope didn't go through hun. save it in word with all your formatting next time before trying to post, and if it doesn't work again pm me and I'll try to help you out. :)

Carlos - that sounds awesome let me know when you have it up.


Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

I tried to post a character profile but I don't think it went through so I will write another one up later tonight and re-post it. But if it did go through please let me know.

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

I guess I'll keep working on a RP Idea I'm preparing.
It's about a group of heroes in modern times having to defend a huge city from being destroyed. Instead of just throwing it out there. I'm creating some bits of lore behind their history and a more complicated geopolitical background to their existence.

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Sorry bud, I want to get a good strong collected group before we begin.
Only a few days :) try to save the energy for Monday (easier said than done yes?)

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Aww... really? I would've loved to start right now. :/
I'm in a very chatty mood right now. Guess it can't be helped though.

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

No worries Carlos, English is my first language and I'm a writer by career and I still find myself screwing up lol.

Got your character and of course you only have to give as much information as you would like, since it is personal information. I will not be accepting characters until we begin(which I am hoping will be Monday) just so the first comers can make their Characters without the idea's and impressions of others first. :)


Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

This is gonna be fun. I just posted my character.
Don't think I need to write a lot about myself. Let's just talk about ourselves inside the RP and learn more about each other that way.
PS: Forgive my weak english sometimes, I'm constantly switching between three different languages in College.


Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Thank you that was very helpful :)

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Not a problem.

So copy the character sheet I have given you - and you can personalize it however you wish.
Forum codes
That website should be of help to you for personalizing sizes, fonts, so on and so forth.

Please paste everything I listed as a Character Sheet in the section of 'Description' which is the first white large text box you will see.

A useful website I find for uploading pictures is Image Shack - you can size it for forums on the drop down box before uploading - once uploaded select to copy the forum code - you can leave it as is(which will enable it so when people click your image it takes them to ImageShack or delete everything but the [img ] Picture url here [/ img] and it will show up as just the picture.

Another code that doesnt apper on the link I gave you that I find useful is [right ] Text here [/ right] or [ left] Text Here [/ left] (you can use these around you [ img] codes [/ codes] as well such as: [ left][ img] Image Url [/img ][/ left] (of course without the spaces within the brackets.) This will place your image or text to either the left or right, and of course there is [ center] Text [/center ] As well.

I don't know if you needed all these explanations - but here they are for you or anyone else who looks.


Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

Oh, ok, under the characters tab it had a sheet to fill out so with your specifics where in the character tab would we past that to fill out? Sorry for the questions, I am just getting back into role-playing after being gone for so long and this site has changed tons since i was last here.

Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

The same place that you would post it in a regular RolePlay - under the 'Characters' tab of this specific RolePlay.

I hope that's what you mean't Rae, if not let me know.

Two people interested before I even finish the Intro. page(which will be done within the next hour or so) or post in the 'Players Wanted' thread. Wow. I'm looking forward to seeing both your applications.



Re: [OOC] Living Puzzle

I am also interested, one quick question though, where would we post our character application?