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a character in “LoneWolves”, as played by xXTimberwolfXx


name: Timber
gender: Female
age: 2 years old
breed: Timber/Grey wolf
Personality: Solitary, doesnt trust others, VERY territorial, Loyal to any friends, would protect friends with her life.
Background: she grew up in a large pack in a zoo in england one day the rangers removed her and another wolf. they were put in seperate enclosures and shipped off. some how Timber got free. she had no idea where she was but she knew she had to survive.
Apperance: Grey on top with a white pelt. her eyes are a stunning blue.

So begins...

Timber's Story


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Timber stepped out of the trees into the clearing. she was sure she had smelt another wolf here. she shakes it off and turns to her surroundings. the trees that laced the edges of the clearing were iced with snow. the snow beneath her paws was crisp and untouched. she smiled to herself then went to a large rock in the middle of the clearing. she jumps up gracefully. she places her front paws to a smaller stone on top of the big on. she tilts her head back and a soft howl escapes her muzzle.