Johnathan MacCreary

"Seriously, guys? I told you all we needed to turn around. I really did. But you didn't listen to me - AGAIN - and look where it got us. Way to go, guys. Really impressive."

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a character in “Madness”, as played by Cypher


ImageName: Jonathan Wills MacCreary

Nickname: Johnny Irish

Age: 20

Personality: Johnny is a cynic and a pragmatist. Whenever something happens, he immediately assumes that everything is about to go south fast and therefore begins planning for that worst outcome immediately. This has gotten him into something of a survivalist mindset. Don't get me wrong, he's a fairly pleasant guy to be around most of the time - if a bit snarky and abrasive - but when something goes wrong, especially if it's something he warned people about, he's very snarky and won't be afraid to tell someone off for merely saying the wrong word at any given time. He doesn't like it when people don't listen to him, and he is very quick to insult people even when it isn't entirely necessary. He does really care about people, he just isn't really very good at articulating that. He's also very proud of his Irish roots, and comes from a family of proud, thickly-accented Irish Americans - meaning he also picked up the brogue. He doesn't really seem to be afraid of anything; and things that scare normal people only serve as a minor annoyance to him.

He's a homosexual/bisexual/asexual, but it's safe to say that he isn't really attracted to anyone at all.

- Pea coats.
- Being right.
- When people listen to him.
- Funk, smooth jazz and the like.
- Irish food.
- Sweets.
- Being prepared for everything.

- Most People.
- Being wrong.
- Being right, and people ignoring him when he gloats.
- Twilight.
- McDonalds.
- Irish stereotypes.

Outfit: Refer to the picture, and add a pair of wool gloves and a knit hat, and a canteen slung over his shoulder full of hot cocoa with his initials written on the front in magic marker. He also has a lanyard hanging from his belt with a mini Mag-Lite and a survival whistle (NOT a rape whistle) hanging from it. He has a lighter in one pocket along with a handful of assorted granola bars.

Theme Song~
- General Purpose Theme: SMV (Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten) - Thunder
- Battle Theme: Morphine - All Wrong (It's optional but recommended to listen to "Whisper", which is the second half of this video. ~Cy)

(Also, insert Awesome Face here, since he isn't a pre-loaded emoticon and I can't put him down for fear of taking up fifty thousand miles of page.)

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