Joel Cross

A sinister necromancer, who is also the guild master of the Shadow Gears guild

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a character in “Magic, Brings Chaos”, as played by Nemmy826


Name: Joel Cross
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Guild: Shadow Gears, Guild Master
Rank: A-rank
Magic: 1) Necromancy (can raise the dead)
2) Body regeneration
3) Pyromancy (fire abilities)
Team: *will edit later*
History: Joel was a lone wolf since his parents deserted him back when he was 8. He soon joined the Shadow Gears guild when he was 10, just moments after he perfected his necromancy abilities. While in good favor with the previous guild master, Joel was promised the position as guild leader when he turned 18. Once the day came, he was betrayed, leading Joel to kill off the guild master and taking on the role himself. Joel now rules the Shadow Gears guild and is striving now to be given S-rank.
Weapons: He can be usually seen with his Black Silver Katana. He recently enchanted it with a spell to drain his opponent's soul bit by bit on contact.

So begins...

Joel Cross's Story