A mysterious legend.

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a character in “MMO Madness”, as played by Calamity


Name: Unknown
In-game name: The_Calamity
Age: Unknown, But probably early-mid 20's
Gender: Male
Race: Most Likely Mechin.
Appearance: Unknown. In game app
Clothing Tall, Completly dressed in black, with a black cloak over his clothes. Inside he has Many knives strapped to him. Wears a Skull Balaclava Like this one, but with no eye holes.
Profession: Theif
Skills Great aim, Speed, Can go invisible, and create still clones of himself that dissappear after one hit.
Strengths: Unknown
Weaknesses: Someone thats even faster than him, Has Very low health.
Alignment: Nuetral
Personality: Silent, Intimidating.
Background: Calamity has risin to the ranks of a legend In the game, and is feared and admired by many.

So begins...

The_Calamity's Story