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Elijah Warbler

The tears that stain my cheek make me look weak. But I wear them proudly, I wear them proud! Just stand up and scream, the tainted clock is counting down. You gave into me, would you say the nights are far too long now?

0 · 363 views · located in 2- 6 months after Carnival Missing II

a character in “Mother/Father Dearest”, as played by RPGLoVeR213


Elijah Johnathan Chance Warbler


Elijah is still the handsome teen he was before the kidnapping, with piercing emerald green eyes and a nice mop of chocolate brown hair. He has a nose stud on his small nose, and his jaw sets his lips in a lopsided smirk. His hair covers the many piercings on his ear, and a chain necklace is always hanging under his neck. He is a lanky boy, a good 145 lbs at 5'11". His nails are always painted with black Sharpie, and He's usually wearing either a band jacket or jean jacket. His favorite pair of shoes are his dusty, muddy combat boots; the only thing left when his uncle Luke Warbler was killed in Iraq.


Ever since he was diagnosed with Depersonalization Disorder, he has small episodes of feeling out-of-body. But other than that, since the kidnapping nothing has really changed. He is very loyal and devoted to what he believes in. He seems very secretive and mistrustive from a stranger's point of view, but is actually very kind and caring. Unless you mess with his family. He is very tough and protective when it comes to people in his family. He is very grumpy and stubborn in the morning, and when it comes to teamwork he is very bossy. He is mostly silent, and usually gets what he wants since he is very rich. He will accept something he doesn't want to do if it is better than what he wants to do. From the outside, he looks very distant and cold, and to his enemies he is menacing and cruel. It wass also believed he has Parental Alienation Syndrome because he had a strong hatred for his great uncle. This has been disapproved since the Class's aren't his true parents, therefore this is excluded from his extreme claustrophobia and disorder.


He always has a pair of aviators, and his Ipod. Along with his wallet, with: his I.D., his credit card, about five hundred dollars, and pictures of his family and friends.

After finding his true identity, he met his family:
True Mother, Flora Fiaoro
Step-mother, Victoria Warbler
Father, Chance Warbler
Brother, James "Jack" Warbler
Step-sister, Karson Tyme
Sister, Briannah "Bree" Warbler


Elijah Johnathan Chance Warbler was born August 13th, 1994 to Flora Johnathana Fiaoro and Chance James Warbler. He was given to his mother, who was forced to give him up to her adopted mother and father's sister and brother-in-law Daniela and Lucian Class. He thought they were his real parents. He was their only boy child, the first after their two miscarriages. The sorrow of the miscarriages changed his "mother". She was still a beautiful face, but seemed to be fully engrossed in spoiling and loving her only male child. Elijah only got the best. Golden spoons and Egyptian cotton bedspreads were the only items allowed for "her special little boy". His father was always away on business trip, so Elijah had a very small bond with his father.

It angered him, and he started to hate his father. Why did his father have to be away all the time? They had enough money. He was kicked out of many prestigious schools for his reckless behavior and claustrophobia. Only one of his Class sisters didn't look down on him, his eldest sister. She was disowned from the family after moving to New Mexico. He threw himself into music, making friends with the public school "emo" kids, making his band Mississippi's Crying, a screamo band. His butler took him one day to a carnival, and something unexpected happened. He was kidnapped by his "cousin", his mother Flora who went by Carnivalle and posed as his cousin. She left a heart scar on his chest and extreme claustrophobia, along with depersonalization disorder. His father was on the detective team, and joined because they had Elijah's true name on file.

Chance sued the Classes in court, and won custody of Elijah and his two other siblings, Bree and Jack. He also won three thousand dollars in child care every month from Mr. and Mrs. Class. A year before, he'd married Victoria Tyme, with a younger daughter named Karson. Karson took a liking to Jack, while Bree was always at Elijah's side. Every time he would space out from his disorder, she would call either Victoria or Dad to check on him. After a couple of months, he was called by the detective team to meet with a psychologist. Since then, he started to date Nikki Montoya, a former Blackwell he met at the Carnival. She was his everything, he depended on her. But if you don't mind, don't tell herthat.

So begins...

Elijah Warbler's Story