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Oliver Pierce

"His mind was like an ocean and I was drowning in the secrets of its depths."

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a character in “No One Mourns The Wicked”, as played by jeydon



Image"Everything is grey, his hair, his smoke, his dreams. Now he's so devoid of color, he don't know what it means"
{Colors | Halsey}
Oliver Micah Pierce


"You lost, a part of your existence in the war, against yourself"
{ The Fault In Our Stars | Troye Sivan}

Oliver has a lanky build, not unlike a teenager and pale skin covered with more moles than you can count. He has a small scar below his left ear that's been there ever since he was a kid and messy brown hair that sticks up in every direction. He occasionally wears hats to cover up his constant bed head appearance but usually doesn't bother with it. His chocolate brown eyes don't see as well as most, so he's either wearing a pair of geeky looking glasses or his contact lenses. He's 5'11" only a couple inches shorter than the tallest male in his family, his father. His weight stays about the same, around 145 pounds, no matter how much junk food he stuffs himself with.

Oli was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer almost 5 months ago and has been hospitalized several times for his worsening condition yet he still refuses to let anyone around him (other than immediate family, that is) find out about him having cancer. He just wants to be able to keep living his life the way it is without having everyone around him constantly taking pity to him and treating him like he could die at any second. The worse his condition gets the harder it gets to hide his illness from those around him. It's easy to make up stories for where he is during his chemo therapy appointments and blame his lack of energy and ill like state on his laziness but how far can he bury himself in lies before someone realizes there's something up with the eldest Pierce boy?

"But you don't know what you got 'til it's gone. You don't know what its like to feel so low."
{ A Little Bit Longer | The Jonas Brothers}

If you had to describe Oli in one word it would be awkward. He's not any good at social situations, he finds it difficult to make small talk and find similar interests with others his age, always has. He's gotten a little less awkward about it over the years but it's still pretty obvious to his friends that he's uncomfortable around strangers. He can't sit still or be silent for more than twenty seconds, both his mouth and his body have to be constantly moving in someway or another. If he's not making awkward hand movements while conversing with you then his hands must be preoccupied because there's no way he could manage to keep his hands still. He pretends that he doesn't actually care about others or what they think about him by being sarcastic and mean. He says things he doesn't really mean before he can even think about taking it back and he's no good at making up for his mistakes. He finds it challenging to make new friends let alone a girlfriend or boyfriend, the only friends he has are those he went to school with and he's still not sure how they manage to put up with him. He obsesses over things he has interest in, whether that be mythology or his newest crush and he can't help but talk about that interest to the point where he can probably drive you insane.

x High IQ (which is surprising to most people since he dropped out of college)
x Has a way with words (he can express himself beautifully, as long as you're okay with the flailing hand movements)
x Good with kids (Despite his annoyance with most of the human race he adores kids)

⌘ Stubborn ||When he has his mind set on something, there's no possible way for you to change his mind. No matter how good your argument is, he won't give it a care in the world because he's already sure of his decision.

⌘ Makes Irrational Decisions || He acts with out thinking things through, which can often end badly and has led to him getting himself (or someone else) hurt more times than he can count but he can't seem to stop himself from making irrational decisions, no matter how hard he tries.

⌘ Never Puts Himself First || Despite Oli acting as if he can't stand most people, he's usually seen putting everyone else's well being before himself. He's more concerned that everyone around him is happy than making himself comfortable and content.

✘ Being Belittled || He's not exactly the strongest or fastest or hottest or anything -est guy out there so it's not abnormal for people to belittle him and make him seem unneeded. He's well aware that he can be helpful when he wants to be, but it hurts when people are constantly trying to tell you that your best isn't good enough.


"I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare."
{ I'm Just A Kid | Simple Plan}

Oli grew up with an almost abnormally large family, made up of four sisters and three brothers, all of which were younger than him. Because of this, he learned from a young age how easy it was to sneak around and get away with anything when someone's attention is constantly on something other than you. When he was a kid, his main problem with sneaking out at night was that he couldn't be quiet and sneaky about anything, he always ended up tripping over one of the kid's toys or accidentally setting off the alarm system while trying to get out the front door with out waking any of the house's many occupants. Before he got diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, his life was pretty normal for a college dropout who only ever got told by adults that he was wasting so much great potential. According to them, he was throwing away his future and needed to get his act together before he lost everything. Their harsh words only pushed him farther away from the stereotypical way of life that his parents expected him to follow. He became reckless, did things he never would have imagined himself doing even a year before and somehow managing to get away with it all despite his usual weakness of getting caught. When his Cancer started to get worse he left town in search for other doctors to help him fight through it and to keep everyone in town from finding out. He returned to town when a doctor diagnosed him as cancer free but shortly after returning he was informed at his monthly check up that the cancer was back and even worse than it was the first time around.

Image"And I'm tired of being all alone."
{ Your Call | Secondhand Serenade}

Dylan O'Brien

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So begins...

Oliver Pierce's Story


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Last night she had another nightmare. It always starts the same, her father screaming at the top of his lungs and calling her name. She was hiding in her room, praying to God for some mercy. Her father barged in and picked her up by her shirt. She had no idea that he was this strong. Then the beating began, for the first time he had hit her on the face. She couldn't scream or call for help, otherwise she would get an even worse beating. Whenever she woke up from her nightmares, her roommate Hailey would comfort her. Hailey was like her replacement for James, one of her childhood best friends. She was also certain that two could have started dating if it weren't for 'the phone call.'

That phone call forced her to make a leave of absence from UCLA so she could pay her respects, and return to the town that haunted her. She had spent the night in the local motel, but she only had enough money for one night. There was no way she could stay with her father. Every time she entered that neighborhood, she wouldn't work properly. It was so emotionally scarring that she couldn't keep herself together. Perhaps she could ask some of her old friends? Oliver would be willing, but they kind of grew apart and she was scared to talk to him. Iggy was out of the question. The girl was like a time bomb waiting to erupt, she wouldn't want to see Rose at all.

Then it hit her, James would be willing to help her out. He knew what her dad was like and understood how much pain she went through. He'd be willing to let her stay. There was a problem with that though, James lived near her father's house and if he were to ever find out that she was home. There would be hell to pay.

As she walked down one of the main streets, she pulled out her Samsung Galaxy. Rose was certainly not an Apple person, so she was teased often for having an Android. She clicked on James' contact name. They hadn't contacted each other for at least three years and that made her nervous.

To James:
Hey James, are you still in town? I was hoping that we could meet up at our old spot at the park. :)

It took her five minutes to send the message, mostly because she couldn't force herself to press send. She blamed her father for making her so socially awkward and anxious. The fact that she couldn't even text, which wasn't even face to face, concluded that she had a problem.


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Anne heard her phone buzz inside her bag, but didn't pick it up until she was parked in front of the Liquor Plus. Liquor plus what? Who could say. She took her phone out, checked the lock screen to see who it was from, then stuck it back in her bag. She grabbed the strap of her messenger bag and opened her door, pushing it through the sepia-toned man who had been staring through her window the whole drive from the diner. She stepped out of her car and slung the bag over her shoulder, then walked up to the liquor store.

A bell rang as she walked in, that same little chime all cheap liquor stores seem to have on their door. She moved to look through the small selection of wine kept on the shelf at the back away from the sunlight filtering through the glass front door, taking out her phone again and unlocking it.

To: Oliver (Not the Cat)
>does red or white wine say "sorry for not telling you i was coming home and then sleeping in my car for two days" better
>do you think theyll let me shower before the questions start or should i drive my car through the community pool on the way there

To: Unsaint Jude
>kinda similar, mine had a stretch limo and complementary caviar
>perks of being a cop kid i guess

In truth, Anne has been absolutely petrified when the officers had approached to take her in for questioning. She wasn't entirely sure how to explain that to anyone, though; not without hinting at something dark and deeply buried. Another thing to play pretend about, joy of joys.

She grabbed a random bottle of the shelf, realizing she'd been standing back there texting for almost five minutes. "Insomnia," the label read. Wasn't alcohol supposed to make people sleepy? Why would someone name their wine the exact opposite of what it actually did? She also somehow doubted this wine would be any good. Oh well. Maybe her late-working parents would appreciate the irony. Did they still work nights? They both had been before she left, but to be honest she wasn't entirely sure if they still had the same professions. Well, her dad was clearly still in law enforcement, considering his cop buddies had ratted her out, but she hadn't heard anything about what her mother was up to.

She purchased her dubious wine and left the store, taking a moment outside the driver's side door to thumb through her phone again. She'd seen a lot of old faces at the funeral, and it had only just occured to her that she didn't have any of their numbers. It didn't matter, not really, she hadn't spoken to any of them since high school, but... maybe it was simple nostalgia, but she felt she should at least say hi. For old time's sake, for...

She took a deep breath and leaned against her car, the bottle wrapped in a brown paper back hanging by the neck from two of her fingers. So Hannah was dead. The reality of it didn't so much hit her as settle heavily over her shoulders, like the fog which visited the town on early spring mornings. She found it difficult to recall their last conversation, or even what Hannah looked like outside the framed picture that had been resting on her casket. Had they ever really been close? Close enough for her to drive halfway across the country, close enough to take a full month off work, apparently, close enough to bring all those different faces back home, but she couldn't really recall why, or how. It made her feel guilty.

To: Unsaint Jude, Oliver (Not the Cat), Drunkpants the Sexually Misaligned

Actually, that name wasn't doing it for her anymore. she made a quick edit in the contact info.

To: Unsaint Jude, Oliver (Not the Cat), James from Team Rocket
feeling nostalgic, dont suppose you could set me up with everyones new phone numbers

With that, she opened her car door and got in the seat, setting the bottle down on the passenger-side floor. Time to head home! Yay.