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I love you, I loved you, and you betrayed me.

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a character in “On a Whim”, as played by Enkisama


Her light blue hair is about knee length and pulled up in many different crystals to keep it out of her face. She wears darker-blue bracelets on her forearm and around her wrists. Her dress is wavy, with a blue tone to it along with white to mock the foam of the waves. She walks everywhere without any shoes though and is from the Maaya City, a city that is actually under the ocean.


For the most part she is a kind person, but everyone sees her with a broken smile on her face. she does not talk much, and often keep to herself. She loves to laugh and live life to the fullest, but she has been having trouble with this, until she met Kuen. Around Kuen she was an excited, not stop talking, hyper young woman who was experiencing love. She wanted to be with him forever.


Vira was born in the Maaya City as the princess of her country. Her father died when she was in her teens and she began ruling the underwater kingdom immediately. Most people avoided her because she was a very quiet fragile woman who seemed to be falling apart day by day. When she was going about her business to stop a war from plaguing her kingdom a man by the name of Kuen appeared and cheered her up. They became good friends, and some would even say they were lovers. Her smile returned, which had been gone since her father had died. They were always by each other until one fateful night when a man, who disguised himself as Kuen raped the woman. She put Kuen in prison for ten years, refusing to listen to his pleas for her forgiveness or even listen to his story. In the end, the man who had turned her against him married her, and sentenced him to death. Kuen escaped, barely, and ended up killing her husband and injuring her on his way out.

She did not see him again, and some say that her heart was completely broken. Kuen does not know if she is still alive or not. He thinks about her a lot though.

So begins...

Vira's Story


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The magi had turned his back to both Kiri and Rei, while he checked Perch over for any wounds. He noticed a new nicks on his legs from the twigs lashing at him during their gallop, but all together deemed that the horse would be perfectly alright by morning. It was not hard to notice that his shoulders and back were a little tense, but that was normal for a horse that was near a demonic presence. Kuen rubbed his hand down the horse's now bare back and legs to clam him a bit before thinking of Vira. It was not often that the woman of the ocean came to his thoughts, but it seemed that Kiri and stress was starting to bring her up more often.

Shaking his head, the dark haired man let the horse go to graze in the grasses near them before looking at the the Shadrin fire that the demon made. He was happy to see that he chose a wood that produced a dark flame instead of a bright one, but was not happy that it was Shadrin. Some people reacted poorly to the dark demonic wood, though he doubted that Kiri would be exposed to it like a normal human. Her magic should keep her safe from the deep poisonous dreams Shadrin could produce.

"Kiri..." Kuen held his hand out to her. "We will came out near Perch, away from the demon and his wood." He said, his voice staying calm but untrusting. He waited for her to take his hand before drawing her in close and walking out a far distance to be in the open next to Perch before beginning a spell that made a tent for them both to sleep in. Though the tent was very deceiving, being that it was small on the outside but was as big as a two-bedroom town house in Raz'ira.

The setting changes from Raz'ira to Alzera


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Kuen sat in his room completely alone, not sure what to think about the demon that was outside the tent. There was something wrong with the way Rei was taking them, it was not exactly the fastest route, or so the magi thought. Perhaps Kiri was right and the demon was up to no good, but it would be suicide for Rei to attack a magi injured.

"How do you know he is injured?" Vira's voice came from the shadows of the dark room, her long aqua curled hair flowed around her as she draped her arms around the intelligent man. He took in the deep salty smell of her skin, and the fresh sea-breeze of her breath. It has been too long since he had been able to create this image of her, but because of his travels with Kiri he was able to think of Vira clearly again. "You saw no blood, no limp, and no painful expressions." She added, noting everything that he had been observing of the demonic man.

"His smell, it was not only that of a demonic's odor, but had a linger scent of iron. Demons normally smell of pure sulfur unless injured, they start to give off a more iron blood like smell, even if they don't bleed." Kuen stated, rubbing his hands over the woman's pearly skin. Her laugh rolled away from her like an ocean wave and filled the room. Kuen wanted to just hold her longer when he remembered that Kiri was somewhere in the tent and soon his love vanished. He took in a deep breath and sighed. How he missed his love.


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A new warmth entered Kuen's mind as Kiri joined him on the couch. Without much conciousness, the man wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer to him enough to snuggle his head into her hair. She smelt warm like the salty breeze of the ocean and in his dreams it immediately translated to Vira. She was dancing around in his dreams, showing him how to move much like he had shown Kiri in the ball room the day before. He was not sure, but it was calming to him, to see his love happy again.

She twirled around, her silky clothes floating in the air as if pulled up by water, making a wave ike notion as she swirled around. Her voice rang clear in the room, taking on a song her mother had taught her when she was a child. A song that always reminded Kuen of his own home. And then it was all gone. All he saw was Sheela staring down at him with her evil grin and dark laughter. He woke with a start, and was startled when he saw that Kiri was resting on his chest. He had not expected her to come this close to him, besides, he was not good for her.

He laid his head back down and wathed the tent start to warm as the sun began to filter into the world.