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Charlotte "Lotte" Hartford

"I'mma warnin' you, do NOT get close to the Captain when she's out of rum. She becomes worse than a kraken."

0 · 884 views · located in The Seven seas

a character in “Pirates of the Caribbean: The next Generation”, as played by .:bad-apple:.


[center] Name:
"The name's Charlotte Hartford. Call me Lotte, if you can."
"I'm 28-the golden years!"
"I'm a guy. Note the sarcasm in that."
Hair color:
"I have jet black hair, styled in a scene style, but that doesn't mean I'm a scene girl."
Eye color:
"My eyes are a deep marine blue color."
Skin color:
"Freakish pale, almost like a ghost."
"A huge dragon tattoo on my right arm representing my love for mythical creatures, my initials on my right shoulder just above the dragon, and a black panther on my back."
"Nothing fancy, that's for sure. A white T-shirt, jeans, calf-high boots and a denim jacket."
"Two nine millimeter guns, twin daggers, a sword and my fighting skills, AKA Lotte-Kwan-Do."
Ship worked on:
"The famous Black Pearl baby!"
"I'm the Master Gunner. I'm responsible for the ship's guns and ammunition. This includes sifting the powder to keep it dry, prevent it from separating, insuring the cannons and ordnance were kept free of rust, and that all weapons were kept in good repair. I'm essential to the crew's safety and effective use of their weapons."
"Eh, nothing much. If you wanna know something, ask me in person."
"...I had to go trough describing myself, and now you need my picture. *facepalms* "


Lotte's a really sweet girl; caring, kind and always flashing a grin 24/7. She just generally loves to have a laugh, make new friends and have a mess around with her mates, as she is a bit of a prankster as well. She is also rather forgiving the majority of the time, even though she can be offended a little bit too easily, if I do say so myself. This being one of her faults, as well as the fact that if she becomes offended, agitated, upset or such, she'll become quiet and sheltered, secluded entirely, and will basically refuse to speak until she comes out of it, or somebody makes her laugh - which when this happens, is actually rather difficult. She also has a burning passion for music, as she adores playing her guitar above all, even though she enjoys playing various other instruments also, and secretly likes to sing to herself in her bedroom when nobody's around. She's generally rather outgoing and such, however when it comes to things like singing, or writing, she'll become a bit shy, and will only ever do it when she's entirely by himself, with nobody around her.

She can also be rather romantic if the right person comes along and she can become a little bit sheepish with her actions if she meets somebody that she sort of likes; she'll stumble over her words and blush like mad. She will always like a boy based on his personality and common interests, and never just for being good-looking; she prefers a nice personality over looks any day, and so, she does not believe in 'love at first sight'. On top of the lot of this, she is extremely, and I mean extremely protective of the ones she loves and cares for. Generally, she would never under any circumstance let out her anger on another human being, or any other living creature, and instead she would just bottle it up inside of her. However, you can only bottle up so much anger and aggravation before it eventually slips out, and if someone was to be prejudiced/extremely offensive to somebody that she knows well/loves deeply, then she would probably end up punching them in the jaw. But this has only ever happened once in her entire life, and she's sworn to herself that she would never do that to anybody ever again, and still feels guilty because of this five years later.

Lotte isn't what you would call a girly girl; she is classified as a tomboy more than anything. Since her rank is Master Gunner, she tends to be quite bossy with her fellow Gunmen; often acting as one of the boys rather than a girl.

So begins...

Charlotte "Lotte" Hartford's Story