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Leliana Grey

Avatar of Inanna, Goddess of Storms

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a character in “Playing Dice”, as played by Maeve


Leliana Grey

Full name & nickname-
Leliana Grey, friends and family call her Leli.

Avatar of Inanna, Goddess of Storms.

Leli is a drifter and a dreamer; if anyone could do it, she could. She faces the world with neutral eyes- she has seen the bad in the world and still is confident in herself. She's one who'll sometimes get so involved in her goals she won't pay attention to anyone. When that happens, the best thing to do is to gently pull her away. She falls hard in love close to never; yet still she continues to follow her gut feeling. Perhaps that is her mistake. When and if you win her trust, you've accomplished quite a feat. She'll forgive, but she won't forget. She's strongly compassionate and incredibly competitive. Her temper will flare with the smallest of insults. Even without her powers, she was quite intimidating when she wished to be.

Leli is rather loud and hard to miss, with a sailor's laugh and mouth to match. She isn't afraid to share her opinions with the world. She has a way of wooing people that's almost out of her control- unbeknownst to her, Leli emits a rather energetic aura that attracts many people; but repels the equal. She says things that seem too old to be coming from her mouth and often appears wiser than her years. When in doubt, Leli meditates, something strange considering that when having fun, she cannot stay still. She's the one who'll take you on that rollar coaster, she's the one who'll have her final revenge if you break her heart, and that one who'll become your idol within the first ten seconds of meeting her. She doesn't take crap from anybody and isn't one for self-pity. She won't sit around, but do something about it.

Description of Apperance-
Standing at 5'8", Leli is immediately noticable in a crowd. She has long, lanky limbs, but still retains some fat in her stomach. Her arms are muscled but not unattractively so. She isn't built much for bulky sports, more of running, such as track or endurance tests. Her long blond hair falls in waves past her shoulders, yet despite that is almost unbearably thin. She has large green eyes that are slanted in such a way that suggests more of an Arabian background. She has high cheekbones and strong features, including a proud, straight nose and small mouth. Her ears are peirced once on both sides, and she usually has a meloncoly expression on her face that makes people question what she's thinking about.

She has a mark of a horse emerged with whisps of the sky on the back of her right shoulder.
The Tattoo

Leli has strong powers naturally, yet does not have total control over them. Sometimes when experiencing extreme moods, storms will emerge. She can sometimes call clouds from elsewhere, but she cannot conjure them. Her powers are still developing.

Leliana grew up in a small home in North Carolina- where summer starts in April and festivities occur every other day. She lived with her three brothers, all older than her. If anyone asks why she's so competitive, that is what she tells them. Their names: Robert, Ian, and Tyler. She loved them more than her own life, but it was hard to tell due to the fact they fought too much. As Leli grew older, she began to feel small compared to her brothers- they were the talk of the town, incredibly handsome, and witty. She grew jealous of them, being as she was constantly compared to them, and in so gained low self-confidence. She found refuge in the sea and the skies, and could often be tracked back to the waves. Finally, only a year or so ago, she finally got over her anger with herself and her brothers. It helped that Tyler and Ian moved, but Robert was only a year older than her and remained. Due to her rebellious nature, she was finally recognized as someone seperate from the Grey family legacy.
That's when the dream came. A powerful woman with a huge presence and an electric expression exclaimed to her she'd been picked, and therein settled the weight of the world. She wonders sometimes if she'll be overcome by the immense power given to her. For that reason, she reamins neutral.

So begins...

Leliana Grey's Story