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Primal Hearts

Primal Hearts


Set three years after the second portal to the Evernight Realm, The Primal Hearts Guild has been disbanded. Even in the time of new peace, trouble brews as old rivals return, a new creature comes into play that threatens every one.

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In the late 21st century, after a long and bloody war between the Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils, the three factions signed the Thousand Dawns Treaty, ending the war and bringing in a new era of peace, but this peace wouldn’t last long. Two anarchists, A devil by the name of Verach and a Fallen Angel named Armalis decided they would harbingers of a new era of anarchy and chaos. The two spent years tracking down three artifacts, The Staff of Eternal Sleep, The Night Emerald, and the Gem of A Thousand Souls. After they had found the three, they headed to the highest mountain on Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. They chose this spot because the continent had an unusually high concentration on magic. At the base of the mountain, they made an altar of dirt and stone and preformed a ritual which was called the Kindan no yoru no gishiki, The Forbidden Night Ritual. After finishing, the two created a rip in the space-time continuum, opening a portal to a dimension called the Evernight Dimension.

Once the portal was open, creatures from the other dimension began pouring out and the two were quickly swarmed and killed. Then a dark cloud soon surrounded the continent as the creatures of Evernight quick spread across the continent, and soon the world. The three factions first thought to quarantine the creatures, but after an event named The Bloody Night, where a small Indonesian island was wiped out in a day by the creatures of Evernight, the three factions decided that the only way to stop this crisis was to exterminate them. So the three factions joined together with Earth’s military and the four fought the growing crisis.

After long years of war and bloodshed, the factions were losing and humanity was on the verge of extinction. A devil by Relaka suggested that they use the power of the Primals, the spirits of animals and mythic beasts, to defeat the growing Evernight threat. So the generals of the four factions released the powers of the primals upon the world. Slowly humans, Devils, Fallen Angels, and Angels started popping up with supernatural and animalistic powers. These brave men and women joined together and formed the Primal Hearts Guild. With the help of General Lucifer, leader of the Devils, Admiral Arael, commander of the Fallen Angels, and General Michael, General of the Angels the Primal Hearts began to fight back.

But they soon realize that the Evernights were not going to go away, they realized the only thing they could do was close that portal to stop more from coming through. So they lead one final and grand march to the portal. The following battle was the biggest one of the war, and the most bloodiest, Seikatsu no tame no tatakai, The Battle for Life. An Angel named Phul was corrupt by the demon primal, Koram. Phul fought the four armies along with a army of Evernights. Phul was eventually defeated and the portal was closed, but at a high cost. The armies were devastated and all but two of the Primal Hearts were killed in battle.

Millenniums later, humanity has recovered and flourished. The remaining continents are now ruled by kingdoms. North America is ruled by the Chera Kingdom, led by Queen Emily. Central and South America is ruled by the Wulux Empire, ruled by their king Raul Santos. Africa is ruled by the Durkar Empire, led by their king Ayax. Europe and west Russia are ruled by the Windhelm Kingdom, run by their king and queen Xavier and Georgia Windhelm. And Asia and east Russia are ruled by the mighty Wu-Kan dynasty, led by their emperor Wenyan.

Three years ago, the last Primal Hearts Guild lead an army against Nightfury, an army of Fallen Angels lead by the Demon Primal. After a long bloody battle, the day was won, but at a high cost. The army's numbers were reduced greatly and most of the Primal Hearts Guild members were killed, their Primals searching for new hosts. In three years, the seven kingdoms of the world are at peace with each other. But now, A dark presence grows as old enemies come back to life and a new Evernight comes into play. This Creature acts like a hive with a taste for blood and flesh.

Toggle Rules

For Primals (Primals are the spirits of animals that attach themselves to a persons soul, giving them powers related to what they are. Chosen few are called Primal Hearts):
1. There are three types of Primals, Real, Mythic, and Prhistoric. Real Primals are the spirits of real animals, Mythic's are the spirits of creatures from myth and legend, and Prehistoric is pretty much dinosaurs.
2. Characters must have powers related to their Primal. (Ex. Gorilla Primal grants immense strength while Cheetah gives enhanced sight and increased speed)
3. There are only a few animals that can not be Primals. (Those are Dragons of any kind, including wyveryns, Gorilla, Spider, Phoniex, Cheetah, Crow, and Demon)
4. Character must have mark somewhere on body related to their Primal.

In General:
1. This is mature, so her will be sex, blood, gore, ect., just don't go over board with it. Try not to make it boring, but not go 0 to 100 and stay at 100 all the time.
2. If a Character's Primal is to be removed, that Character dies, seeing as how their Primal is connected and infused into their soul.
4. Magic is used, ranging from simple healing to elemental control and manipulation, body augmentation to mind augmentation, illusion to necromancy, Teleporting and slowing time, as well as dimensional travel.
5. Although it's after the 21 century, it's pretty much like medieval times, so technology is limited, but guns to exist.

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Character Portrait: Will Stone
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