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"I won't be caged again, no matter what."

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a character in “Project Zero: New Beginnings”, as played by TristisNox


FC: Susan Coffey


Synoa of the Winter Skulk or Patient 131 but I prefer my real name, not the one the doctors gave me.

Syn, Kit (more so when I was younger)


Familiar's Name:



Familiar's Gender:

Natural born escapee

Mutation | Abilities:
I'm a fox.
Imitate sounds (like voices and I'm a master at it), Warp to different locations, Camouflage, Excellent mind manipulator (aka. mind read, pull thought, implant thought, etc), I'm ok at being persuasive verbally

Weaknesses: [ This can be a list ]
Relying on my abilities, Not trusting others, Making terrible first impressions, Acting before I think, I can be stubborn, Pain in the a**

Description: Image
Human: I stand at 5'5" with a lean body. My hair is shoulder blade in length, wavy, and reddish brown. My eyes are a light green/grey that deceive people in believing I am more innocent than I am. I have full light pink lips with straight teeth that are made for devouring meat (delicious). My skin is as pale as the white fur on my familiar with nails a little sharper than most humans would wear. My musculature is made more for speed, agility, and flexibility rather than power, though don't be tricked into thinking I am powerless.
Fox: Rowan is a beautiful Russian red fox. His fur is longer than most of our cousin's, he has red markings over his eyes, around his ears, and up his strong legs while the rest of him is a silver white. He has an adorable black button nose and sharp orange eyes.

I tend to make terrible first impressions because I always do what I want. I'll blurt out the first thing I think of, I'm hyperactive, a pain in everyone's ass, and I really don't care what others think. If i don't want to do something, I won't or I'll find a way around it. I will take someone's command and fit it to how I think it should be done. I'm also very curious about the world and others. I have no qualms wandering about in a new environment or pushing someone's button's to see how they tick.
As I said I'm a pain and stubborn. I will fight someone on a matter if I don't agree with them. I will go against orders if I believe that what they want me to do is wrong, usually no matter the consequences. I'm sly about it though so they don't always realize my plan until it's too late.
I can be a manipulative so that every outcome benefits me or someone I care about. I will use almost every means necessary to get out of situations I do not find favorable and have gotten into quite a bit of trouble for it. Some say I don't respect myself because I will use literally almost anything to get what I want. I'm very flirty, seductive, and playful which is another reason people tend to believe I don't respect myself. But in reality I use my body and sexual manipulation because it is the only power I had left in the lab. They could try to break me (and fail) or dampen my abilities, but my body was something I had power over. Show me that you aren't trying to oppress me in anyway and I'll instantly turn all smiles and friendly. I'm loud, proud, and vain.
However, very few see the other side of me. Although I dislike fight, I will not hesitate to hurt harm someone if they go after a person I care for. I can be very motherly towards those wronged, younger, or need someone to care for them. With this side almost comes the surprising fact that I am quite an excellent listener. It shouldn't surprise you though since I am a master at camouflage and manipulation; I need to know what is happening so I can anticipate outcomes. I suck at giving advice but am will to listen to those that need a confidant. I am a secret keeper.
Although quite vain and selfish (I am not ashamed to admit it), I will sacrifice myself to protect not only Rowan, but also a lot of the 'mutants' from the lab because I see them as family. They may not like me that much, but I would do anything to protect them.

Familiar Personality:
Rowan compliments me well. He is just as mischievous, cunning, agile, manipulative as me but everyone seems to love him. He doesn't have a strong presence like me and thus easily blends in with the back ground. He is also quite the mother hen that wont stop pestering a person until they succumb to either tears or comfort. He wants to take care of everyone and everything so they no longer have to feel pain.

Meat, Playing, Freedom, The dark rainbow, Adventures, Mischief, Solitude, Others (on my own terms), Running, Books, My hair, Rowan's fur, Berries, Rowan

Cages, The humans that captured me, Being yelled at, Being treated like I'm a nuisance/naive, Being bored, Needles, Canines, Crowds

Being captured again, Living the remainder of my life in a cage (metaphorical or real), Unable to connect with my familiar, watching people I care for die, Needles

It started when I was 8. I was with my skulk when panic broke loose and I found myself caged by monsters dressed in all black. I was brought to the wonderful place known as the lab. It became my 'home' until quite recently, but more on that later. Like most of my kind I was mischievous and loved causing trouble. No matter how many times they tried to break me, I never became their pet. Rowan and I grew dependent on one another to stay sane and I think we've done a pretty good job, though many of my... friends (other mutants) believe I will one day end up marrying him. Love him and all but no, he's not the male for me. Anyway, the docs and I had many adventures together. They learned quite bit about my kind while I grew into my powers and purposefully pissed them off.
Two major events took place during my residency in the lab. The first was how I ended up with my stylish collar round my neck. I was about fifteen when I finally snapped. I had become quite powerful and they were threatening Rowan. Never good combination. They were torturing him and I could feel his pain as if it were my own. We've been through a lot together, but this was a whole new level of pain, it was intentionally cruel. I warped to where he was and confused the entire room as I threw accusing voices and planted thoughts in theirs head. As we tried to escape, Twelve guards had to wrestle me into submission; five of them seriously wounded. I would have gotten away, but Rowan was too hurt to move thus I had to carry him and fight at the same time. After they sedated me, they slapped a collar around my neck that sent a continuous current of electricity through my body that dampened my powers. At the moment I can only warp a couple hundred feet, my persuasion skills aren't as sharp as they would be if I'd had time to practice them, I'm still decent at being wallflower, and yeah I'm just down to like 20% of my known powers. Still pretty awesome though and they don't harm Rowan too much. Little victories I guess.
The other event that really defined me was when I had to watch and participate in killing. It was really the only time the doctors got me to crack. Two impossible choices and I chose the one that hurt me the least. I ended up assisting in killing another like me (mutant wise) and still regret it to this day. After that I refused to kill and honestly I can get away with disobeying because I'm such a rare commodity. I just end up in solitary confinement instead of being killed.
As for how I met the lovely Revolutionists, they rescued me. They came busting in like some heroes and saved us. I was one of the last to be rescued because I had to make sure my little makeshift family got out live. It's the least I could do for them after all.


So begins...

Synoa's Story