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August J. Mason

The new kid in town; Quinn's resident bus boy.

0 · 201 views · located in Quinn's Restaurant

a character in “Quinn's Restaurant”, as played by Artik



Name: August James Mason
Nickname: Auggie, A.J, Boston
Age: Twenty-Two
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Part-time bus boy, aspiring artist.


At first glance, August seems to be your typical guy. Laid back, easy going, doesn't let a whole lot bother him, doesn't dress super nice, but not like a slob either. He wears what's comfortable and what he's suppose to, that's all the really matters. But as you're around him more it comes to your attention that this typical guy doesn't talk a whole lot unless spoken to, and this may be just speculation but either he's quite a thinker or his head is up in the clouds quite often making him a dreamer. It's hard to tell, but either options have yet to be confirmed or denied but it all boils down to him being a bit of an enigmatic. Secretly, he's a a hopeless, and I mean hopeless romantic. A kind of romantic he doesn't get to really use most of the time, especially not with his tendency to always end up 'just friends' with his crushes. (They always seem to see him as a 'brother' or something.) But like said typical guy, he doesn't let it bother him much and has learned to live with it. What with not being a overly chatty person, he gets the opportunity, (most of the time) to really think before he speaks. Not that that always helps a whole lot, but ti's better than just spewing out awkward words, especially when it comes to the opposite sex.

On a different note, also in the territory of not speaking, August has become quite the observer, and mixed in with his child like curiosity, he tends to notice a variety of things most people don't. Mostly, he likes trying to figure out people's quirks, nervous ticks, or habits; it's like some sort of game he plays in his head. Unlike the 'typical guy' he keeps being referred back to; (so perhaps he's not so typical); August has a real dislike for confrontation, it's not that he can't throw a punch, or hold his own in a fight, he just honestly prefers not to. On the same token, when it comes to addressing feelings, or personal problems, one might say he avoids doing so.. But to draw the little story to a close on a more positive note, August is known to be quite the gentleman. Not just holding open doors for women young and old, he's even the type to cook them dinner (which he's gotten much better at thanks to living on his own recently), or bring them flowers just to see the look on their faces. Not that he'd ever admit to any of this, but he might even enjoy brushing a girl's hair behind her ear... Yeah, yeah don't think he's to much of a softy though, while this guy has no problem cuddling, it's also a bit of a task to get him out of his mysterious little shell. But once he's opened up and has gotten comfortable, he's a good and loyal friend to have.


"List of August's odd quirks, habits, tendencies, ect"

  • Always has pencil tucked above his ear, and small sketch pad on his person; usually in his back pocket.
  • Has a habit of clacking his tongue piercing against the back of his teeth
  • Consistently wears his favorite pair of gold rimmed aviators and his fathers dog tags.
  • Originally from Boston, has a slight accent because of it. (ex: Water = Wata, or Park = Pahk.)
  • (Aka he tends to drop 'r's from certain words and uses the word 'wicked' a lot)
  • Looks like an entirely different person when he smiles.
  • Can be rather witty and clever when he's comfortable enough to speak up within a group of people.
  • Has a love for any and all movies, specifically comedy.
  • An early riser who loves going for morning runs, he calls it his 'thinking time'.
  • Always seems to end up in the 'friend zone' with women the few women he's ever crushed on as he's to shy
  • (Quinn's doesn't seem to be much different so far as he finds himself drawn to a certain waitress that has caught his attention as of late.)


"Quick little outline of August's not-really-but-kinda eventful life because I'm not fond of writing full out character histories unless I really really..really have to."

  • Born an 'army brat', and an only child.
  • Father died serving his country when he was just a boy, and grew up with just his mother, who later grew ill.
  • Middle school and high school, nothing much exciting. Mother passed away from cancer the spring of his senior year.
  • He had made a few close friends that soon lost contact when they went their separate ways for college.
  • A year into school, he dropped out and spent the last of his money on a plane ticket across the country.
  • Got a job and a small apartment in Seattle as he works on his art, and learns to live completely on his own.

You get the idea?

So begins...

August J. Mason's Story