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Rosette East

"Unless you wanna get slammed into the ceiling, I suggest not taking a step closer to me."

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a character in “Radioactive: The List”, as played by Angel's Whisper


Rosette "Rose" East


Name: Rosette Avalon East
Nickname: "Most call me Rose, those who call me by my full first name have a death wish."
Age: 17
Sexuality: Bisexual "And I'm not afraid to show it..." Sees a pretty girl walk in, "Hey gorgeous! What's your name?"

Power: "Gravity Manipulation... some think it'd be a pretty useless ability, until a second later when they're wedged into the ground eight feet deep. I can make gravitational fields at will. It's a lot of fun once you master it as well as I have. Played dodge ball with a strong gravitational field around me once and all the balls just fell to the ground as soon as it even came near me. Also works with bullets and the like, but you wouldn't need to know that. I can also make myself fly, well really it's more like levitating, or hovering. Changing the direction of gravity took some time, meaning years, to master, but apparently it's possible since I did it. Walking on walls and the ceiling can be great when trying to get away from people or wanting to get something off a high shelf but don't exactly want the entire thing to come crashing down on you. I get a laugh out of battle. It isn't exactly easy to knock someone out with gravity, but you can pin them down hard enough to the ground that they won't be able to move and just throw a knife into the mix, then there you have it, instant win. Also works the other way, make them all float in midair, that way they can't hide and they make easy shots. Changing gravity's direction also comes into play during battles. What do I do when a knife is flying towards my face? Just throw it back the way it came... at twice the speed. She could also create these small vortexes that suck in everything in its way. She had this ability that made her immune to its pull, but had to make the effort to make sure nothing hit her as it was flying into it.

Everything comes at a price and gravity manipulation isn't exactly merciful when it comes down to it. My abilities are fueled by calories. Yes, laugh it up, but when it comes down to it, it isn't exactly easy to keep your calorie count up. People constantly wonder how I stay so thin when I eat like the hulk after being put on a strict diet, well there you have it. I also have to be careful, however, if I burn too many calories, I tend to end up exhausted or in extreme cases blackout for a couple hours. It usually isn't too serious when I lose consciousness, but then again, I never have pushed my limits too far to break. My gravitational fields also aren't exactly the best for discreetness. Sure I can hide up on the ceiling or on a wall, but anything that happens to walk into the field gets dragged along with the gravitational force. I once had one up in the library, I didn't feel like carrying my books so I made a small field to carry it for me, but bumped into one of those librarian carts that they use to put borrowed books back into their place and the entire cart and all the books in it went straight into the field. I had to explain to the librarian how her cart, which was pretty heavy by the way, was magically thrown half way across the room in a matter of moments that she went to grab another book from the front desk."

Which Side?:
"With my record? They probably didn't look two seconds at my files before placing me in the bad pile. Let's just say I don't exactly abide by the school rules or read the student handbook like it's the bible. I also have friends, but they aren't really the class favorites either. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those jerks that do bad things just to keep the title, I only do it if there's something in it for me. Be it money, something valuable, or just my own amusement... God it's hilarious to see girls' reactions when they step up on a scale only to see that they've gained twenty pounds... Though sometimes, I do think about how it could've been on the other side."

+Anything horror related
+Spicy food
+Sunny days and rainy nights
+Being adventurous
+Strategy games

-Overly romantic movies
-People who get in the way
-Arrogant people
-Sour foods
-Being woken up
-Chance games
-Being restrained
-People who hurt others for "fun"

"Fears? What fears?
Rose is deathly terrified of cramped, closed off spaces. She was trapped in her closet once when she was younger and since her parents were getting groceries, she was stuck in there for a few hours. When her parents finally found her she was curled up in a fetal position, taking deep heavy breaths, and only a shell of what she was before. She's also not a big fan of anything that slithers. Be it snakes, worms, centipedes, it just all makes her skin crawl. She doesn't shriek like other girls when they see something like that, but she does tend to walk a bit faster and has occasional quivers along the way. Not to mention drunks, or anyone who appears intoxicated. She would rather take the long more dangerous path than have to pass a single drunkard.


Personality: Some say those sparkling misty grey eyes look almost lost, others say she's always calculating a plan on how to destroy her next opponent without getting a speck of blood on her clothes, Rose says those people are morons that have no lives. Ever so blunt, and always equipped with a snarky, or some say 'smart-assed' comment, most call Rose brutally honest. If you irk her and are holding her back, she'll tell you exactly that straight to your face without a moment's hesitation. Though that only comes with her peers, when it comes to her parents or teachers, she tunes down the honesty and puts up a distant, rather bored look. She may look far from it but Rose is one of the best students a school can have. Even when she's staring out a window in the middle of a lesson, she's actually never stopped listening. She's played chess with the most intelligent students in her former schools and has won, though quickly waves it off as 'just showing the geeks off in their own game'. She's been known to make the most advanced plays when it comes to sports. Even helping out the football coach at one occurrence or another. She's never been deemed a 'nerd' herself due to her nonchalance and incredibly blunt attitude, but no one can deny that the girl's borderline genius.

Despite her abilities with strategies, she isn't the best when it comes to leadership roles. Rose hates the pressure of the title almost as much as she loathes people who are too weak to carry their own load. When she gives you a job she expects you to get it done, she'll applaud you if you do a better job than she'd expect, but as long as it gets done she'll be happy. She hates setbacks when it comes to plans, but contradicting, she loves having to redraw and rethink about how to reach their ultimate goal. She will always decline a leadership role, but will more than not, end up with the role of the leader's right hand (wo)man. She is also far from forgiving. If you drag her down or become a burden, she will abandon you to fend for yourself. If you dare to call out to her to ask her to dial it down a notch, or anything to slow down progress, she will double the pace. Rose is very, very competitive and will sacrifice even herself to win.


Outside of competitions, Rose loves to cause havoc. Making people panic and stress is just plain amusing to her. Taking a phone that was left on a table for a second and placing it somewhere else, hiding car keys even though they were in a rush, sometimes even tying shoelaces together while the person isn't looking. They may seem rather mean to other people, but Rose considers them nothing but harmless pranks. She doesn't pull them on people she knows personally, but rather on people she's yet to make the acquaintance of. Rose isn't stupid though, she knows when someone's simply in a rush because of their own laziness or when it's actually urgent and they have to get somewhere right that second, she messes around with people of the former. She knows she wouldn't like it if something unfortunate were to happen to her right when an emergency occurs, so she empathizes with those people.


History: Rose was born in the more comfortable part of the suburbs of a bustling city. She was smothered with love from the second she was held in her father's arms in the hospital room. She had one very, rather overly protective older brother who always kept her at an arm's length unless she was school. He walked her to the school gates every day before making his way back the way he came to his school and was always patiently waiting there after school. She didn't mind, she always stuck close to him in return and obeyed his instructions whatever they may be. Her parents also rather spoiled her, showering her with affection and attention that normal people would a baby. She didn't see anything strange about it, until her friends at school commented about it. The guys thought it was a little strange how her brother acted as if she would get lost a minute without him before or after school, while the girls just thought it was cute that they were so close, either that or they thought he was attractive.

She ignored the guys, that is until she turned thirteen, then she started finding it strange as well. Being so close, she didn't have any trouble telling him that, but he simply gave her a blank, rather disappointed look. He stopped, though Rose felt strangely disappointed, but brushed it off and walked to school by herself. Her friends who usually waited by the gate looked surprised when she came by herself, Rose explained what happened and they continued on with the normal school day. It was on the way home that Rose could practically hear someone staring at her back. It was rather late due to her after school extracurricular activities. The sun starting to burrow itself into the horizon mountains and bringing its light along with it didn't help her nerves. She picked up the pace only to feel the presence of whatever it was get closer. When she rounded a corner, her entire body screamed at her to run, and she did just that, taking off in a full sprint. This time she did hear it, heavy footsteps and they were getting louder and louder.


Without looking where she was going, she crashed into what seemed like a wall and bounced back onto her bottom. She looked up at the wicked smile of a sloppy man of around his mid forties. His breath reeked of alcohol, making her choke, but that didn't stop him from petting her and getting way to close for comfort. She caught eye of what looked like an empty beer bottle in his hand before trying to push him away. It only encouraged him further, however, and he grabbed her wrist to try and get her to stop moving. Rose revolted, she swung her other hand around and gave him a firm smack on the face. It barely had any effect on him though, as he merely grew angrier. He slammed the empty bottle into the nearby building, keeping a hold on the top which now consisted of jagged glass. He held her against the building keeping the bottle close to her neck, but before he could do anything, another figure came full sprint to him knocking him a few feet away. Rose looked up teary-eyed at her brother who gave her his jacket. A moment later, the man towered behind him and stabbed the bottle into his back. Rose took handfuls of her brother's shirt, keeping him up right just enough to keep from falling. Gazing intently at her brother's rapidly fading eyes, she whipped around to glare at the man who stabbed him only to find him laughing at her. "If you'd just went along with it, this wouldn't have happened." That snapped something inside her. Her hands shook, and before she knew what she was doing a vortex tore through the side of the building sucking up everything within its range. Rose took her brother who was now staggering up onto his feet and ran, but not before hearing the man scream for his life as he was sucked into the swirling vacuum.


When they arrived at home, Rose was about to suggest that they keep it to themselves, but her brother burst into the house and simply declared that Rose's powers finally blossomed. She stood there slack jawed, wide-eyed until she saw that her brother's wound had healed, only the torn through holes of his shirt remained as evidence of the assault. Her parents immediately demanded what happened before scooping her up in their arms and crushing the air out of her lungs. They then explained to her that more than half of the family had extraordinary abilities. Her brother, for one, had advanced regeneration which explained how his wound healed so quickly. In the years after, she trained with her brother who resumed his guard role, escorting her to and from school once again. It was quite evident that Rose had changed after the assault however, for she caused more trouble at school, though they were quite harmless she still got in trouble none the less. Quite contrary, she also became the school's troublesome genius (Anyone get the reference?). When she received the letter of invitation to Maldoy Academy, she almost shoved the letter into her parents faces with a loud exclamation of "Please!".

Theme Song: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

So begins...

Rosette East's Story

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A common belief is that the grumpier sorts of people are going to be very far from morning people- strangely enough, this is not the case for Emilia James, despite the fact that she certainly is a cynical and often standoffish individual. Rather, the young woman is both late to get to bed and early to rise- she's just never been able to have very restful sleeps, ever since she was still a little girl. It isn't because she suffers from nightmares- in fact, she never has dreams at all, these days. There is just something about sleep that is difficult for her- likely the fact that one needs to relax themselves to properly do it. Emilia always seems braced for something, even when in a completely safe place, as though she's just waiting for someone to attack and rip her out. This is the case in the school just as it is everywhere else, despite the fact that she's been living here full-time since arrival. The alternative would simply be wandering around, after all, and while she does slip out during the holidays for weeks at a time, she always returns to her dorm eventually. In fact, she is occasionally a bit more relaxed when she returns, though that likely means that shes relieved stress through her own sort of vigilante justice.

Anyway, Emilia's been up since around five, having jogged, showered, dressed, and then simply lounged on her bed reading within the two hours until this point. After all, breakfast doesn't usually open until around this point- not that she can't just conjure up her own meal, of course, but she tends to limit the use of her power until after she has had a cup of coffee, because whose to say that her mind won't let itself loose if she isn't alert? The girl makes a point of being as alert as possible as soon as she wakes up, because otherwise there may be the consequences of a still fuzzy mind thinking carelessly. Basically, her mind is constantly on alert and wrapped up like a caterpillar in a cocoon, because otherwise a few things may just slip out, and that isn't good for anyone- least of all Em, who would then have to figure out a way to clean up whatever mess she had made when her mind wasn't on lock down.

The young woman glances over at the clock, which tells her that it is now just past seven, and then over to the bed of her roommate, who appears to still be asleep, based on the blond curls she can see poking out from under the covers. Hungry and in desperate need of a smoke, Em gets out of bed and rolls up what she had been reading for the past few minutes to put it into the pocket inside of her beat up military jacket. After lacing up a pair of black doc martens over her jeans, which are just as old as her jacket, Emilia heads out, a pack of cigarettes in her pants pocket alongside a lighter. She closes the door quietly, at least having the decency to let Rose continue sleeping.

Once Em has gotten out of the dorm building and is on the path over to the cafeteria, she pulls out a cigarette and cups her hand around her lighter in order to light it. Pocketing the lighter once more, the brunette takes a drag from the cigarette and exhales the smoke, mind clearing a bit more, though it had already been rather crystal. I just need a cup of coffee, she thinks, not really much of a breakfast person outside of her ritual cup of coffee- black, of course. She continues on her way once more, not paying much attention to the scenery around her, really. It's picture perfect outside, but Em hasn't been the sort to appreciate such things in quite a while, to be honest- all she'd appreciate right now is coffee and finishing the comic book rolled up in her pocket. The only sign of recognition she gives towards the brightly burning sun is to slide her aviator shades down over her eyes, scowling at how annoyingly bright it is out today.

She arrives to find the dining hall relatively barren of people, which suits the young woman perfectly- she's not exactly antisocial, but isn't really the most popular person around school. More of the sort to be the person that some people know, but don't really know. The girl pours herself a piping hot cup of coffee and proceeds to find herself a seat in a part of the cafeteria that typically remains peaceful, taking turns between her cigarette and the coffee, mixing for a familiar taste, while she flips through her comic.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!

A hand shoots out from under blue quilted covers, fumbling around blindly before finally settling on the snooze button of the alarm clock which has awoken the slumbering young man beneath said covers. He manages to turn off the buzzing noise, and is very tempted to go back to sleep, but forces himself up anyway, casting the covers down to his feet and looking over at the clock, which tells him that it is two past seven- he likely slept through the initial two minutes of the alarm clock's tone, given that he had set it for seven precisely. After peering over to see if his roommate had been disturbed by the alarm, he swings his legs over to the side of bed and pushes himself up, stretching and yawning rather loudly before rolling back his shoulder and cracking his back a bit. He must have slept in a bad position or something, because the young man's back is currently aching dully, and he knows that it will tick at the back of his head for the rest of day if he doesn't somehow right the wrong. He needs someone to pull on his arms or something, but doesn't want to bother Donovan about it, and thus just goes about his morning routine- first involving taking a shower and brushing his teeth, of course.

Not one for long showers, he doesn't take long before returning back to his dorm room to dress- jeans and a plaid shirt being the extent of his unimpressive wardrobe- he's never been much of a fashion guy, to be honest. Even in the hottest of months, he refuses to wear shorts, and so his jeans aren't really an unusual thing at all. What he has against shorts is a mystery to most- there isn't really any reasoning at all for it, he just thinks that the look stupid. Not that he'd say that, for fear of insulting someone unintentionally. He has never been a blunt individual, doing his best not to offend people and, therefore, often seeming dull to some people. He gets along well enough all the same, perhaps because a bit of normalcy is almost strange in this oddity of a school.

After trying, and failing, to get rid of the lingering ache in his back, Koen resigns to ignore it for now, and pulls out his phone to send a text towards one of his closer friends- Miss Elsie Striker, resident technomancer, if that's the word for it. They've gotten along ever since first meeting, and so it is only natural that the two would have become good friends by this point. Without even thinking of it, he adds Talia as well to the message, the girl being the sister he never had.

To: Talia Banks, Elsie Striker
Meet me at the cafeteria for breakfast?

After having successfully sent the message and tucked his phone into the back pocket of his jeans, the young man runs a hand through his hair and stifles yet another yawn before heading out of the dorm building and towards the cafeteria. Regardless of whether the girls want to get breakfast, or get his text in time, he's going to eat- he will, however, give it a bit before getting his food. After all, you aren't supposed to eat until everyone else has good as well- so he has been taught since he was a kid, anyway. He doesn't want to be digging in when they first arrive, after all.

While walking, Koen is quite easily distracted when he sees a piece of trash on the ground, and walks over to pick it up so that he can toss it next time he's near a trashcan. Of course, from there he notices another piece of trash a bit away, and ends up spending a good ten minutes just picking up pieces of trash before finally stopping when he reaches a trash can to throw the trash into. People need to pick up after themselves, he thinks with a frown, wiping his hands on his jeans before returning to his original path- destination being the cafeteria once more.

Luckily, his little detour had still gone in the general direction, and therefore he quickly arrives in the cafeteria. Fighting the temptation of the sight of delicious breakfast foods, he sits and waits for a response to his text messages.