Mamimi K.

I'm weird, and a capital D O R K U S! Don't like it? Tough! DORKS WILL RULE THE WORLD ONE DAY!!! *evil anime laugh*

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Name: Mamimi K. [i don't mind using my real name since we'll be posting as ourselves anyways =P]

Personality I'm a dorkus........lols. I also think i'm pretty personable, an i like to joke around a lot to make others smile.......
But i have no issue being honest, and have been called a bitch before for being blunt........lol
I can't stand partisan-types though........or people who think their position is SO right, that if you don't agree with them, you're evil or idiotic to the extreme.[.*cough* Ron Paul fans. lol].
While i personally think people who say the moon landing was fake, and we still haven't been into space at all, are NUTS, i respect their right to think that.......and will not waste time trying to FORCE my opinion down their throat................i say my piece, and i'm done. I loathe people who are too weak to admit they're wrong, or at least accept that someone else might have an opposing theory with some legitimacy. I'm a debater, not an arguer. I hate pointless arguments and yelling matches [like you see on c-span half the time! LOL *sigh*]........i'm more into mature debates and discussions.

Background Information I'm a mixed mutt who was born[and raised] in NYC on June 29th, 1989. I moved to Jersey a few times, but not for long.......most of my years have been spent in Harlem and Chinatown[where i live now]. I grew up in a single-parent household, with a million brothers and sisters, and tons of animals. I was pretty sporty growing up........participated in Volleyball, soccer, tennis, football, flag football, cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, and track, at one point or another while in school, but the consistent sports i was involved in from 6th-12th were Track, Cheer, and Dance. I also LOVEDDDDDDDDDDD theatre in school, and was in theatre AND drama club. I still love theatre of course, but it's probably safe to say i love dance & music more........which is why i plan on auditioning for Juilliard next month, even though it's likely i'll fail ROFL. -sigh- [they accept like >5% of the gazillion who audition......and i have bad luck! lol]
Anyways, I'm currently in my 3rd year of Pre-Med, and wouldn't really mind dropping out for Juilliard. I know that might sound crazy to some, but i think it would be impossible for me to do both, and dance/music is a part of heart & soul..........but yeah, like i said, i doubt i'll have to worry about that >_<

So what else!?........FAMILY! Family is huge to me.........i have 6 sisters, 5 brothers, a kickass mum, and a million cousins/aunts/uncles/nephews/nieces! I go overseas and visit my family there at least once a year, and they come over stateside at least once year.........likely more. And i visit my family on reservations in NM/Arizona or they come to NYC, at least one or two times a year.............but we talk on the phone with all our family ALL the time, and i visit my family that's here locally, daily, so yeah.........adore having my family, and always will.


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