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Jaymie'Lynn Tokudaiji

A girl, raised ignorant of the kind of people who would use her powers for nothing but chaos and discord, is about to have a rude awakening.

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a character in “Rebellion on the Rise”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!



Name: Jaymie'Lynn Tokudaiji

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Powers: Jaymie'Lynn is a healer, with the ability to control the darkness[like Raven on Teen Titans], & bend/manipulate time. She's also has the psionic ability empathy, like Raven.

- She can heal herself, and others........but when she heals others, due to her psionic ability, she has to be willing to feel/take-on their pain for a moment after healing them.
- Raven on TT uses a dark-mater/energy to pick things up, throw things, vanish/disappear, and create barriers. When angry, her dark-energy powers can go a bit haywire.
- Time bending is when someone can basically in the movie Jumper. But they have to know what the place they want to "jump" to looks's nearly impossible for most to teleport somewhere they've never seen.
- The psionic ability; Empathy is something else Raven from TT's can do............meaning she can control, read, or manipulate peoples emotions. She can feel how they're feeling, especially when the feelings are strong.........she can also temporarily, or permanently, wipe someone clean of their emotions, making them emotionally numb/dull. She is also able to force outside emotions into other people, consciously or otherwise.
[yes, i'm a huge TT's fan! LOL]


Height = 5'10
Weight = 135lbs
Eyes = Brown, but when using her powers her eyes suddenly become a light hazel
Hair = Black, and reaches to the end of her back when out in full.
Piercings = Her bellybutton is pierced twice, courtesy of an old friend, and she has twelve holes in each ear.
Tattoos = A giant butterfly covers her entire back. *click here for the design!*

Personality: Jaymie'Lynn is a sweet girl. Despite the reputation of her family name, she's never done an evil deed in her life.
However, due to the fact that she's always worried about being judged because of her family background, she often keeps to herself. She'll talk to if spoken to since she's rather personable in her heart, but she doesn't enjoy starting the conversation most of the time when at school.

Another personality trait that Jaymie'Lynn has is the ability to stay calm under the extreme. Sure she gets upset or scared like others, but she'll rarely show it for more than a brief moment, before leveling out.......mostly because she knows if she loses control of her anger, or excitement, she can be dangerous to be around........and the last thing she'd ever want to do, is endanger innocent people.

History: Jaymie'Lynn, or Jaymi as her close-friends and family know her by, grew up on the road. Her parents were mercenaries of sorts, who sold their powers to whoever needed it, to get by. They were known as the "chaotic pair", and often were viewed as cold-hearted scum........but they were neither in the eyes of those who knew them. And they went out of their way to shelter Jaymie'Lynn from their crimes.........making her instead focus on her studies, and using her powers for good.....subsequently making their daughter far more educationally-gifted than them, and they both had IQ's above 130.......

On her thirteenth birthday, Jaymie'Lynns powers blossomed even further then her parents with the additional Psionic powers. However she never knew they didn't posses those powers, until she was fifteen, and her parents were being taken away to prison on charges that would keep them locked away for decades........a subject she hates to talk about it.

It's been a year since her parents were thrown in prison, and their trial has yet to start. Most with her powers would have self-destructed, or gone on a violent rampage, if their beloved parents were taken from them and thrown in the tombs, but Jaymie'Lynns parents made her promise them behind bars that she would not give up on her education, and would continue to prove their family name good.........and that she has, by finally being accepted to the prestigious Arcana Academy, a school not only for the educationally gifted, but the supernaturally gifted as well.

Other?: Jaymie'Lynn is an accomplished Martial Artist, like her father........and will often use her bizarre mixture of Muay Thai & Jeet Kune Do, to try and squash things, if possible, before having to use her powers to capture someone becomes necessary.


So begins...

Jaymie'Lynn Tokudaiji's Story


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Jaymie'Lynn waved and mouthed "Thank You" to Traynor, before walking into the theatre doors.

As expected, she was one of the last to arrive, and sat a few rows back from the front, with about 22-25 students in front of her.
A few more would straggle in before the bell could be heard blaring from the hallways, and the doors would suddenly shut.

The class began to whisper, but the quite conversing didn't last long....

"Welcome!" a feminine voice called out loudly from the stage rafters, causing all the students eyes to instantly shoot upwards, where a fairly young, and moderately attractive, blonde, stood.
"My name is Hailey Touter, but you'll all of course be calling me Ms. Touter, no Mrs. I shall be your theatre and dance teacher for the rest of the year, and will help expand your knowledge on the lovely art-form that is; stage performance!" she said, before grabbing a hold of a wire attached to a harness she wore, and rather theatrically jumping down to the stage below, as if some kind of Acrobat.......earning her a steady flow of "ooo's" and "ahhh's"

Hailey would then walk to the front of the stage and spend the next hour going over the things they were likely to cover this year. The first half of class was also spent giving small introductions, which Jaymi of course loathed, but went through anyways.

The last hour of class however was more interesting. They had to pair up and play the trust game with their partner. Jaymi was paired with a girl named Rachel Goodman, who she found out over the next hour, had quite a lot in common with herself.

"So, your father was a fighter?? What styles!?" Rachel asked, as she fell backwards blindly, hoping Jaymi would catch her.

"Yeah, Wushu and Brazilian Jujitsu........" Jaymi responded, JUST as she caught the girl.

"That's awesome! My mom knew Judo and traditional Jujitsu.........we should spar sometime!"

After that statement, the bell rang, and the two girls began to gather up their bags.

"Oh, sure.....that would be fun! Maybe in gym.....which teacher do you have?"

"Uh, i think it's a Perry, something...." the girl responded, as they walked out through the theatre doors.

"Anthony Perry?


"Oh that's my teacher too."

"Awesome!" Rachel said with a smile.

Both girls were new to the campus, but by following the crowd of other students, they easily found their way into the cafeteria.

As they then stood in line to get their food, Jaymi couldn't help but notice some of the older students staring at them......mostly boys. She figured it was mostly because the two of them stuck out like sore thumbs.........both in rather dark uniforms, Jaymi's being nearly all black, and Rachels being nearly all navy-blue.

"I wonder.....what her powers are....." Jaymi thought to herself, before stepping forward in the line and placing her tray down on the counter to be filled by the man behind the counter.

[i]"Thanks!"[/color] both girls said in unison, before turning around to go find seats. However both stopped when they realized they hadn't a clue where to go.

"Gee......every place is so, crowded.....where should we sit?"

" clue."

Both girls stood there, uncomfortable, for a moment.......before Jaymi finally pointed out a few open seats at the end of a row of tables in the back, by a large set of floor-to-ceiling windows.

As soon as the girls took a seat, Jaymi happened to look over Rachels shoulder across the table from her, and there sat Traynor......or at least she thought, as she squinted her eyes for a second to be sure, causing Rachel to quickly glance behind her.

"He's cute!" she whispered, as she leaned in across the table. "Do you know him?"

"Um well no, not really.....he helped me get to class though. So i guess-"
Jaymi was cut off by a loud outburst of laughter, as only a few yards away from her and Rachel a young boy in a bright yellow and red uniform was shoved to the floor by one of three older boys, in light blue and white uniforms.

"Woah..." Rachel whispered.....and Jaymi just stared.
She tried to stay in her seat, but as the younger boys face grew sadder as he wiped the fallen food off of his lap, Jaymi couldn't help but walk over and offer a hand.

"Here, i'll help you clean up.....then we an get you a new tray of food and you can sit with me if you want."

The boy smiled embarrassingly at her "Oh,"

But the calm conversing didn't last long, as the group of boys made their way towards were Jaymi was now knelt.

"Awww look, four eyes here spilled his food!" one of the guys said, before the all burst into laughter.

"Just ignore them.....their idiots." Jaymi said to boy........causing the laughter to suddenly stop.

"What did you say!??" the bigger of the three older boys asked.

She'd ignore him however, and instead continue to clean up the spilled food. But when he walked closer to her, bent down, and then leaned directly into her face, Jaymi had no choice but to lock eyes with him.

"I'll repeat myself. What did you-"

"-I said you're an idiot! What are you deaf too?" she snapped, her eyes slowly but surely lightening into a bright hazel, as the students around began to gasp....some even daring to laugh at the boy who obvious was one of the resident bullies.

"Now if you don't mind, we're going to leave now!" Jaymi said matter-a-factly, before helping the kid on the floor up to his feet, and handing him his tray piled up with the spilled food.
She began to walk with him to get another tray of food, but the nameless bully grabbed her by her upper arm before she could get far.

Instantly she felt rage well up inside of her..........but just as quickly as it came, it went, and Jaymi closed her eyes for a moment to center her emotions before speaking.

"Let go of me. Or-"

"-or what!?"

"Or else!!"

The overweight jerk simply smirked, before tightening his grip........and within seconds Jaymie'Lynns eyes were glowing brightly. But instead of using her powers, she simply kneed the boy in the gut with MORE than enough force, balled up her fist, and then decked him square in the side of the face - sending him to the floor several feet away, hard.

The reactions all around were mixed. Some were shocked, some were laughing, and some even clapped. But the one thing nobody seemed to be, was upset.......for the guy who was now on the floor.

"Come on, lets get you another tray of food!" she said to boy behind her....before walking towards the food line and doing just that.

"Um, you didn't have to do're going to get in trouble now!" he said to her, as the pair walked back towards the table where Rachel still sat.

"Yeah well, he was a jerk, so i guess it'll be worth it?" she said softly, while secretly worrying about what might happen to her for punishment.

Through casual small talk at the counter, and as they walked back towards the table Rachel was still sitting at, Jaymi had found out the young boys name was Matthew, and that he was also a new student. But unlike her and Rachel, who were both Jr's, he was a freshman.

"That, was, AWESOME!" said Rachel, as she held up her hand for Jaymi to high-five.

"I don't know about that....." Jaymi said modestly, before high-fiving Rachel.

The three would converse only for a few minutes, before Jaymie'Lynn would feel a tap on her shoulder.
When she looked up, the face of the Principal was glaring down at her, and she felt a nervous knot began to form in her stomach, as everyone in the room grew quiet.

"Ms. Tokudaiji" the woman said lowly. "I heard there was a fight involving to explain what went on here?"

Jaymi found herself speechless.
She didn't want to implicate Matthew or embarrass him, but she also didn't want to get in trouble.
Unclear of what to do or say, she looked over towards Rachel for a moment, who looked just as nervous and lost as she did, before she looked back up at the Principal.


"Um is not an answer. Perhaps we need to go back to my office...."


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Gym went by rather uneventfully.....seeing as how it was the first day, and most of the class was spent just listening to the teachers talk about what all the students should expect.
And during the last part of class Jaymi was paired up with Rachel, and the two spared friendly off and on, but for the most part they spent their time casually talking about random things.

"Perhaps we should try to actually fight next time, hmm!? Or even use our powers!??". said Rachel, as the girls exited the locker room
Jaymie'Lynn laughed "Yeah i don't think we took that too seriously......"

The closer the girls got to the front doors, the more and more surrounded they became, by students all rushing out at the same time.
"Gees!! You'd think a movie star was outside!" Rachel complained.
Jaymi was going to respond, but before she could she noticed a large group of kids falling on the bottom stairs, after being pushed too hard by the crowd behind them.
It didn't take her long for her to spot Matthew in the group of fallen kids.....and that was enough for her to pull Rachel over towards the scene.

"That was insane...." Jaymi whispered, as she bent down and started helping not only Matthew, but a few others, pick up their belongings - Rachel doing the same.

"Oh, it's you two, thanks....again." Matt said nervously, to which Rachel smiled. "Yup! It's us again.......and here you are again, on the ground! Such lovely people at this school, right?"

Her sarcasm wasn't lost on any of them, as Matthew made his way up from the ground, and brushed himself off as the trio then walked into the academy park several yards away.

After ten or so minutes, the group found a giant Oak tree and took a seat on the grass underneath it.
"It's pretty out here........." Jaymi whispered, after a long moment of silence.

"Y-yeah....." Matthew said softly

"Why do you sound so nervous!?" Rachel asked bluntly, causing Jaymie'Lynn to snicker to Matthew attempted to explain himself.
However he wouldn't be able to get much of anything out before they were interrupted.

"Jaymie'Lynn........" said a familiar voice.
When Jaymi looked up, to her surprise, it was Hyde Thellce.....her Homeroom teacher.. " you have moment?"
She looked from Rachel, to Matthew, and then to Mr Hyde......confused. "Um.....yeah, sure." Jaymi eventually said, as she stood, and slipped her bag from across her body - placing it against the tree trunk.

Mr. Hyde and Jaymie'Lynn took several steps away from the tree, before conversing.

"So how was your first day?" he asked kindly, with a warm smile.

"Uh, it was okay i guess........slightly um, eventful."


"Yeah........but um, nothing too bad......."

There would be an brief moment of awkward silence as a breeze ran by the two of them.

"Well, i'm glad to hear it was nothing "too bad". Now, i noticed your interest in politics this morning.......and i was wondering, would you like to help me come up with a political time-line of sorts.....I'm not exactly sure what it'll center around at the moment, but i'm sure we could figure that out later.....if you're interested?"

"Me?" she blurted out, shocked.

"Yes seem very bright, and interested in the subject, so why not you?"

Jaymi felt embarrassingly nervous, but managed to spit out: "Oh, um, thank you sir!"

"It's nothing to thank me about, simply the truth. So what do you say?"

It was more than obvious that Jaymie'Lynn wasn't sure, so to prevent a premature "No", Hyde interrupted.

"Okay look, you don't have to tell me the answer now......just, consider it....and either let me know tomorrow morning, or before i leave at six, what your answer is, okay?"
The teacher patted her on the shoulder and smiled, before beginning to walk off. He didn't get too far ahead of her though, before turning around and yelling back.

"Oh and as a bonus, it'll count as extra credit!"
And with that, he made his way up the stairs and back inside the school.

"Extra credit......."
Jaymi thought to herself, as she slowly walked back over towards the tree and grabbed her bag.

"What was that about!??" asked Rachel.

"Oh, um....he wants me to do something for class....and extra credit, apparently."

"TAKE IT!!!!" Rachel shouted, and Matthew nodded his head.


"Well nothing! Extra credit can always come in handy if you screw up me! I'm so jealous!!"

Jaymi smiled, as she slung her bag back across her frame.
"Yeah well, i don't know. But i DO know i'm pretty i'm going to go think about things while i'm laying down. Talk to you guys later."

"Wait!" Rachel called out. "At least give me your room number, so i can call you later!? I'll give you mine too!"

Jaymie'Lynn happily obliged, before heading back towards her dorm building............leaving Rachel and Matthew underneath the giant Oak.

She liked Rachel, a lot.....and Matthew was nice too.....but in all honesty Jaymi was a bit overwhelmed, and unused to having friends around she figured it would do her mind and her her powers some good, if she perhaps meditated for a while........away from everyone outside, since there was no harm in being alone, right?


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Jaymie'Lynn had JUST made it to the outside of her dorm building when out of the blue, Traynor appeared...with a teacher she had yet to meet.
"Hello, Jaymi, I never got to ask you how your first day went?" he said with a smirk. "Oh, it actually went pretty well.......outside of........well, you know." Jaymi's voice trailed off a bit at the end of her statement, as her vision slid from Traynor, to the teacher she was unfamiliar with.....but he seemed to not even notice anything wrong with her comment.
"Ah, so this is the famous Jaymi I've been hearing so much about! I'm Jonathon Sullivan, one of the other teachers that works here, you probably won't see me too often, except if you're ever looking for Traynor here, such a helpful student." he said, before smiling at her. "Traynor doesn't talk to many people let alone new students, you should feel honored to have gotten him to start a whole fight and get in trouble with the principal just for you." Jonathon added on, which caused Jaymie'Lynn to smile embarrassingly, before biting down on her bottom lip. "Well then, i do feel, Traynor definitely is nice, and i appreciated his help today.....a lot" She'd look back down at Traynor and smile, before the two began to converse back and forth again.

"Jonathon, I don't think you need to brag about me like you're my parent or something. I hope you had a pleasant day Jaymi, and don't listen to weird Jonathon over here. He's just been working too hard to even think straight half the time but don't worry he's a great teacher......."I'll see you around alright?"
"They seem....pretty friendly. I guess that's a good thing though, all the teachers here being so......nice, to the students" she thought to herself just as Traynor finished talking.
"Oh okay, well i'll take your word on it. All the teachers here seem to be pretty awesome.....i guess we're lucky, hmm?" she said, as she fixed her bags strap over her shoulder. "I hope you had a good day as well.......and um, hopefully i'll see you around.....soon." Jaymis gaze dropped to the ground as she smiled again.

They all parted, and after a few minutes, Jaymie'Lynn was back inside her small dorm.
"This place is so....quiet." she thought as she locked the door, and threw her bag on the sofa only a couple of yards away.

She'd flop down beside it and turn the TV on........however she wouldn't watch it, and instead would begin to think about Traynor.....Rachel.....the fight.....and finally, Hyde. "I wonder if i should take Mr. Hyde up on his offer?" she wondered aloud. "I rather just blend in with everyone else & not stand out to be honest.........that would be more my speed! But, i'm suppose to be trying to socialize, right?"

Jaymie'Lynn had spent so many years with just her parents, and no friends her own age, that she developed the slightly odd habit of talking to herself. She didn't think she was TOO weird for doing such a thing, but still avoided doing it in public.

"I guess...i'll accept his offer." she said reluctantly. "Yeah, my parents would be proud of me........working with teachers and what not!!" Jaymi added on, more enthusiastically. She was about to pop up off the couch and go to Mr. Hydes office, but the TV suddenly caught her attention.

"WIPEOUTTTTTTT!" a dramatic-voice rang out from the show, as an overweight woman bounced from a giant red ball to the pool of water underneath it.
Jaymi laughed at the scene, as she made her way towards her closet and quickly changed into a white summer dress w/ thick ruffled straps.....that hit several inches below the middle of her thighs. She then made her way back to the couch and settled in to watch the Mini-Marathon of the game show for the next few hours, until the sun had set and the clock read 6:00pm.

"People are so crazy! I could never go on a show like-" Jaymi suddenly ceased talking and shot to her feet as she stared at the clock. "Damn it! It's six!!! Maybe i can catch him!?? Yeah, i'm gonna try and catch him!" she said frantically, remembering how Mr. Hyde made a point to mention six as the time he'd be leaving.

It took her only a few seconds to slide into a pair of white flip flops, before running out the door.

A few minutes later she was back inside the school, & riding the elevator up to the third floor. When the doors open, she stepped out into the halls......completely unsure of where she was going, until a group of voices could be heard coming from a half-open classroom door that suddenly looked familiar. "Ah, that's Mr. Hydes room!!" she thought, and quickly made her way towards it. However, before she could push the door open she heard something slightly......strange. "They can be used as hired assassin you know.......wouldn't that turn quite the profit?" said a female teacher, one of seven teachers - including Jonathon & Hyde, who were talking to someone behind a desk, that Jaymi couldn't quite see..........but just as she went to push the door open slightly to see who it was, Mr. Hyde spotted her, and jumped up.
"Jaymie'Lynn! What are you doing here!??" he said in a nice, albeit off guard, he blocked Jaymi's vision into the room. "Oh, well um, remember? You asked me if i wanted-" Hyde would slap his hand on his forehead dramatically, before stepping out into the hallway - closing the door behind him.
"Yes yes, i apologize, i, does you being here mean you'll take me up on my offer???" he asked with a smile that caused Jaymi to suddenly feel nervous again.........but she was able to push past the feeling, and nod her head. "Y-yes. I would be good for me, to um, volunteer and help out."
"Well that's wonderful to hear! I'd invite you in my room to plan things over, but we're having a little teachers meeting"
"A meeting about assassins?" Jaymi let which Hyde simply smiled.
"Oh no dear, that was just movie killer spies here, no worries, you're safe. If not, i'll protect you!" he said with a warm smile, before patting Jaymi on her shoulder and sending her on her way.......refusing to open the door and go back inside the room again, until his student was on the elevator.

Jaymie'Lynn smiled at her teachers odd joke, and thanked him for choosing her to help out, before making her way back onto the elevator.


As she walked out onto the first floor, she was so busy fumbling with the top of her dress, she walked directly into a mans chest.
Embarrassed, she went to jump back.....but he had both her shoulders grasped firmly in his hand.

"You!?" said the familiar voice, that caused Jaymie'Lynn to quickly look up. It was her gym teacher, Mr. Perry. Which caused her to instantly feel uncomfortable, as her mind flashed back to the creepy scene in the locker room. "Um, yes......" she muttered, before slipping out of his grasp....only to have him grab her hand and pull her a few inches closer. "Now what are you doing here so late?? Students are suppose to be in their assigned rooms by's nearly 6:30......are you, fraternizing about, hmmmmm??"

To say this man was creepy to her would be putting it mildly. Jaymie'Lynn might be rather innocent when it comes to boys and relationships.......but even she could tell there was something more behind his touch........and so she quickly pulled her hand from his hand, and began to back away towards the main doors. "F-fraternizing? No, no i would never do that."
He'd respond to her with some off color joke, but she wouldn't catch any of it.......and instead turned around, jogged towards the front doors, and then made her way out of them & back to her a hurry.


"What did she hear?" asked the principal, who was the one person Jaymie'Lynn wasn't able to catch a glimpse of.
"Nothing" Hyde said convincingly......but the principals responding facial expression told him she didn't buy it, so he cleared his throat before speaking again. "She heard Haileys little bit about assassins......but i told her we were talking about a movie, she bought it, trust me." Hyde said, just as the door behind them opened up again.....and in walked Mr. Perry.
"Oh yeah, she totally bought it........that's why she was so antsy and weirded out downstairs, hmm?" he chimed in while closing the door.
"She was perfectly fine when she left, it's likely you that freaked her old pervert.." Hyde responded.

The two men traded snaps back and forth for nearly three minutes, before Madeline finally butted in. "SHUT UP YOU TWO!" she yelled, before standing up from the desk and walking around it. "You both need to cut the crap and work together to make this girl feel at home!!! We can fetch quite the high price for this one, and get a whole lot done off of her powers, and i'll be damned if you two screw this up with some ego-trip!!!"

The group would go on to converse about things for an additional hour or so, before finally dispersing.


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0.00 INK

Jaymie'Lynn was more than relieved to be back in her dorm room. It was becoming obvious to her that Mr. Perry was a creep, but she knew she was going to have to deal with him, if she liked it or not.


After a few hours of watching tv, fatigue from her first day was beginning to set in... but Jaymie knew she couldn't go to sleep yet.For every night, before 9pm, she calls her parents in jail.......and tonight was no different.

The time was 8:45pm, so she knew she had only 15 minutes until calling hours would be over. So quickly, she grabbed the phone and began to dial.

It was late, so she only got to talk to her mother......but the two happily spent the time conversing about Jaymie'Lynns first day, her teachers, and the few friends she had made. Her mother couldn't help but tease her about Traynor but Jamie just brushed it off...

"It's nothing like that mom!" she started, with a small laugh "he's just really helpful, and nice.........a lot of people here are! Like my teachers!! Well, all except the creepy one i told ya about!"

Her mom laughed "Well okay then, I just want you to be happy and find a special some-" Jamie cut her mom of, "MOM!" she yelled into the receiver, not wanting to have the relationship conversation again.

Before her mom could respond, a loud automated voice be heard coming behind her. It stated they only had 3 minutes left to talk, so the conversation suddenly became more serious. " We miss you so much sweetie" said her mom "I miss you guys too! And I promise I will come visit as soon as we go on break!"

They would go on for another minute or so before having to hang up.

Afterwords, Jaymie slowly walked into her room, undressed, and then slipped into her pajamas, which consisted of the usual over-sized tee shirt

Jumping directly into bed, Jaymie'Lynn lazily used her powers to turn off the tv in the small living room.

For the first couple of hours all she could do was stare at the ceiling and recount her day...... but eventually after of all things, counting sheep, she drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Jaymie got up early as usual. She took a quick shower, and then dressed in nothing but her towel, she began to meditate by her small balconys window-like doors.

However, she became so wrapped up in her own mind that she lost track of time..... so when the watchtower bell began to ring for the start of class, Jaymie quickly jumped up from where she was sitting and began to freak out, since she wasn't even dressed yet.

"Oh no!" she said "I'm so going to be late! I hope Hyde understands!!"

In a record five minutes, the young girl was dressed in her uniform....with her long flowing hair out in full.

Much to her chagrin, it was raining lightly outside.....and the closer she got to the main school building, the harder the rain began to fall..............and by the time she made it through the front doors, she was completely drenched.......her hair and clothing now glued to her frame, making her think she looked like a wet dog.......who was now freezing.

But there was no time to go back and change, so she had to suck it up and go to class.

As she opened the door she wasn't surprised at how many people stared at her. but she was surprised at the way a few of them were staring, with slight smirks. But Jaymie'Lynn brushed it off and turned around to face her teacher.

"I'm so sorry for being late!! I just um .... lost track of time"

Hyde nodded his head as she spoke, and smiled nicely as he checked her name off on the roster, but when he lifted his head up towards her to speak, something suddenly changed in his face........and he almost look embarrassed. But the expression completely flew over Jaymies head, as she quickly took her seat beside Traynor and behind Rachel.

She hadn't been sitting for even 15 seconds before her friend Rachel turned around and offered her her jacket. "Oh no that's okay, I don't need it!" she said, but Rachel smirked, and insisted she take it. "Yeah you do, I think you're a little cold"

"No really, I'm fine, thank you!" Jaymie repeated, but Rachel would not take no for an answer and instead stood up, walked behind her, and then swung the over-sized jacket over her shoulders. She then bent down and whispered in Jaymie'Lynns ear. "Your nipples are showing."

As Rachel sat back down Jaymie could feel her cheeks turning beet red....and as everyone else was pulling out their books, she buried her face into her hands, completely embarrassed. However when Mr. Hyde began to read aloud, his voice snapped her out of her funk, and she quickly pulled her book out her bag, and began to follow along with the rest of the class.

"This is going to be a long day...." she thought to herself.


By the time lunch came around, Jaymie was able to give the jacket back to Rachel......her clothing winkled and her long hair a bit fluffy at the ends, but both fully dry.

"I hate rain...." Rachel said, as the girls stared out the window at their cafeteria table.

"I actually like it........especially cold rain, or lightening storms. However it's not fun getting caught in it without an umbrella" Jaymie'Lynn added, before the two began to laugh.

"Well, lucky for you i only think a few guys you're good!"
"No, in retrospect i think Mr. Hyde-" Rachel cut Jaymie off. "NO WAY! He saw???"
"Well he must of.....he was looking at me like he wanted to run away!"
Rachel couldn't help but burst out in laughter once again, but Jaymie simply rolled her eyes and pouted.

"What's so funny?" Matthew asked, as he walked up and took a seat beside Rachel, and across from Jaymie'Lynn.
"Oh nothing, she's just thinks she's funny........she's not though, so no worries"
"Well, okay then....."
"Hey! I am too funny! Mrs. Nipalot!"
Her newly found girlfriend again began to laugh, and Matthew appeared to be totally lost.
"That's your nick name for the rest of the day! Mrs. Nip-al-ot!"
Jaymie again rolled her eyes, and then stuck her tongue out at Rachel, before looking over towards Matthew. "Don't ask."

The threesome would continue with small talk for fifteen minutes or so, before it was time for classes to start up again.

Everything about the rest of the day was normal, until roll call began in their final period, Gym.

Mr. Perry had just called Jaymies name, and she was about to say here when suddenly the ground began to shake.

The lights flickered during the few-second trimmer, and people began to whisper frantically. But the chatter was cut off as another round of trimmers started up.....this time lasting for nearly 30 seconds.

By the time the violent vibrations stopped, the lights were out.......and all teachers were trying to calm their students down.

Finally, after a minute or so of slight panicked-chaos, a teacher across the gym used her power to manipulate light, to create a giant fluid-like circle of light in the middle of the room, courtesy of the rays from outside the window, as the sun shone brightly through the rain clouds.


And with that, the teachers quickly made their way out the gym doors.......and chatter began again.

"What the hell was that!??" Rachel said, as she turned around and slid towards Jaymie - both girls remaining seated on the floor with their class.

"I have no idea.......maybe, an Earthquake?" Jaymie'Lynn responded...........even though in the back of her mind, she doubted her own words, as she remembered the odd sense she picked up during the was something dark, that she couldn't quite understand. But before Rachel could respond, someone slid up beside the girls and through their arms around both the girls shoulders.

"Don't be afraid, my beautiful ladies....." Kenny said ".......i'll be here for you!" Rachel quickly smacked the big-headed boys arm from off her shoulder, but Jaymie was a bit taken a it took her a few seconds to slip from out of his grasp.

Rachel quickly stood and began to dress him down. But all she seemed to be doing was making the boy smirk more..............which is when Jaymie'Lynn caught a glimpse of the girl who had pulled Kenny off her the other day, staring at her.......with jealously painted all over her emotion, thanks to her powers, that Jaymie'Lynn could feel strongly. So she smiled, in an attempt to ease the girls mind, before standing alongside Rachel, to face Kenny.

"Perhaps you should um, go back to your seat.........with, her?" she said, slightly nodding her head over towards the girl.

Kenny turned around only for a second.

"Who, Marsha? Oh she'll be fine....i'm more worried about you......and your friend here."

It took Rachel and Jaymie'Lynn several minutes to weed through a bunch of crude jokes, and lame pick-up lines, before Kenny finally was pushed back over towards his seat by Rachel.

Jaymie'Lynn sat back down, and laughed quietly to herself............watching out of the corner of her eye as Kenny grabbed Rachels arm, and began trying to get her to stay with him.

"He never gives up, does he?" she whispered, before suddenly looking up and over towards Traynor.

She waved at him and smiled. However as her moms teasing voice, from last night, popped into her head, she began to feel embarrassed....and turned away. "Thanks mom!" she muttered under her breath with a smile, before pulling her knees to her chest, and resting her chin atop them.


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At this point Jaymie'Lynns eyes were glowing a bright hazel, as she read Traynors emotional state like a book.

"Why do you keep doing that!" she suddenly blurted out, before standing up and walking over towards him.
She'd cross her arms over her chest before speaking up a much more calm & apprehensive tone. "I mean, why do you keep thinking you have to protect me? I'm not helpless....."

To her this was a nice school, and the thing with his uncle was just a freak why hes been acting as if he needed to protect her from something dire since day one, was totally lost on Jaymie. Plus, she simply wasn't use to anyone protecting her but herself. From the first day of her life, the only two people who ever looked out for her well being or safety, was her parents. And ever since they had been locked up, she pretty much has been on her own in life.

"Sorry." she muttered, feeling as if she needed to apologize for being so blunt.
Jaymie walked away from Traynor and sat down on one of the nearby desks. "I can find him, and your clone, just give me a second..." she whispered, before closing her eyes. Within seconds they were back open again, but her pupils were now almost white........she was in a trance, as her soul-self suddenly appeared above her. It would linger there only a second or two, before floating up and out through the would now be her eyes on the outside.

For nearly two minutes, as the impersonation floated from one trailer roof to another, she spotted no one. But suddenly Traynors clone jotted out of an alley way, and a small tremor could be felt as a long crack ran out from the alley towards him.
Her soul self couldn't talk, so she simply watched, as the clone dodged multiple small attacks while leading Traynor uncle nearly half a mile away into an area of open fields that the students used for Physical Education. But with an open field, comes one great lose things to hide behind. So it would only be a short while before the clone would be in need of help at best, and destroyed at worst.

With that knowledge, Jaymie'Lynn guided her soul-self back into the trailer via the roof.
Only after it floated back down into her body, would her widely opened eyes relax back into their normal brown, and her tense arms - which had been crossed of her legs polietly - relaxed on each side of her.

"Your clone...." Jaymie said a bit breathlessly " led your uncle all the way towards the track and soccer fields. But something tells me with the lack of places to hide out there, it won't be long before your uncle puts an end to it. We probably only have a few here, grab my hand!"

She wouldn't wait for him to respond before grabbing his left hand with her right. "This is going to seem out there, but i think it could work...." she mumbled, before closer her eyes, and whispering "Dare me fortitudo", as she formed a circle of black energy around the two of them.

Using the black energy in the circle, Jaymie was able to pass both of them through the roof, where they'd be standing on when she'd finally open her now hazel-eyes again...
"We don't have time to get the if you're dry enough to use your powers, i think i can cover it from the long as we're, well, in sync."

Jaymies voice, and enthusiastic-eagerness, dropped quite a bit when she mentioned being in sync. It would be hard enough to perfectly sync a stream of her black energy around a stream of fire if it the latter was done by someone she had practiced with for years, yet alone someone she barely knew. But it was the only thing she could think of. If his uncle was strong, then combining their powers could be enough to at least incapacitate him long enough to get help.

"I know it's insane.....but it'll be a double punch, you know? Even your uncle should be knocked down long enough for you to go get assistance while i guard him....."

She'd stand on there on the roof, waiting for Traynor to respond to her insane idea. If he said yes, she'd step uncomfortably-closely behind him and hold her arms out on either side of his waist- aiming her hands towards the middle of his uncles back, hundreds of yards away.
"I'm going to count to four.....on three, i'll send a wide stream of energy out towards him. On four, you try to push out a stream of fire under cover of the black energy. When i'm within seconds of striking him, make your clone disappear and call his name........when he turns around, hopefully we're land a direct hit to the chest........okay?"
Jaymie wasn't an idiot, she knew this was a total stretch, but it was worth a try in her mind, so hopefully Traynor would go along with it......and hopefully, it would work.