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Lucian Hiram

"Money is an ideal, a philosphy, but too many take it as life itself."

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a character in “Retribution”, as played by Shadow44499


Lucian Hiram


Run Boy Run | Woodkid

Name: Lucian Hiram

Role: Thief

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Romantic Interest: N/A

Weapon(s): A simple wooden shortbow with a tin string, multiple types of arrows ranging from piercing, blunt, and hook-heads.

Equipment: Along with the bow Lucian carries a verity of other gear, including 30 ft hemp rope, a light leather chest piece for protection, boots with soft soles to sneak, a lock picks, and a mask made of whitened iron to hide his identity. The mask is shaped after a human skull.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 187 lbs.


  • The day, despite having to work mainly at night he is a fan of the day hours.
  • Running, Lucian is a naturally athletic person and enjoys to run and climb amongst the roves of the city.
  • Art, Lucian is a sucker for a good painting or a well composed piece of music.
  • The city, despite its many flaws and weaknesses its home and where the heart is.
  • Philanthropy, a wise man knows what this brings.

  • Royalty, Lucian is a revolutionary at heart he believes in national reform and the dis-assembly of a monarchy.
  • The night, Lucian hates every aspect of it despite it being his prime hunting hour.
  • The plague, who likes a disease that threatens to take you and all you hold dear on a daily basis.
  • Killing, Lucian is a peaceful man in most regards and if a fight starts, he'll try to settle it in the most peaceful of ways.
  • Dishonorable codes, Lucian hates any man who has no honor, funny for a thief.


Athletic: Lucian has always been athletic, he's fast, agile, and has the endurance and strength he needs. This stems from his day to day life, one grows up strong and fast when raised in the slums. Added onto that his current "profession" keeps him on his toes, a thief can't be inept at the physical arts or it means certain jailtime or worse, execution.

Free-Running and Parkour: Getting from point A to point B as quick as you can with your feet! Lucian has become very good at all kinds of acrobatic movements after years of running from guards and training amongst the city ruins. He can get nearly anywhere if you give him the time.

Stealthy: To blend into the shadows and pick a pocket or lock is the basic thief art. Over the years Lucian has gotten better and better at eluding his pursuers by hiding in plain sight or amongst a crowd.

Hand-to-hand combat and Archery: Really the only of Lucian's combat skills, the man has learned to be keen of eye and quick with his fists. Another skill he picked up off the street, from brawls and jobs its all been one big learning experience.

Fletcher and Improvisor: The last of Lucian's notable talents, the only of which he learned. As a young boy he worked in his father's shop who made bows and arrows for those of the city watch. He picked up how to use the tools and make fine arrows and bows, as well make makeshift tools when need-be.


Illiterate: A massive flaw, Lucian is unable to read or write. Most in his social class are the same due to poverty and the lack of formal education. Its a major hich, without it he can be easily tricked by pieces of paper nor can he send messages or read important mail.

Wanted: The mask is wanted all about the city and while without it he is hard to prosecute he does not help him at all to have to look over his shoulder everynight or make sure no guards are currently trying to arrest or chop him down.

Danger-prone: To put it bluntly, he has little self-restraint or self-preservation. In almost all cases he is willing to dive head first into a situation, endangering himself and others in the process.

Philanthropist: This is more a trait but its a flaw too, Lucian compulsively gives to the less fortunate leaving himself dirt poor and hungry nine times out of ten. Half the time he scavenges for food and most of his gear is either stolen and wanted back or made himself.


The fear of being caught is most likely his strongest drive. Lucian fears the guard in many ways and fears what would happen to him and the people he cared for if he were captured. This drives him to avoid and even occasionally try disable authority and compulsively cover his tracks. For who wants to be imprisoned, executed or even killed on sight?


Lucian was the son of a fletcher and midwife in one of the poorer sections of the city. His early childhood was one of work and poverty. At a young age he picked up tools to work in his father's shop. All around him the plague swept through the city, taking friends and family as the monarchy did nothing to stop it. At the tender age of seven he watched the sickness claim the life of his mother and infant sister. Since then he blamed the King and his lackies so to speak.

Soon after Lucian began to take what he needed, the young boy would sneak into guard posts and steal everything from tools to food and even taxes, returning them to his father. This fostered an ideal, that one most now take what then need to survive. AS he grew older, his skills and reach grew wider and he began feeding the poor the best he could soon becoming a local legend know as "The Archangel's Hands".

But life a s folk-hero is not easy, he soon began sneaking over and through the wall into the city of nobles, plundering houses of the rich in a dangerous gambit to free and help the people the best he can. This lead to a confrontation with a specific guard as well as many others. Now he prepares for more jobs and is slowly making his way up to a heist of the palace itself.

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So begins...

Lucian Hiram's Story