The Revelation is nearly upon us. Angels and demons will go to war--and only one can come out the winner.

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There will come a day when a great yet evil man will unite the world under one kingdom. He will deceive them all into believing that he is The One Who Descended From Heaven. This is the World to Come. Then a Revelation of Truth shall bring about a great war... the war to end all wars...
So spoke the prophet from ages ago.

Sometime in the future, the political leader Lucifer Hughes managed to unite all the countries in the world under his rule. While it seemed like a fair and just rule at first, Lucifer had secretly created a dictatorship and now had all the power. What the people didn't know was that Lucifer was Satan in disguise. Lucifer, or Satan, created the Secret Police Force (SPF) in order to ensure no rebellions rose up. The SPF is, in reality, made up of demons.

The angels cannot allow this to happen. Disguised as humans, they settle on earth and battle the forces of evil under the system, hoping to settle this dispute without involving the humans too much.

Are you an angel, demon, or a human caught in between?

|| ANGELS ||
♥ Malachim ♥
A malach is a messenger angel that is given the task of delivering the Lord's word.
Malachim also work as scribes and record the Lord's word. One of the most famous
malachim is the Archangel Gabriel. They specialize in the gift of words.

♥ Serpahim ♥
A seraph is a choir angel that sings the Lord's praise. In the presence of the singing
seraphim, one feels at peace. Their songs can even lull some to sleep. They
specialize in the gift of music.

♥ Ophanim ♥
An ophan is a guardian angel. Ophanim are assigned a human that they guide until
that human dies. If an ophan's human becomes evil and their soul becomes the
property of Satan, the ophan is required to leave the human. They specialize in
the gift of empathy.

♥ Atesim ♥
An ates is a warrior angel that fights against the demons. Gifted with special
magic, these formidable foes protect heaven and earth. The Archangel Michael
is an ates. They specialize in the gift of war.

♥ Cherubim ♥
A cherub is a child angel that has not yet specialized in a specific area.

|| DEMONS ||
x Ignifim x
An ignif is a fallen angel that was either exiled from Heaven or born in Hell. They
look just like regular angels, but they are evil, of course.

x Nephilim x
A nephil is a half-human, half-ignif creature. They look like humans, but they are
generally more attractive and have the gift of persuasion.

x Miphor x
A miphor is a formless creature that feeds off of fear. Miphors have the ability to
shapeshift. Simply being in the presence of a miphor will generate fear. They are
considered gender-less, but they can take on the form of a male or female.

x Nosferatu x
Nosferatu are basically vampires. They feed off of human blood. Nosferatus have
heightened senses and inhuman speed and strength; however, they cannot step
out into the sun. Their venom paralyzes victims. Nosferatu have deathly pale skin
and completely blacked out eyes.

x Poltergeist x
A poltergeist is an invisible spirit that causes mischief. The more dangerous kind
will even kill people. Poltergeists have the ability to possess people, animals, and
inanimate objects. They can also generate ectoplasm, a thick, black, acid-like

Character Application
♥/x Name
Full name, please.

♥/x Age
The only creatures that can be ageless are poltergeists and miphors; the rest (including angels) have to have a realistic age. All cherubim are under the age 16.

♥/x Gender
Male or female, unless a miphor (in which case you don't have a gender.)

♥/x Role
If an angel, list what kind. Ex. Ates, Seraph, Malch, etc..

♥/x Personality
Don't forget flaws.

♥/x Appearance
A picture or description is fine.

♥/x Weapon
You can have up to two weapons.

♥/x Abilities
You may have up to three abilities, and they cannot be too powerful; they must have some drawbacks.

♥/x Background
At least a paragraph here.

*Note: The ♥/x is so people can immediately tell if you are demon or angel. Replace with the heart if you are an angel; an 'x' if you are a demon. Also, put everything under description.

Toggle Rules

1. Common sense of basic role playing applies here: no God-modding, no auto-hitting, no power playing, no Mary Sues/Gary Stus, etc..

2. Literacy is required. No *action stars* or skit-like RPing. You need at least two paragraphs a post. (Ten sentences minimum.)

3. No cyber-sex. That's a given, really.

4. Cuss as much as you like, however please note that it isn't necessary to swear in every sentence.

5. Character limit is 4 per person.

Taking place in...

World To Come our primary setting

A dystopia disguised as a utopia.

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World To Come

World To Come by Ivohex

A dystopia disguised as a utopia.

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World To Come

World To Come by Ivohex

A dystopia disguised as a utopia.

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