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It ain't easy being in a mafia family. You never know who's trying to take you down - an enemy or one of your own...[MALE + FEMALE CHARACTERS OPEN] (REMAKE)

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Character Portrait: Joel Carter Kingsley "I will teach what I must- and most of those lessons end with death."
Character Portrait: Désirée Milano "Sure, my day's been great. Just here taking care of a sister who does not want to be taken care of and snooping around our family's mafia business. How was your day?"
Character Portrait: Elizabeth Casey Catrone "Watch me carefully, otherwise you may not be able to soon enough..."
Character Portrait: Collin Rhodes "Everything's a matter of perspective, really."
Character Portrait: Michael Harmon "We all need something to fight for. Something that will give you a few more seconds to do what you have to when everything comes crashing down."
Character Portrait: Evan Milano "Now either we do this, or you die, your choice..."
Character Portrait: Harry Tyler Life is a rich man's game and I intend to play by any means
Character Portrait: Katherine Milano You can go big or you can go home
Character Portrait: Emilia Milano "You can't help the blood in your veins."
Character Portrait: Diana Milano "Were not a normal family..but were going to goddamn act like one."
Character Portrait: Jolene Smith "You don't know me"
Character Portrait: Damon Milano "I never wanted this..."
Character Portrait: Rebecca Sinclair "The day you hurt this family is the day I bury you six feet under."