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Two DFU Marines of Mine


0 · 310 views · located in North Blue

a character in “Romance Dawn: A Journey to Write CH.1”, as played by dudedude889


Name: Hazard Elk
Nick-Names: N/A
Type of Creature: Human
Devil Fruit Ability: Kori Kori fruit, ice ice fruit
Devil Fruit Power's: Elk, right now, is one of the strongest in the marines. His fruit gives him the ability to turn anything he touches into ice. The air, water, humans, and to freeze over fire
Personality: Elk is very calm. Being and admiral of ice he has to. He doesn't strike out rashfully, but does his own thing. So in that sense, Elk acts on his mood.
Appearance: ... 02-228.jpg
Age: 27
Likes: Tulips, talking
Dislikes: Being given orders, and order giving.
Fears/Phobias: N/A
Other: N/A
Fave Song: Sail-Alwonation
Pirate Flag: N/A


Name: Izumi Nakamura
Nick-Names: N/A
Type of Creature: N/A
Devil Fruit Ability: Bure Bure fruit, blade blade fruit
Devil Fruit Power's: Can make any of her body parts sword blades. But usually just user her arms.
Personality: Izumi Nakamura is Hazard Elk's adoptive sister, so she is very much like her brother. Calm, acts on her mood, and does what she wants to do.
Age: 26
Likes: fighting and winning
Dislikes: losing and pirates
Fears/Phobias: Clausterphobia
Other: Izumi is a Vice Admiral
Fave Song: Sail-Alwonation
Pirate Flag: N/A

So begins...

Two DFU Marines of Mine's Story


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Hazard Elk was called in to get a pirate from a small village. He walked inside a resteraunt, where the criminal was, and said, "I'm here to pick up the pirate."

The girl behind the counter showed Elk the way. In the cellar, the pirate Sharktooth was angrily shaking. "This pirate is Sharktooth with a bounty of 190 000 000 beli."

"Sorry, miss. I know this is Sharktooth, but in these seas no pirate would have a bounty thaat big. In the Grand-line, yes, but not in these seas. Sorry, but this guy has a bounty of 12 000 000."

Elk gave 12 000 000 beli to the girl and walked up the stairs. He looked around, noticing people staring at him. Must be pirates, Elk thought as he left.

He needed to get to the dock. The marines he came here with were there. He jumped on his bicycle and pedaled to the dock. He saw two people conversing, but he didn't care. Elk saw the marine ship and tossed the pirate up on board. He looked to his left and saw Sharktooth's boat. Riding up to it, turned and saw the people again. Could they be pirates? Probably, Elk thought, Maybe one of them wants this boat.

He smiled and touched the boat. Ice was covering it. In a few seconds the entire boat was covered in ice. The insides too. Elk kicked the iced boat and it shattered. Smiling, he walked to his bicycle, jumped on it and pedaled towards the water. When he reached it, the water froze where his wheels were. He left the village, the island, and was heading towards Loguetown, to see his sister.

((I'm not intoducing Izumi until everyone is in Loguetown, with a bounty of course.))


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Character Portrait: Two DFU Marines of Mine
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Ka-boom. The water beside Elk pummeled up. He looked to the right and saw a pirate ship. "Woot! I can finally talk to someone," he said as he turned to go towards the pirate ship.

Another cannonball shot to the side of him. He swerved out of the way of another one. And a few minutes later of dodging, and freezing, Elk was finally at the pirate ship. The flag was of the Bug Pirates. Insects crawling through the eye sockets and mouth on the skull and bones. Then Elk rode up the side of the boat. ice in his wake. When he finally made it to the top he was met with gun barrels. "Ummmm..." he started, "That won't work."

" you're a Logia type?" one of them said.

He nodded, "I'm not here to catch you or anything. I just want to talk to the captain."

They made a path to the helm. Elk walked there, knocked on the door, and was met by a man covered in scars. Small scars. "Come in," the man said with a gruff voice.

Elk walked inside as the door closed. "Why are ye here?" he asked.

"To warn you of some might be pirates," Elk replied.

"Why warn me?" Elk was sure he was the captain.

Elk replied, "You're the first pirate ship I saw. Well, that's all I'll take my leave then."

I quickly ran outside and jumped on his bike. He did a circle aroud Bug's crew. "Be careful on how you step. I iced that all the way down to the water. And it's fragile ice," he called out as he jumped overboard.

When his bike hit the water, a huge spot of ice formed so he wouldn't fall in the sea water. And then he rode again.