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Will you defend Sylvanna?

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First! The Theme song!

Now the backstory!

The country of Sylvanna a place of peace and natural beauty, Its resources hardly tapped into by the people whom live on the farmlands although few work in factories, some devise the highest technology in the region. But the Imperial Army soon realized Sylvanna's abundant resources and attacked. In a panic Sylvanna nearly put every man woman and child to their army, but it was in vain, the first fight the ill-equipped and untrained Sylvian army was nearly decimated by the better equipped and trained Imperial army. In return the Sylvian government took their highest trained troops and devised them into three squads, Sword, Delta, and Orpheus. Sword team and Delta team went into battle and haven't returned, nobody knows what happened to them... The last standing squad, Orpheus, previously stationed at the Capital finally went into battle. They were decimated other than one whom fled and soon died from his injuries. Sylvanna has almost lost the war. Now Orpheus team is being returned with new combatants for the fight against the Imperial army. They are Sylvanna's last hope...

Orpheus Leader: Eon-312 (ME)
Gunnery Sargent (Second in charge): Alyss Carpenter (ReaperGirl4)
Medic: OPEN
Engineer: OPEN
Hacker: OPEN
Driver: OPEN
Explosives person: OPEN
Other Squad members*:
1. Zane Otacchi (A.C.)

Character Skeleton!

Build (Ex. stocky)
Species (human, Hybrid, Etc.):
Armor (if any):
Abilities (if any):
Now you don't need a bio, but if you want put it in!
EXTRAS (If you want)

* Regarding other squad members. They are important too, but just don't have a specific trait about them that makes them the Medic, they can have a little bit of everything for them like a Medic whom is a hacker for example!

Toggle Rules

1: no Godmodding
2: no Mary sues
3: what I say is FINAL
4: Keep love discreet (preferably in PM)
5: have fun!!

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((Time for some fun!))

Eon-312 walked down the barracks hall towards the meeting area wondering the capabilities of them, surprising to him his mind was wandering. Eon passed by a general and saluted and moved on looking around and got to the meeting area and saw two others already there before him, "Excuse my tardiness, I didn't estimate my arrival and was late by 3.98437 seconds" He said as he bowed to the others, "Orpheus Leader, Eon-312 at your service" He then sat down in his chair and looked at the projected image and scanned the map, "scan complete..." he mumbled to himself as the briefing continued, he was then asked to stand at the front and give a little overview of his team's task, "What we're assigned to do is to neutralize any hostile targets in our projected path, what or mission is is to strike a near fatal blow to the enemy by assaulting the enemy's capital, and in hopes of taking out their government and to end the war." The robot said motioning the path they hoped to take.


Outside Sylvanna's capital a army approaches, led by a scarred general with a thick beard and heavy armor, "Troops! We're going to strike a heavy blow to our enemy! We shall not fail!!!" the man boasted as he led the army in a charge to the city.

Back in the barracks meeting room Eon looks out the barracks through the meeting room, "Caution, an hostile army approaches and id 1500 meters away and approaching rapidly to the capital, a counterassault is recommended, proceed with caution" He said as he stared out the wall and then rushing out and going into the palace, "Sir, you need to retreat a hostile army approaches and is now 1000 meters away from striking the capital." He then motioned some guards to assist him and walked back to his team, "Commence attack." he said as he went to the city boundary.

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Sylvanna by Mineczka


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Character Portrait: Alyss Carpenter


Character Portrait: Alyss Carpenter
Alyss Carpenter

"Let's move."


Character Portrait: Alyss Carpenter
Alyss Carpenter

"Let's move."

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Character Portrait: Alyss Carpenter
Alyss Carpenter

"Let's move."

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