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a character in “Seven”, as played by Haas33



{" You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”}
-Maya Angelou
|| Nui Harime Theme - Kill la Kill ||


|{Full Name}|
Sarah Winters

Just Sarah



The Pawn

Sarah’s abilities grew immensely after being cut off completely from Stephen. They gave her new abilities: she can control both insects and animals now, including weak minded humans or humans in a state of mental unpreparedness (like when they are hurt, fatigued, or sleeping). She can also read minds, to an extent. Complex minds are hard to decipher.

When the scientists were fiddling around with her brain and abilities, they made her completely obedient to them. She is completely brainwashed and does not require containment. However, as a precaution a small remote control chip was placed inside her brain that sends pulsating waves to her brain preventing her from controlling or understanding minds.

{"Happiness is good health and bad memory.”}
-Ingrid Bergman


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
Rarely smiles
Lacks much emotion
She has no concept of privacy
She tends to stare at people for no reason
She bites her nails
-being alone
-trying to understand people

-People who she can’t control
-Her past, because she can’t remember it so it frustrates her
-The chip in her head
-Being told No

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|
She is highly skilled in combat, trained at the facility so that strong minds can not overcome her.
She does not tire easily from mind control, and mind reading doesn’t affect her much at all if it’s a weak mind.
Attractive, can be distracting
She lacks much emotion, so her actions are based on pure calculative knowledge
She has mastered reading minds and fighting at the same time, which is indeed a deadly combination

|{Flaws || Weakness}|
Tires against complex or strong minds
She has a radius of control that extends to one mile
Can control two or three minds at a time, four if they are all weak, but big groups can be a problem
She lacks emotions so her actions can be very harmful
Does not remember her past

øStrong minded people who can over power herø
øNot having controlø

She still has dreams about her past
Has occasional moments of clarity when she possesses emotion, understanding, and regret.

{"Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.”}
-F. Scott Fitzgerald



Sarah has lost much of her personality over the years. Somewhere along the way, some brain alteration of some sort made her lose most of her emotional response. She doesn’t feel much remorse, sadness, happiness, or anger. That does not mean she doesn’t feel anything. It just now takes a considerable amount of effort to receive an emotional response from her.

She is still somewhat curious and kind, often doing things too nice for the scientist’s liking, but this is a rare occurrence because she has been broken by the scientists so well. She is similar to a trained dog. Occasionally she may stray from what her owner desires, but in the end she is still on a leash.

Sarah has given up most hope and motivation to do things. If Sam tells her to do something, she no longer asks questions or resists. She just does it because there is no point not doing it.

However, her entire personality and perspective is not her fault. She used to be a wonderful girl before they started fiddling around in her brain. She was resilient, and loving. She was intelligent and daring. She would do anything for her brother. But the scientists changed her and now she doesn’t feel as she used to. She is broken.

She is merely the Pawn of the scientists, and she accepts it.

Sarah has red hair like her bother that is very long and slightly wavy. She has blue eyes and a small smattering of freckles on her nose and cheeks. She is fairly lean and young looking, but this makes her agile and quick in combat. People often mistake her for someone younger than she really is

|{Defining Features}|
She has several scars on her skull, but they are not seen because of her hair. Other than that, she only has a couple miscellaneous scars on her body.

5'2" / 110 lbs

Sarah has a very small, lean frame. She looks breakable but can hold her own. This leanness gives her a somewhat cruel looking edge, especially in the face. She has minimal curves with average breasts.

She wears a simple white form-fitting t-shirt and grey legging like pants. She wears combat boots that have a knife in each boot, concealed. Same wants her to be able to protect herself if it comes down to a fight because she is a valuable asset and would like to make use of her in the future.

{"People change and forget to tell each other.”}
-Lillian Hellman


Sarah grew up with her brother Stephen, lived a somewhat normal life apart from being born with the strange ability to control insects. However, her life had a rude awakening when she was 12 and was taken away with Stephen to a facility. They tried to fight the system. They attempted to escape. But in the end Sam had only been playing them. In the end Sam won.

Stephen only thought he had killed his sister. But in reality she had never escaped with him at all. The girl he had rescued from her cell was not Sarah. Sarah was in fact in the other end of the facility, locked away, hidden from Stephen for the rest of her life. No. Stephen had never rescued her. Or shot her. It was all a ploy to break Stephen’s resolve.

There never was a girl. There never were bugs to lead Stephen to her cell. There never was blood on the ground from where Stephen had shot her. None of it had happened.

Because it was all an illusion.

Delirium was forced to make it seem as if Stephen had killed his own sister. Why? Because they would have really killed Sarah if she hadn’t. To this day Delirium regrets it. But Neither Sarah nor Delirium thought Stephen would ever see Sarah again

In the end Sam simply hadn’t been happy with Sarah’s powers. Controlling cockroaches? It clearly wasn’t enough. So they preformed experiment after experiment and surgery after surgery until she was no longer what she was. They had sharpened her into a point, a tool for them to use.

And now he had a use for this tool. He wanted a reaction out of Stephens. Sam wanted data, he wanted to play games, he wanted to study these people like they were rats. And what better way to do that than send in someone who can read minds and truly see what is going on inside their heads?


She is completely under Sam’s thumb, but that doesn’t mean she is a bad person.

|{Face Claim}
Annalise Basso

Character Dialogue || #8040BF

So begins...

Testing's Story