Jude Sylvary


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a character in “Sin or Virtue?”, as played by silver7122



Name: Jude Sylvary
Sin or Virtue: Virtue - Prudence
Age: 33
Orientation: Straight
Description: Jude is unlike many angels in his simplicity. He is of average height and is renown for wearing a white hoodie with a black jacket and jeans. He has short, thick hair and a light beard, which he strokes whenever he ponders a situation. His eyes and smile are warm and bring great comfort to those around him. By controlling the presence of light to heal or plague his targets, he can be a valuable ally and a deadly foe.
-Light osmosis- By inserting light directly into an angel, Jude is able to treat an injury caused by the darkness brought on by demon attacks
-Pure Darkness - Removing all light from an area, targets are left in a state of shock and despair by their inability to see anything
Full power form: Jude's full power form involves him using a glowing bow and light as arrows to strike down demons from far range.
History: Revealed in time
Personality: Jude is very calm and collected, rarely showing any form of passion. Whenever conflict arises, Jude simply smiles and charismatically reasons his way out of strife. Despite his warm nature, Jude has horrible luck with love, and always hits a snag in relationships.
-Risky behavior
-Overly emotional individuals

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