The Merc With a Conscience And Knightly Ambtions

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a character in “Skyrim: The Mentor & The Sellswords”, as played by Cassuis


Name: Cassius
Age: 20
Race: Siguar (Leopard Furry)
Wears: Leather armor, red cape, Dwarven shield on his left arm, Dwarven sword in a sword frog on his left hip
skills: adept in the use of swords and shields as well as fire and restoration magaic
spells: Flames
Fire Rune
Flame Cloak
lesser ward
fast healing
healing hands
steadfast ward
sun fire
close wounds
greater ward
heal other
poison rune
vampire's bane
Bio: Cassius grew up in a bad area (think Camden or Detroit) with no family that he can remember. He made a living through pugilism (fighting), and gained a limited education through reading, adventure stories mostly, with books on basic swordsmanship on the side. One day, Cassius had a fateful encounter with a master mage named Madara. The two talked for a bit and after a while Madara cam to like Cassius. He took him in and trained him in the ways of magic and gave him a complete education, including teaching him things about the magical world. With all this change though, one thing from his past still lingers. When he was a boy, reading his books, he came to idolize the main character of the stories, the knight-in-shining-armor type who would do anything for his friends and never give up no matter what the odds. He liked this kind of personality so much that he emulated it in himself, and now wants to be a knight. At the moment though, he is a mercenary, taking jobs that do not conflict with his moral code, stopping those that do and adventuring all of the place, never staying in one place if he does not have business there.

So begins...

Cassius's Story