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Kittrina Drozdov

"Life's a party babe. All you have to do is choose whether you want to get on the dance floor and enjoy it, or watch from the sidelines. Me? I'm a dance floor kind of bitch."

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a character in “St.Vladimir's: Deaths Destiny”, as played by desire99600



ImageFull Name:
"Hey, we don't pick our names." Kittrina Rose Drozdov

"There's a hundred ways to shorten Kittrina. Pick one and stick with it." Kit, Kat, Kitty, Trina, Nina, Kittrina, really you can call her anything. Her personal favorites are Kit, Kat, and Kitty, but she doesn't care what you chose as long as you pick one and only call her that one. Switching it up all the time tends to confuse her. As for pet names, there is no easier way to piss her off than to call her "baby", "Sweetie", or "Honey". She was given a name for a reason. Use it.

"You know what they say about teenagers- Old enough to know better, young enough not to care." Seventeen years-old

"My zodiac is the Taurus. Guess it's fairly accurate. I am pretty stubborn." April 21st

Where you are from:
"What, you thought my accent was fake?" She's originally from Lille, France. Because of this, she speaks fluent French and has a slight French accent, though it's going away a little more every week.

"Baby, you can look but you can't touch." Kittrina has a very grunge, punk-rock look about her, with a tough aura. She practically radiates confidence and it shows in the way she walks and talks to people. She doesn't care what others think of her and she reflects that in her outward appearance, wanting everyone to see her for who she is. If they don't like it, it's their problem. Kit has long bright blonde hair that hangs down to her hips. It's soft and sways when she walks in gentle waves, making look like she sleeps in braids every night. It's so pale, it seems as though she bleached it and could be called white when she's in the sunlight, but holds just enough gold in it to make it blonde. Her platinum hair frames a smooth, pale face with a sharp, defined jaw and round cheekbones. Her skin, paired with her hair make her look very pale, but not unhealthy. Under thick eyelashes, Kat has crystal blue eyes and together with her small frame, light wavy hair, and pale skin, these eyes make her look like a porcelain doll. A look that gives her an innocence she most definitely does not have. It bothers her to no end, so she covers it up the best she can with dark eye makeup.

As for body type, Kitty has all the appropriate curves for a girl her age. She's not remarkably curvy, but she's not a flat board either. She's not tall either, measuring only about 5'6" with small bones and a slim figure. Much like a doll, she looks small and fragile with a delicate form. Much unlike a doll though, Kittrina is strong for her size, able to move with exceptional speed and balance. She knows her weaknesses and strengths and when fighting, is quick to utilize them, making her shockingly tough.

When it comes to style, Kat is seemingly very random. Her typical attire is laid back and messy, yet somehow perfect. It's that look that everyone envies, for, she appears to barely care, and yet looks like the picture of perfection. Sometimes though, she'll dress very darkly in fishnets, black shorts, and a band tee with combat boots. Other times, she'll wear almost no make up, and dress very classy. It really depends on what mood she's in in the morning, and, walking into her closet, most people would think that several, very different people share the same closet when, in reality, Kitty shops according to her mood swings. Anyone who knew her personally would understand, as her personality is based solely on emotion, but anyone who doesn't know her might tag her as one thing one day, based on her appearance, and not even recognize her the next.

When it comes to body art, Kat has two tattoos. One, is a butterfly calf tattoo that she got just after her adoption, symbolizing her new beginning. The other is a lower back tiger tattoo, symbolizing her wild side. As for piercings, her right ear pierced seven times and and her left one pierced once.

"Sadly, I'm the weak race that needs protection. Just my luck right?" Moroi: with a water element.

1. characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste
2. indecent; obscene; lewd
3. crude; coarse; unrefined

"So I'm a little different. Sue me." The word different is an understatement for Kittrina Dezdrov. She is the embodiment of the teenager sterotype. Pissed off at the world and driven by passion. She's not the type to let others influence her and marches completely to her own drum. She's unafraid to say what she's thinking, having absolutely no filter. She's crude and often vulgar. You never quite know what will come out of her mouth and when. She's stubborn and does what she wants, when she wants, making her very hard to control. She doesn't take orders well and has a very short attention span, preferring to do things on her own time. When asked to do something, her typical response is: "When I get to it."

Despite this though, Kitty has the ability to shock. Her personality changes, seemingly randomly. She can be rude, wild, ignorant, and stubborn one day, and the next she's calm, collected, and obedient. She's an extremely complex girl, and, as soon as you think you've got her figured out, she changes. She's a completely driven by passion and emotion. When she's feeling something, you'll know. Though, very rarely, does she show any sign of sadness or pain. Her most common emotions are anger, pride, and passion. She does what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, dancing to her own beat without giving a second thought to what the world thinks about it. Often times, she misses the bigger picture, unable to truly understand that, though she was thinking it, what she just said may have just gotten her into trouble.

Kat also has an incredible ability for persuasion. Though, in her natural state, she seems to be carefree and clueless, she is able to take on any role at the drop of a hat. Her smooth, hypnotic voice, persuading ocean-colored eyes, and ability to spin words better than a spider can spin a web make her extremely dangerous. Kit has a bit of a sinister side to her, and loves to break rules and live her life on the edge. She doesn't care who she hurts, as long as she'd having fun doing it. She's a complete party girl and would rather be getting drunk and dancing to loud, pulse quivering music, than be sitting in a classroom studying any day. She's a wildcard. The surprising girl.

Kat may seem rude, have a wicked side to her, and stay mostly closed off, but once you earn her loyalty and trust, you know you can count on her until the end. One thing she holds very highly is trust for to her, if there is no trust, there cannot be a relationship. No matter what kind of relationship, trust is essential. At first, she's rough, brash, maybe a bit overbearing, and extremely guarded, but should you actually spend time with her, you would come to see that it is rather easy to adapt to her strange personality and she's actually rather pleasant to have around. As a friend, she's not the best person to come to for comfort or a good cry, but she'll always be loyal to you. Though she can lie easily, once you have her loyalty, she'll go to the ends of the earth for you. She tries to do her best by everyone, but she's no saint. In fact, she's probably closer to a devil than an angel, but, for those she cares about, she'll break any moral code out there.

In all, Kittrina is extremely complex, ever-changing, and marches 110% to her own drum.

ImageRoyal/Dhampir Partner:
"I don't need your protection. Honestly." Helena McKinley

"There is nothing more annoying than having to share your space with someone else." Helena McKinley

"I like a lot of things, but let's face it. If I don't like you- you're fucked."
☺ Attention
☺ Boys
☺ Getting what she wants
☺ Having the freedom to do what she wants
☺ Feeling important
☺ Flirting
☺ Blood
☺ Praise
☺ Succeeding
☺ Parties
☺ Breaking the rules
☺ Water/Swimming

"That depends- How much time do you have?"
☹ Whiny people
☹ Annoying people
☹ Clingy people
☹ Feeling restrained
☹ Rules
☹ Being told what to do
☹ Losing
☹ Thunderstorms
☹ When people try to control her
☹ Failing those she cares about
☹ Being looked down on

Theme Song(s):
"Anything that sounds angry."
Destructive - LeAnn Rimes
Never Again - Nickleback
This Means War - Nickleback
What It's Like - Everlast
Animal I have Become - Three Days Grace
Headstrong - Trapt

"Fine. I'll tell you every tragic little detail, but remember, when it's over, and you just stare at me in horror, you asked for it." There's a reason Kit is the way she is, unable to love and driven by an angry passion, and that's her history. She was born into a broken home. Her mother, Jenna, had been a teenager in high school when she'd first met Greg, her father. Neither of them were human, they were both Moroi. Vampires, and trying to hide what they were from the world. Jenna thought she loved Greg and they did everything together for two years.

She was seventeen when she discovered she was pregnant, and scared out of her whits. She was young. Her life had hardly started yet. When she told Greg, he was angry. Angry at her, as well as himself. The two of them were kicked out of their homes, their parents and families refusing to provide financial aid or emotional support. So the two were forced into a quick marriage.

Jenna and Greg moved to a small, shabby apartment in the slums of Lille, France. They pulled out of school and got low-paying jobs to try and support themselves, and their child. For the first year, things seemed to be going great. Until Kittrina, their child, grew ill and was hospitalized for five days. The bills crushed the family financially, and they were forced out into the streets.

Before Jenna had gotten pregnant, Greg had been a rich man, and he was not adjusting well to his new life. While Jenna tried to remain optimistic for Kittrina's sake, Greg quickly turned into a pessimist, and, as time wore on, grew increasingly worse. He became angry at everything, Kit's mother especially. He beat her often, and, after a few years of his constant abuse, Jenna killed herself, leaving Kat with a dangerously unstable man at the age of eight.

Greg's aggression turned to his daughter, and the death of his wife did nothing to help his drinking habits. Two weeks after Kitty's twelfth birthday, Greg drank himself so senseless, he came at his daughter once more. This time, with a knife in hand. Kit had always been taught to use her power of persuasion for defense only. Never offense. So she did. She convinced her own father to stab himself instead of her.

After that, Kitty was put into foster care, and bounced between new families and the orphanage for three years until the day she was saved. When she was fifteen, a man and woman came to the orphanage. They knew what she was. They understood her, and explained that they too were Moroi and could not have children. The mothers name was Jess and the father's was Marcus. They adopted her, and, for the first time since her fathers death, Kat was surrounded by her own kind. No longer having to hide herself amongst humans.

What's more is that Marcus wasn't just any Moroi. He was their leader. Marcus Drozdov. Kat had finally received a stroke of luck.

"I think we've covered it all."
Harder to Breathe- Maroon 5

So begins...

Kittrina Drozdov's Story


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The group of royal’s and dhampirs are all the first party of the year. It looked like this year was starting out great, a few new faces in the crowd but most of them where already close with each other. They never thought the Strigoi would show up, they didn’t know it was them at first, they where all in disguises and the party had a lot of people around. Then something happened that changed the lives of many people in the group, now the group will have to make a choice between two close friends. Will they make the right choice? Will they be able to go through with their choices? Well we will just have to wait and see. Let the Party begin!


Brylen looked around as she took another drink from her alcholic beverage. Shes been here about an hour now and things have really heaten up and most everyone was here. She has had a few drinks in her and was feeling a bit tipsy. She looked at Kitty "hmm I feel like dancing...c'mon lets go dance" she then left the crowd she was in and went to the area most people where dancing. She put her hands in the air, still holding her drink, and let her body move to the music. She loved to dance and she wasn't actually that bad at it. Her eyes looked over at Angel and Mace but mostly looked at Angel and beckoned for the girl to come over and dance. "Angel come dance with me and let loose! No need to just stand there the whole time!" she yelled, she looked around for her sister Eliza knowing she would be around here somewhere, probably with Brook. Brylen started singing out loud to the song "So raise your glass if you are wrong In all the right ways, all my underdogs We will never be, never be anything but loud And nitty gritty, dirty little freaks Won't you come on and come on and Raise your glass! Just come on and come on and Raise your glass!" It was her favor song and new the words by heart, she sang it loud but on key, she wasnt too bad of a singer, there has been worse she has heard. She wanted someone, anyone to come dance with her so she looked through the crowd "c'mon anyone wanna dance?!"


Mace was standing there with Angel, he has been holding the same drink for the past hour, hardly ever drinking from it. He didn't really care for drinking and it really didn't give him the effect it seemed to give others. He was here because of Angel, he would pretty much do anything for her, anything she asked. He knew maybe someday he could be Angel's guardian but he needed to prove he could do the job and do it right. He watched as Brylen went over to dance and called Angel, he just shook his head. He knew Brylen was a party girl and always got a bit wild when it came to the partys "Why don't you go dance with Brylen, Angel, let loose a little?"


Brook was standing with Eliza and bobbing her head to the music "This party fuckin rocks doesnt it Liza? first party of the year always resembles what the year is going to be like! and I feel its going to be a good one" she grabbed a drink for herself and slowly sipping it knowing she shouldn't have too much just in case anything happened. She gazed around the crowd looking for Lulu, she knew the other dhampir had to be around here somewhere because she did hear Brylen singing and usually where Brylen is Lulu isnt that far away because shes the girls Guardian. She looked to Liza "we should find your sister and Lulu if thats okay? Though it shouldnt be too hard eh?"


Wini was sitting in the front seat of the car and fixed her black wig looking to Gabe "we better not get caught or this is going to go downhill" she then climbed out of the car fixing her red dress and put her sunglasses on, she turned too look in the car "now lets go find us some fun shall we?" She then walked swiftly near the tree line not really wanting to be noticed by anyone, she wanted to observe and take note of everyone there. She saw Darius and saw how tall he was getting "he really has gotten tall" she thought to herself as she scanned the crowd again this time her eyes fell on Angel, her sweet little sister has started to finially look like she was growing up. She frowned, if only she could talk to them, to say hi but she knew she couldn't it would ruin everything and just cause more issues. So for now she just leaned against a tree and watched.


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Genieve slipped out of the van with a smile, adjusting her long black wig on her head as she did so. Instantly, her black Prada heels sunk into the grass so she kicked them off, not really giving it a second thought. She had a hundred pair just like them. In every color.

With a smile, she watched Cherie and Winni walk off, eyes on Winni as she killed an innocent girl. She smiled and turned to the others. "Happy hunting." She smirked and sauntered off into the crowd.

She faught her way through the mashing bodies, using her sense of smell. There was a boy, near the other end of the crowd who smelled especially sweet. So far, she hadn't caught Lucretia's scent, so a snack wouldn't hurt while she waited.

When Genieve found the boy, he was dancing with a girl. She smiled and shoved the girl out of the way, placing her hands on the boys chest, ignoring the girls protests as she pushed the boy back into the shadows against a tree. "Woah." She heard him whisper as he wrapped his arm around her and she leaned in, closing her eyes to take in his scent.

Expecting a kiss, he leaned in too, but instead of his mouth, her cherry red lips went to his neck. And so did her fangs.

It She clamped a hand tightly over his mouth so he couldn't scream and drained him quickly of blood, pushing him to the ground and stepping daintily over him and back into the flashing lights of the party.


Lucretia tilted her head, watching the dancers. She was leaning against a tree at the edge of the party. Her hair was a mess, there was a drink in her hand, and she was fairly sure her dress was on backwards, but she didn't care. A tall blond boy stumbled out from the shadows behind her. "Wow." He said simply before placing a kiss on her cheek and stumbling off. She smiled slightly and watched the dancers again.

She had her eyes on Brylen. Her charge. With a sigh,she took a drink, and flicked out a cigarette, lighting it. Lulu took a long drag and narrowed her eyes. Something didn't feel right. She didn't know quite what, but her instincts as a Gaurdian told her something was wrong. Her eyes spotted odities in the crowd. A van rolled up with several older looking kids in it, that she'd never seen at the school, and, as they filed out, they scattered. She watched one of them adjust their hair, and narrowed her eyes as the woman's entire scalp shifted on her head. A wig? Were these kids really that worried about reputation.

Her phone buzzing in the one shoe she still had on shocked her out of her train of thought, and she reached down to pull it out.

From Brook:
Where are you girl? Been looking for you thought u be near Brylen

Brook was near Brylen? Lulu raised her eyes and spotted her there, with Eliza, at the edge of the dancing crowd. She was only just behind them. She grinned and texted back.

To Brook:
Turn around.

When her friend turned around, she winked and waved slightly, chuckling.


Kittrina showed up to the party. Typically, she got a ride with Brylen, but she'd run into some trouble at the school that had taken her some extra time, so she told her friend to just go on ahead and she'd catch up to her. She turned the corner, silver heels clacking on the sidewalk, and looked at the party. Slowly, a grin crept across her lips. It looked great.

The music was loud and pulse quivering, making her want to jump in the mass of dancing bodies right away. Quickly, she let her eyes scan the crowd, and instantly spotted Brylen and Alec dancing. With a smile, she kicked off her heels, stepping onto the grass in bare feet and grabbed a drink from the bar before slipping through the crowd to Brylen.

Kitty silently slid up behind her and grabbed her friend's wrist, tugging her away from Alec for a second and close to her so she could get a word in. She caught Alec's annoyed look and shot him a smirk. "Hang on there big boy, she's all yours, just let me say hi okay?" She teased and leaned into her friend. She already smelled like booze, and she could tell by the way she wobbled that she would not be the designated driver. "Hey Bry-bear!" She grinned, taking a drink. "Party looks amazing, finally got out of that bitches office." She rolled her eyes. "She told me I couldn't leave school grounds for two weeks or something like that." She shrugged. "But obviously, that didn't work."

Kitty gestured to Alec. "Anyway, go back to your man-candy there." She said with a smirk and grabbed a near by boy, pulling him close, placing one arm on his shoulder while she used the other to take another drink, letting her body move to the music, her back to Brylen's so all she had to do was shout over her shoulder to talk to her friend.


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“I would listen to her you don’t know what could happen to such a pretty boy like you” Wini snorted and then looked to Angel then looked to the other girl who stood by her. “Have fun with your snack” Her sister said plainly before she quickly took Angels arm and walked swiftly farther away from the crowd, Angel stumbling behind her sister in a slight state of shock. “Ah my dear little sister, it has been years and you have grown up so much….there isn’t a day that I have not thought of you….I saw one of your friends earlier. She was in the garden I used to go during my stay at St.Vlads. Her father is actually one of my good friends now” Angeline wasn't real sure how to respond, but her sister seemed to read her mind and she pulled Angel into a tight hug, and for a moment, for a small short moment, Angel closed her eyes and hugged her sister back, she wanted to cry to her sister, she wanted to beg her to let them turn her back, before she had been so strong coming up to her sister, and now all she could think about was crying. Wini could snap her neck, or drink from her, or change her, and all she wanted to do was cry to her sister like she used to. “You should join me Angel, its amazing you never have to worry about anything any more, join me. I want to have my baby sister with me always”. Angel closed her eyes tighter, gripping her sisters shirt like it was her life line.

It would be so easy to say yes, to let her sister pull her away and never look back. But...Could she really do it? Could she leave behind everyone she loved? Could she leave behind Mace. Deep down, Angeline knew..she knew she could. One part of her could leave them all behind and go evil, all for hr sister. But the other prat of was screaming at her, yelling and fighting. Slowly she opened her eyes, to tell her tell her that?

“Angel! Come here, step back slowly!” Angel winced at the voice, she slowly turned around, not really leaving her sister embrace, but looking at her brother. She wanted him to leave, she wanted to go with her sister.
Before Angel could say anything through, he charged forward and reached out, grabbing her to pull her away from Wini as he spoke with a snarl that broke Angel's heart. “Damn you, How could you do something like this? The sister I knew wouldn’t have hurt anyone, let alone feed on one…..I guess being a monster has made you one.”

Wini...Daruis... Angel jerked her arm out of Darius grasp and stepped back, towards her sister. "She's not a monster!" Angel cried out shaking her head. "How could you say something like that Darius?!! She's our sister!!!" Angel's voice had risen, and the look in her eyes was killer. Angel felt so inbetween, and now her brother was protecting her? No..he would not protect her from her own sister!!


Alec grinned down at Brylen “Sorry hun but Alec here needs me in his arms right now” she then turned herself so she was looking up to Alec’s face. Putting her hands against his chest, she was distracting him so he wouldn't spin around and kill that guy. “You know you could of let him have once dance” She grinned slurring her words a little, she was going to be drunk soon if he didn't take her drink away, through she would throw a fit. "Unless he's a cross dresser, he cant dance with you." Alec chuckled at his joke and spun her around, stopping when he saw Kitty.

Alec blinked as Brylen was pulled away from him, and he shot Kitty a annoyed look which only earned him a smirk. "Hang on there big boy, she's all yours, just let me say hi okay?" She teased making him roll his eyes and stand there akwardly in a dancing crowd, waiting to get his lil Bry back. Before Alec knew what was going on Kitty gestured to him and said in a joking tone. "Anyway, go back to your man-candy there." Alec grinned and Pulled Bylen back against his chest before spinning them around, through he did catch site of Kitty grabbing some random guy and dancing with him, he couldn't help but chuckle.


Silently Gabe made his way over to the boy who had pretty much been turned down by Wini. He grinned at the kid and leaned on the tree before speaking. "Got turned down huh? I bet that sucks. Feelin kinda alone and upset? You know when the blood tastes the best? When the person is scared or sad, the blood tastes so good then, well to me it dose. I like to feed off of sad people, but I never kill. Well..not most the time." Gabe grinned at the kid and stepped in front of him, making the boy back up.

Gabe hadn't fed in a few days, and the hunger was starting to get to him, a fast little meal would do good, but if the boy made to much noise, he'd just snap his neck and feed, he didn't have a problem with it, through deep down he would feel guilty for ending such a young life..but why the hell not? Just because he wa leading the others didn't mean he had to be a good boy. Because none of them were good. They were all bad, so he might as well be bad too.


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Wini held her sister tight, she could sense Angel’s emotions like they where her own. She could feel her sister’s heart beat against her, she closed her eyes waiting for Angel to answer when she heard Darius “Angel! Come here, step back slowly!” she rolled her eyes and glared at her brother “you really think I would hurt Angel you jack ass” she hissed her words, though she didn’t believe turning her sister would actually be hurting her, it would be saving Angel in her eyes. “Damn you, How could you do something like this? The sister I knew wouldn’t have hurt anyone, let alone feed on one…..I guess being a monster has made you one.” Wini heard the words come out of her brothers mouth….a monster..that just sorta pushed her over the edge, her eyes got a darker red and she tore off the wig, so Darius could really see her. “A monster you say Darius? My dear brother that got up and left us…the one that just walked away from everything…well Darius I guess I should show you how a real monster is…maybe you could become one yourself huh? Then you will know how it feels, how the blood goes down your throat and it feels so warm. Mmmm so delicious. Oh and you know what is really fun, when they try to run…I call that game cat and mouse, and the cat always wins” after her last word she brought her fist back and goes to slam her fist into Darius’s chest not really realizing how much strength she was using.


Brylen was leaned her head against Alec’s chest and laughed when he said "Unless he's a cross dresser, he cant dance with you." “Pfft” was all she could really say just before she felt her wrist grabbed and she was being pulled away and smiled almost falling into Kitty “Kittyyy-Kat!” she grinned and laughed when she what Kitty said to Alec “don’tt worry hun ill be righttt back in your armss” her words slurring ever so slightly. She turned to face her best friend "Hey Bry-bear! Party looks amazing, finally got out of that bitches office. She told me I couldn't leave school grounds for two weeks or something like that. But obviously, that didn't work." She couldn’t help but smile at the nickname Kitty always called her “tis amazing isn’t it! And that bitch tried to do that to me bef…fore but it nev..ver worksss” she then smiled when Kitty said "Anyway, go back to your man-candy there” “he sure is a man candy huh?” she whisper to Kitty before going back into Alec’s arms. Watching Kitty dance closely behind her, this was the life, she thought to herself as she danced with Alec. A faster song started and Brylen couldn’t help but move her body faster and closer against Alec letting herself feel the music.

After the song she felt thirsty and wanted another drink. “Alec hun imma get another drink, ‘kay?” she then turned and grabbed Kitty’s hand and looked to the boy she was dancing with “sorry buddy Kitty-Kat is coming with me” she then smiled to Kitty “lets go get another drink ‘kay?” she then saw Lulu watching her and rolled her eyes, she really did not like having a guardian watching her every move. Quickly pulling Kitty through the crowd hoping maybe she could lose Lulu’s attention, especially since she saw Brook nearby. As she got to the table with the drinks she couldn’t help but notice something suspicious going on over in a field. She saw Angel hugging a girl with black hair that didn’t look young enough to be in their school, then she saw Darius go up there and pull Angel away from the girl. “Hey Kitty do you see that” she motioned over to the three in the field. She grabbed a drink and then took Kitty’s hand once more and started walking over to angel, darius, and the girl….then she saw the girl take off her wig and Brylen stopped for just one second “oh no…shit…this cant be happening” she then saw Wini pulled back and go to punch…her eyes went wide and she let go of Kitty’s hand and ran but she was too late…she screamed at what she saw.


Brook kept looking around then felt her phone buzz and she looked at it and read the text “Turn around” . Brook grinned and pretty much jumped in place before she turned around and saw Lulu. She took Eliza’s hand and ran over to Lulu, letting go of Eliza’s hand she gave Lulu a hug and a small friendly kiss on the cheek “been look for ya every where girl, tho I knew ya be over here near Brylen. How is it going?” she took a few steps so she was now standing next to Lulu “this year seems like its going to be a good one huh? So glad I got Eliza as a charge….how is it with you and Brylen…you are going to have your hands full. Eliza told me somethings Brylen did with her last guardians…”


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Adrian Le'Fay Lazar


He backed up as the man approached him. His only instinct was to run the hell away from this man. The man was talking about how warm blood was and as his father could see it Adrian was in need of help. Adrian started to run towards the deep woods as the man ran towards him. He paused for a moment as he sat in a tree and he took a deep breath.

"A-Help me,Help me please". He moved towards the tree's as the man came closer and to Adrian it all became black. He was dead before but now he was surrounded by whiteness all around him. He looked in the distance and he could see his father and mother as they took him with them and onto a million years of happiness.

They took him to Large Golden gates as Adrian looked inside. They asked him if he wanted to go with them and he smiled. His brother was gonna need help after what just happened and he was gonna help an angel.

Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake entered his car and looked into his phone as he could hear a loud ringing in his head. He could hear him,Adrian calling onto his name as Drake spoke. "Adrian,what are you doing..Eh where are you ? ".

Drake sat back as the word death crossed his mind. Drake was a simple dhampir just like all the others but he was much,much more scared of the fact that his brother was dead and he had knowone else.

He thought this was all some sick prank but he knew more than that. He pushed the car keys into the egnition and he drove off towards the party.

As he was getting closer to the party he could see them everywhere dancing. He left his car and looked around as he screamed. "Where in the hell is Adrian at ?".
He tried to call Adrian's phone but everytime he heard his voicemail.

He walked over and Threw a bottle."Now i said where in the hell is my brother at ? ". He stood his ground as he could hear that ringing in his head again.

His head was completed with voices as he could hear everything until he couldn't believe it..He could feel the element..the power..the strength as he sniffed. Being older than everyone at the party made him aware...Strigoi.


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Kitty laughed, her drink slowly starting to make her a little tipsy as she danced. She wasn't nearly as drunk as Bry yet, but her mind was just starting to cloud. When someone's hand clamped down on her wrist, she looked up, a little confused. “Sorry buddy Kitty-Kat is coming with me.” Kitty gestured over her shoulder to Brylen, giving the irritated boy a shrug.

"Sorry babe, but you heard her." She grinned and placed a small kiss on his lips before allowing Brylen to tug her away giggling. She stumbled out of the crowd with her friend and hiccuped slightly.

“Let's go get another drink ‘kay?” Kitty glanced at the drink she had in her hand. Empty. How many had she had? Whatever. She threw the cup over her shoulder and nodded, allowing he friend to lead her to the drink table, where she grabbed another drink. “Hey Kitty do you see that?” Kittrina followed Brylen's finger with her eyes while her friend grabbed another drink. It looked like Angel, an older girl, and Darius were out there. And something was about to happen.

Brylen's hand in hers pulled her from her thoughts as they headed towards the three, taking a sip of her drink. Her booze-clouded mind was struggling to find out what was going on with Angel and Darius in a way that wouldn't ruin their party.

Then the older girl pulled off her wig and Kitty felt Brylen stop suddenly. “Oh no…shit…this cant be happening.” Kitty squinted. Was that... Holy shit, it's Winni! Was all she could think as she watched, almost in slow motion, as the girl pulled her arm back.

Then Brylen shrieked and Kitty threw her arms around her friend, wrapping one around her waist to pull her close and placing another over her mouth. Suddenly everything was clear and she no longer felt clouded as she pulled her hand from Brylen's now-silent mouth and held her friend in a tight hug, frozen in shock. "Oh my God." She whispered, burying her face in her friend's hair.


Lulu smiled when Brook and Eliza ran over. "Brookie-Cookie!" She grinned, wrapping her friend in a tight hug, returning the tiny kiss on her cheek with one on her own. "I'm good, I'm good." She let go and took a drag off her cigarette, gesturing to the tall blond boy that had wandered off a few seconds ago. "Mr. Tall-And-Handsome over there just had the night of his life." She laughed mischieviously.

"This year seems like its going to be a good one huh? So glad I got Eliza as a charge….how is it with you and Brylen…you are going to have your hands full. Eliza told me somethings Brylen did with her last guardians…” Lulu just pursed her lips and took another drag while her friend talked, nodding as she watched Brylen and Kittrina peeled away from the crowd.

"Yeah, she'll be a handful, but why do you think they gave her me?" She said with a smirk. "Because I'm more than capable of handeling it."

A shriek made her drop her cigarette. "Fuck." She muttered and stamped it out. "That was Brylen. Come one." She grabbed her friend's wrist and tugged her through the crowd, shoving viciously to get through. On the other side, she saw what the source of she scream was and whipped out a small knife. Winni was down in the field, and she'd most certainly heard Brylen scream. Lou slipped into the cover of the trees, eyes bouncing between Kitty and Brylen, and Winni. She wasn't stupid. Sure, she hated Strigoi, but she wasn't going to go out hunting them.

If Winni threatened her charge, she would, but if not, she would let her get away. Silently, she pulled Brook into the trees with her and ducked down to watch. "Don't call me paranoid." She smirked in a whisper.


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Theme song for this post:

Angel stared in shock as her two older siblings began to fight. She felt as if something inside her was twisting and fighting to brake free. Did siblings do this? Did people that loved each other fight to kill one another? Childhood friends, people who had grown up together and learned to love one another, no not learned. It had been natural to love family. And now they were fighting. Maybe it wasn’t the fact that her brother and sister were fighting that caused tears to slowly begin to flow from her eyes and down her face. No, maybe it was the fact that they were leaving her out of it once again, like she was no longer important and all they cared about was killing one another.

This was not natural. So she had a right to feel hurt, to want to throw herself in the middle to stop the fight. They were her family. Flashes zoomed through her head. When they were children they knew when to quiet, knew when to back down and go hide. But kids always grow up. Had Angel grown up? Was this what that feeling was? The need to grow up and join the fight? Maybe she didn’t want to be protected anymore. One day she would need a savior, but it wouldn’t be Wini or Daruis. She would have to be their savior, and someone else would have to save her, because she was tired of them protecting her. Maybe if she just stood up, she wouldn’t be so small, if she unbound her hands maybe she would no longer fall. She had to become something her family never thought such a young girl would be. A Savior.

The small girl moved without giving a second thought, diving in front of her older brother as her sister aimed a well placed hit towards his stomach. She missed her target. Angel stood in the way, a shocked look set on her face as something warm and sticky ran down her neck. Her sister had never thought about her unhuman strength, through Darius would have lived to tell the tale of such a hit. The hit was aimed at the smaller girl’s throat, she had saved her brother but it would cost her her life.
Slowly she fell to her knees, her sister staring at her with wide eyes as her brother stood behind her, shell-shocked. “Sissy..?” Angel’s voice was choked and yet it had so much emotion in it, and all the sadness she had been hiding in her eyes for so long seemed to shine through like the sun would through dark clouds. “I..I” Angel’s world began to spin, and as everything went black, a scream was the last thing she heard. She had died. She was a savior…But she didn’t have a savior. Did she?


Theme songs for this flashback:
Rise Against
Promise of a lifetime

A seven year old Angel sat by the edge of a pool beside a twelve year old Wini, the younger girl was splashing her feet playfully while the other watched her with a loving happy almost motherly look, but the young girl did not see at the moment. Suddenly through, the younger girl turned to her sister and said in a quite voice.
"Wini?" The girl blinked at her sister, who just nodded for her to go on.
"I heard mommy and daddy talking about how Daruis is a hero but..what is a hero..what dose it mean sissy?" the girl kicked her feet in the water once again, making slight ripples erupt over the smooth surface.

The older girl seemed slightly stunned at the question, what kind of seven year old asked that? Wini thought long and hard for a moment, trying to carefully place her words before she spoke to the younger child who would absorb everything.

"A hero is....A hero is somebody who is selfless, who is generous in spirit, who just tries to give back as much as possible and help people. A hero to me is someone who saves people and who really deeply cares, someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself...A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his or her freedom, not just anyone can be a hero, But most the time people will find a hero, a savior in the people they less expect to find one in." The young Angle closed her eyes and took this in.

"So...If Dauris is expect to be a Hero..he really wont be...but someone I could be a savior..??" She looked up at her sister, and smiled down at her and nodded. "One day Angel, you'll be a hero, a Savior, and I promise, I'll be around to see that day." Then without another word, the two girls dived down into the water.

One'll be someone's Angel...


Alec sighed as Brylen left and Kitty and when to get himself a drink, it was just his luck, the only reason he came to these partys were for her, but he could understand her need to want to hang with her friends and be all over boys, maybe he should be less protective and and just..just what? Stand and watch, lame. Alec shoot his head and took a large gulp from his glass, that he was sure was straight vodka.

He shook his head and started to walk around the party, it seemed everyone was having a good time..but where was Brylen? Alec and everyone else stopped dead as more then one scream ripped through the night, and could be heard over the music. Brylen! insistently he dropped his drink and took off where the scream had come from, he made it to Kitty and Brylen before anyone else could blink.

"Is she hurt?! What happened!!" he said running up to them, and slowly he followed their gaze, his eyes telling him what he saw was fake. There stood the three siblings, Darius, Wini and Angel, but Angel stood almost limply, Wini had her hand over the young girls throat, and Darius just stood there. Then Alec saw the red spreading down from the young girls throat, and he understood what was happening.

Alec grabbed Brylen from Kitty and pulled her along swiftly towards them, half way there he whipped around and stared at her, right in her eyes as he spoke quickly. "You know what you have to do Brylen." before he raced up behind Darius, holding him back from most likely killing his sister.
All Alec could really think about through, was the fact that the young girl that Brylen and Kitty had both loved so much, was now bleeding out. No..she was dead.


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Drake Le'Fay Lazar


Drake stood where he could finally stay still. The screams and this...this was one of those nights where he wanted to tear shit up and throw it at those responsible.

He walked over to the crowd and looked into the eyes of Darius,Wini,and Angel who was just now falling to the ground lifeless as we speak. He looked straight at the last two standing and his fangs retracted.

"You..You did this to killed that little girl". He looked over his shoulder and he could sense the smell of blood as a young girl and a brude and sharp man were arguing. Not only did Drake recognize the blood but he could smell...his brother. He slowly walked towards the man and the girl and he looked to see his brother dead.

His eyes were filled with hatred as they both turned black as night and he stood with his fist balled awaiting to make his move and to hurt both of them. His brother was the only family he had and that was nothing.

He slowly watched as Darius who had just lost his innocent sister get ahold of Wini and Drake Le'Fay Lazar was pleased in silence.

He cracked his neck and picked up his brothers body. He took Adrians lifeless body to the lake and he slowly pulled his body deeper into the water and said his goodbyes."Brother...You were everything to me and i lost you. He stood up and filled his chest with strong air as he marched back up to the others and looked at the girl on the ground..dead.

He had something he wanted to say to everyone here but no..he stared at everything with his eyes still black,Fist balled and the temptation to kill. He gulped for a moment as he could feel the tragic loss..of family.


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this is how wini will be now...broken and a little bit insane

Wini felt her fist hit someone but as she looked it wasn’t Darius that she punched but it was Angel…her sister…she felt herself go still. Watching her sister fall, her hand now dripping with Angel’s blood. “Sissy..?” she heard Angel chokingly say, she looked down in her sisters eyes, she saw the sadness and it hit Wini hard. “I..I” was the last thing she heard her sister say before Angel’s eyes went shut. Wini looked to Darius, hearing his cries as he held her, then looking down to her baby sister then to the blood on her hands, she felt herself start to shake. She then saw Darius get up and she hissed at him before she ran faster then he could catch up to her, running as fast as she could through the forest and when she finally ran a few miles she stopped and she let out a ear piercing scream through the nite. She felt all her emotions hit her at once, like a roller coaster that was just taking a far drop. Wini started running again and this time making it to town. She went back into the house and into her room, she slammed the door and locked it, and then slid down beside it and broke down. She stayed there for a few minutes before she got up and left the house. She was a monster, she now saw herself as one, she killed the only person that meant the world to her. She walked down alleys and finally found a victim, this time she needed to chase this time she needed to kill on purpose, this time she truly needed to be a monster. She bared her fangs at the person “now run little mousy so I can pounce” she then watched as they ran and she quickly darted after him.


Brylen watched as Wini’s punch went against Angel’s throat. Then everything seemed to slow down in her eyes. She watched the girl fall to her knees which was when Brylen screamed. She wanted to run over there but she felt Kitty’s arms go around her just as she felt she was going to fall, Kitty’s hand when over her mouth as Brylen couldn’t stop but scream again this time tears falling down her face. She felt her spirit ability stirring inside her, she felt her inner demons pushing at her. She felt like she was going to explode into a million tiny pieces. The only way she was still standing was because Kitty was holding her. She then felt herself get grabbed and could tell from the hands that it was Alec, but she didn’t let go of Kitty and soon enough Alec was dragging Brylen who held onto Kitty. She then saw Alec look at her "You know what you have to do Brylen." Brylen looked to Alec then to Kitty, she did know what she needed to do. She never done it before but her Aunt Lissa told her about it, she knew things would be different after this but she had to, she just had too. She stumbled her way over to Angel’s body, tears flowing down her face as she looked at the body of the girl “oh my Angel…” she whispered. She didn’t notice Wini run off or Darius get up, all she noticed was the dead girls body.

Brylen kneeled down next to Angel and placed her hands on the girl. She then focused herself on her spirit ability, calling to it and forcing her spirit onto Angel. All her energy went into the girl. What seemed like hours was only a few minutes, Brylen felt herself get drained and then next thing she knows she is falling to the side as she passes out but she felt inside herself Angel’s soul go back into herself. She felt the connection that was now formed just as she passed out.


Brook smiled to Lulu, one of her best friends at school. She laughed and shook her head when her friend said ”"Mr. Tall-And-Handsome over there just had the night of his life." as she heard this she thought to herself if only together they could have a night together but she wasn’t sure if Lulu saw her that way and also she knew Lulu liked the guys.
Yeah, she'll be a handful, but why do you think they gave her me?Because I'm more than capable of handeling it." “Well Lulu dear I wish…” before she could finish she heard the scream and then looked to Lulu and Eliza, they both knew who the scream was and so did she. She felt her wrist get grabbed and started getting tugged, quickly grabbing Eliza’s hand “that was Bry lets go” she quickly kept a good pace with Lulu as they hid behind some trees and scoped the area. Brook hid with Lulu and Eliza, making sure Eliza stayed with them, the last thing she needed was Eliza going out there. She watched as Wini’s punch hit Angel in the neck, it took everything within her to make herself not go out there and hurl herself at the strigoi. She held back a cry as she watched Angel go down and Wini take off. “If there is one strigoi there is more Lulu they usually don’t just come alone. We need to scope the area or call for help from the school, this is way out of out hands” she then looked back and saw Brylen go over to Angel and then suddenly pass out “Ah shit…this can’t get any worse then it is.”


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Kitty felt Brylen's body go limp against her and held tighter. Approaching footsteps made her look up to see Alec, rushing towards them. Of course it was Alec. He was always so protective of Brylen. Kitty liked that he cared about her friend, felt reassured that, even if her friend's Gaurdian failed, Alec would be there. But sometimes, Kitty marveled at how Brylen could stand Alec. It would be smothering to her, to have someone hovering over her constantly like that. "Is she hurt?! What happened!!" He said as he ran over and Kitty rolled her eyes.

"Oh please Alec. Have a little faith. As if I'd let her get hurt." Only Kittrina seemed capable of making a sarcastic joke at a time like this. It was her defense mechanism. Her way of making everyone else believe she was tough, when really, inside she was reliving her mother and her father's deaths over and over again. Death was a traumatizing thing, but unlike a lot of the Royals and other school members here, she'd had to deal with it first-hand. Only in the last two years had she gotten a break.

And now it was back again.

As Kitty was dragged along by Brylen and Alec, she silently wondered if death was following her like a cloud.

"You know what you have to do Brylen." Alex's voice drifted in the background as she stared at little Angel's body, trying to fight back tears for the first time since her father's death. Her face was passive, but if one looked closely, they'd see that her bottom lip quivered ever so slightly, and her knees shook.

She looked at Darius, and a sudden pang of pity washed over her as her knees buckled and she knelt beside Angel on all fours, breathing hard. She felt like she was suffocating, hallucinating. Not again. Why did she let herself get close to Angel? Death always seemed to attack those she loved. Was Brylen next?

Gradually, as Brylen did whatever she was doing, Kitty stood, just as Brylen passed out. '

Reacting quickly, Kitty caught her friend in her arms and sat down slowly. She needed to sit. Standing was too much work. Gently, she placed Brylen's head in her lap and absent-mindedly smoothed her friends hair, suddenly wishing she had a drink. She needed to forget this.


Lulu watched with eyes wide as Angel was killed. It took all her physical strength not to shout after her. All of her training nearly flew out the window right there as she thought. Why Angel? Why? I don't know a single person in the school that doesn't adore her. Why not me? I could name thousands that hate me.

“If there is one strigoi there is more Lulu they usually don’t just come alone. We need to scope the area or call for help from the school, this is way out of out hands." Luckily, Brook's voice brought her back and she turned to her with a slow nod.

"Yeah. We need to get ahold of someone." She bit her lip. "Fuck. Looks like the party's over." She rolled her eyes and stood, grumbling about how, as soon as the school authorities showed up, they'd all get their asses beat for the booze, sex, and drugs going on left and right. Silently, she led Brook and Eliza back up to the road, where she walked silently towards the school. She would drive, but she didn't quite trust herself behind the wheel right now.

Lulu snapped out of her walking stupor to realize, that ahead of them, there was a woman standing, smack in the center of the road. They were a little ways from the party now, but she could still hear the pounding music, but the woman had deffineitly come from the party. She was wearing a tight, velvet red dress, and was barefoot. Though her back was turned, her black hair was illuminated in the streetlights and it appeared to be a complete mess and a little too shiny to be real. This was one of the older kids she'd seen pull up in the van, and now that she realized that Wini had been one of them, Lulu guessed that this one had to be Strigoi too.

"Shhh." She warned Brook and Eliza, slipping silently out of the streetlights, hoping to skirt her without notice.


Genieve grinned as she listened to Lou's approaching footsteps suddenly become silent. She's realized what she was. Quickly, she whipped around and spotted her cousin and two friends creeping off towards the shadow of houses. Genieve laughed. Cold and cackling, cutting through the silent night air. "Think you can get away from me baby cousin?" She smirked, yanking off her wig as she flashed a wicked, fanged grin.

She laughed cooley at the shocked expression on her cousin's face. "Thought I was dead didn't you?" She smirked. "No... That's not it. You knew I was alive. You merely forgot about me."

In the next second, she had a body slammed up against a house. But, instead of Lou, it was one of her friends. The dark-haired one Lulu had called Brook at the party. She held her against the house's side by a forearm pressed firmly into her throat. The girl's feet were dangling, and Genieve leaned on her arm, slowly constricting the girls air supply. "Gonna go call the gaurds on us Lou?" She tsked. "Doesn't sound like you. You're a fighter, not a baby." She gestured to the girl she held against the building. "But she suggested it didn't she? So you went along."

Genieve grinned and leaned further on the girl's windpipe. "Let's see if I can get you to fight me." She said, a wicked grin coming to her lips. "I was the one who sent your daddy after you that day." She looked at the choking Brook. "Did you know our Lulu here had a fiance? I'll bet she never told you that. Feel hurt now?" She teased.


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Brook watched everything happen and then it ran threw her head once more. She looked to Eliza knowing she must be having a hard time with what was going on. She reached her hand over to Eliza’s and squeezed it trying to give her an assuring look. “Yeah. We need to get ahold of someone. Fuck. Looks like the party's over." She nodded in agreement though she looked to Eliza “How about you go over to Bry I think she will need you” she then watched to make sure Eliza went over there then followed Lulu. “Fuck this isn’t any good, and my stress is going way high I might need to borrow a cigarette from you” as she was talking she looked up to see a women ahead of them. The women didn’t look familiar to her at all though she looked liked she was dressed up for something. She felt Lulu stop and then move off to the side hearing “shh” . Brook then felt something click in her mind. Strigoi. Of course they had to be all over the place.

She walked silently next to Lulu but then heard the women laugh "Think you can get away from me baby cousin?" Brook eyes went wide and looked to Lulu “you know her Lulu?” her eyes went back to the women in red "Thought I was dead didn't you? No... That's not it. You knew I was alive. You merely forgot about me." she heard the women, she didn’t have a good feeling about this at all. As she was about to reach for her daggers in her leg sheaths when she felt herself get slammed against a house. Her eyes went wide as she now was looking at the female strigoi up close. Brook felt the women’s arm pushing against her throat and she put one of her hands over the strigoi‘s arm and squeezed digging her nails into the women‘s arm. Her other hand was struggling as she tried to reach for one of her daggers. The women’s words where going through one ear and out the other as she dangled there struggling to breathe but once sentence did catch her attention "Did you know our Lulu here had a fiance? I'll bet she never told you that. Feel hurt now?" she coughed, she wasn’t going to let the female get to her. She finally was able to reach one of her daggers and quickly pulled it up and went to slice against the females arm but she was started to fade in and out from the lack of oxygen she was getting. She looked to Lulu with pleading eyes for help not able to choke out any words as she felt her eyes start to close.


Mace was skipping rocks not really paying attention to anything when he heard a “eep! He looked up to see Andrea and tried to hold back a laugh when she said “damn you mace! What's a boy like you doing here all alone?” “Sorry Drea wasn’t paying attention….and I am just out here thinking…” before he could say anymore he heard a scream and quickly got up. He noticed Andrea heard the sound too. "Quick Mace! I think Angel's..." Mace just ran and then he saw Angel laying there, Brylen passed out in Kitty’s lap. “What the fuck…!” he looked around and also saw a man carrying Adrian’s limp body into the lake. He couldn’t think straight…angel….Adrian. His body started shaking and he let out a scream, Mace never let his emotions get to him but he felt he was going to explode.

He ran over to the man that put Adrian’s body into the lake “What happened to him! Tell me what happened to him!” his eyes looked wild then looked around once more and then back to the man “please just tell me what happened” his voice got softer and his eyes where now having a pleading look. He wanted to go over to Angel but he knew he needed to find out what happened to Adrian.


Wini felt like she was ready to explode and attack her victim when she saw someone jump in front of her then say “Wini?” The voice sounded familiar as her eyes went over the girl that stood in front of the helpless person she was ready to feed off of. Her eyes went wide…Bells.. “Bells…Bella...” she said in a low voice, she never called her Trix always Bells or Bella. She was shaking, she was still in attack mode but she held herself from attacking her old friend. “You shouldn’t be here Bella. Im a monster…” she then felt herself being wrapped into Trix’s arms. Wini stood there motionless. Her arms to her side, she hasn’t felt a hug like that since she was turned. She for one didn’t allow any of the others to really touch her except for Gabe and Cherie at times.

"Oh my God Wini! I missed you!" she tried to hold a straight face as she heard Bells “Bella im not who I used to be. I am a killer. Your crazy for coming out here. I am not the same Wini…” she then heard in the background someone yelling her name…then recognized the voice, Cherie. Shit…she need Bella to go before Cherie came around. Then she heard another noise, someone else was nearby she looked around and spotted a teen girl then noticed it was Lupe [I] “fuck fuck fuck fuck these two needed to go” [I] she thought to herself as she heard Lupe "Wini, Don't hurt her."

Wini hissed at Lupe “For fuck sake lupe I wouldn’t hurt Bella, now you two need to go because there is another strigoi that will be here soon and if you want to live then leave” she pulled away from Bella and looked to her “I am sorry I broke my promise and never came back” and with that she gave a small kiss on Bella’s cheek and she fled to find Cherie. She never told Bella her feelings for her, before she got turned she was starting to feel more for Bella then she thought she could but everything changed after she got turned. She fled the streets and saw Cherie and run up to her “im here but I am going….im a fucking monster that needs to die. I killed my fucking baby sister!” she screamed out finally all of what happened that night was getting to her and she fell to her knees in front of Cherie ready to just give up.