Jack the "Iron Fist"

The leader of the infamous government team of channelers, the Iron Blood.

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a character in “Storm Warning: A Remake”, as played by DarKnight36


Jack is the powerful leader of the infamous "Iron Blood" government team. Little is known about his personal life other that he lost his family during the Storm. His powers are known to be one of the strongest ever seen. He controls steel.

Jack was the original "superhero" of the United States, and it is rumored that he instigated many of the procedures that are now commonplace when dealing with channelers. He is known for following orders to the letter, and this has earned him the title "Cold as Steel", as well as being seen as completely ruthless and detached. His goal in the city of Nexus is only know to his direct team, but one can almost be sure it does not bode well for any of the renegade channelers in the city...

So begins...

Jack the "Iron Fist"'s Story