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Ashton Willowmark

0 · 343 views · located in Dasos Scuro

a character in “Synchronicity: Paradise of Light and Shadow”, as played by mistsong99


Ashton Willowmark


Prince of Notia

Being a prince



Appearance Description
the noticeable differences from the pictures above are that he has a scar that runs from the corner of his mouth down his neck and ending just below his clavical his eyes are the golden color of the right image

He carries three hunting daggers (similar to the one below) on his person at all times. Usually strapped to the outside of his thigh.
Aside from his primary dual Katanas he carries this black dagger in his belt:
Image he wears light hide trousers stained black with pitch and loose white tunics

His horse duskstar:
Talented diplomat,
skilled fighter (rarely kills),
has the ability to almost taste the temperament of the people with whom he is interacting.

Phobias / Fears
Atychiphobia- Fear of failure
Catagelophobia- Fear of being ridiculed.
Enosiophobia or Enissophobia- Fear of having committed an unpardonable sin or of criticism.

Bad Habits / Vices
can be passive and will sometimes ignore things that are hard for him

Best Qualities
He is a talented peacemaker, is a wonderful listener gives great advice and is a very loyal and true friend .

Worst Qualities
Tends to lose himself when dealing with people with strong personalities,

  • his horse
  • reading
  • winning an argument or disagreement without violence.
  • harmony
  • quiet alone time
  • practicing sword fighting and archery

  • Hate
  • spiritual ugliness
  • being forgotten
  • war
  • dishonesty
  • cruelty

Wants to bring peace to the kingdoms through conflict resolution and non violence (he is not a pacifist but does not like killing) and by doing so increase the power and might of his home country.

Hex Code


Ashton has been called the Referee and the Peacemaker due to the rarity of finding one more devoted to the quest for internal and external peace for themselves and others. He is typically considered a “spiritual seeker” who has a great yearning for connection with the cosmos, as well as with other people. He works to maintain his peace of mind just as he works to establish peace and harmony in the world around him. some of The issues he encounters in himself are fundamental to all psychological and spiritual work—being awake versus falling asleep to his true nature; presence versus entrancement, openness versus blockage, tension versus relaxation, peace versus pain, union versus separation.

Ironically, for a person so oriented to the spiritual world, Ashton resides in the Instinctive Center, and is the type that is potentially most grounded in the physical world and in his own body. The contradiction is resolved when we realize that he is either in touch with his instinctive qualities and has tremendous elemental power and personal magnetism, or he is cut off from his instinctual strengths and can be disengaged and remote.

To compensate for being out of touch with his instinctual energies, Ashton may also retreat into his mind and his emotional fantasies. Furthermore, when his instinctive energies are out of balance, Ashton will end up using these very energies against himself, damming up his power so that everything in his psyche becomes static and inert. When his energy is not used, it stagnates like a spring-fed lake that becomes so full that its own weight dams up the springs that feed it. When Ashton is in balance with his Instinctive Center and its energy, however, he is like a great river, carrying everything along with it effortlessly.

Ashton has a tendency to mirror the best qualities of those he comes into contact with, such as strength, a sense of fun and adventure, dutifulness, intellectualism, creativity, emotional attractiveness, generosity, and idealism. However, because of this he tends to lack a sense of really inhabiting himself—a strong sense of his own identity.

Ashton demonstrates the universal temptation to ignore the disturbing aspects of life and to seek some degree of peace and comfort by “numbing out.” He responds to pain and suffering by attempting to live in a state of premature peacefulness, whether it is in a state of false spiritual attainment, or in more gross denial. He demonstrates the tendency to run away from the paradoxes and tensions of life by attempting to transcend them or be seeking find simple and painless solutions to his problems.

To emphasize the pleasant in life is not a bad thing, of course—it is simply a limited and limiting approach to life. If Ashton sees the silver lining in every cloud as a way of protecting themselves from the cold and rain, other people have distorting viewpoints, too. For example, someone else might focus on their own woundedness and victimization, another on what is wrong with how things are, and so forth. By contrast, Ashton tends to focus on the “bright side of life” so that his peace of mind will not be shaken. Ashton must always resist the urge to escape into “premature Buddhahood” or the “white light” of the Divine and away from the mundane world. He must remember that “the only way out is through.”


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Ashton Willowmark's Story