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The Age of Silver

The Age of Silver


Lunar campaign in an alternate Exalted Modern universe. Based mostly on the "Shards of the Exalted Dream" supplement.

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The Age of Silver

It is the two thousandth and twelfth year of the Time of Mortals. Humans rule Creation from the Pole of Wood to the Pole of Water. From Fire to Air. Their cities surround the great Pole of Earth. It is a time for Humans to show their true genius, and to display the depths of their innate cruelty. Power plants pump electricity through power lines, allowing individuals in their homes to cook on electric ranges, watch television, and power their MacPads. Information flows freely. The Creation Wide Web has allowed instantaneous sharing of thoughts and ideas, while simultaneously bogging young minds down in the inane drivel of thousands of wannabe politicians, poets, and prophets. The popular media is everywhere. The antics of such stars as Lohansy Millyrus are broadcast through the internet, and even young children are well versed in the use of social sites like FaceSpace.
There are redeeming qualities of Humans. In the great nation of Meruvia, the hegemonic dominions have for the first time voted a politician of Haltan decent into the office of Prime Minister. There was country-wide rejoicing as the first "Greenie" Minister stepped into office. Also, thousands of volunteers Creationwide spend their time bringing supplies and education to the backwater villages near the edges of the world. Heathcare has improved to the point where the average lifespan is near 70 years, and medical treatments allow for the elimination of some crippling diseases.
But there is a dark side to Humanity. Oil rigs pollute the oceans, and nations stripmine once-fertile land to provide the fossil fuels necessary to create electricity. Nations war with one another, and often merely the color of one's skin or hair, or their particular beliefs on the state of the Incarnae is enough to provoke others to rape, murder, or worse. Jails are filled to the breaking with criminals that nations no longer know what to do with. And recently, new power plants have been discovered, drawing energy from the very Earth itself. It was hailed as the greatest boon to Mankind, while the freak accidents and rampant mutations were simultaneously swept under the rug.
So finally, Humans are their own masters. They rule Creation without the thumb of more powerful beings hovering over their heads, they can finally live and grow in only the shadows they cast themselves. It is the Time of Mortals.....
It is all a lie. For more than 2000 years, the Lunar Exalted have watched over Humanity. They have guided its growth, and encouraged its diversity. They have seen nations rise to greatness, and sat by as those same nations have been torn apart by forces internal or external. They often form the upper echelon of Mortal society, and regularly introduce new elements into the lives of Humans just to see what will happen. Most recently, the Waning Moon Silicone Devil adopted the personae of Mark Gates and Bill Zuckerberg, and revolutionized the computer science industry. He theorized that his social site, FaceSpace, would allow even easier tracking of interesting Mortals, as they did all the work themselves. The Lunars have seemingly perfected their strategy named the Thousand Streams River. They see Humanity as the ultimate source of inspiration and motivation. As such, they have taken Gods and Exalts out of the equation. The jobs of such beings are now to both provide maintenance of Creation (in the case of the Gods), and to protect it from the myriad of supernatural threats that still flit about under the noses of Humanity.

The Secret History

The Reclimation failed. When the Ebon Dragon burst forth from his prison in Malfeas, he expected to engage the pitiful forces of Creation and to eventually deal with his sworn enemies, the Solar Exalted. He knew that his goals did not completely line up with the goals of his fallen brethren, locked as they were above the swirling void of Oblivion, but he did not anticipate their lack of control over the Deathlords. In addition to the armies of Creation and the might of the Solars, The Ebon Dragon found himself fighting a war on 2 fronts, as the Underworld refused to give up their own claim on the souls of Creation. If that were not enough, many of his own champions, the Infernal Exalted, discovered the means of freeing themselves from the tyranny of the Yozi and going about their own business. In the end, the Solars were successful in rallying the forces of both Creation and Heaven. The Ebon Dragon was ultimately sent to meet his brothers, as the Dawn Caste Solar 7-Wing Seraphim struck the death blow himself.
In the years, decades, and centuries that followed, the Solar Exalted reclaimed their Mandate of Heaven, and set about reviving the ailing Creation. In time, the dissolving borders were solidified once more, until Creation again reached to the true Elemental Poles. The Jade Pillars and Reality Engines were put back in place to hold the edges of the world safe from Raksha ravagers. The Underworld was thrown into an uproar during the war, and ultimately Twilight Caste Sorcerers were able to scour away the majority of Shadowlands from Creation. A peace was made with the new denizens of Autochthonia, as their Champions aided in the Ebon Dragon's defeat. Many Solar essences were recovered from the Neverborn and Malfeas, though not all.
High technology reigned for generations, as the New Deliberative worked to restore the glories of the High First Age. In time, however, the madness of the death curse of the Neverborn began to resurface. The Sidereal Exalted were the first to take note, and quickly moved into action. They met with the Divine Ministers, the highest souls of Autochthon, and they smuggled a newly recaptured Solar essence from Lytec's cabinet to the great crystal brain of the Master Smith. The recently awakened Primordial was shocked at the damage done to his finest work, and summoned the Deliberative to his metal body. The vote was cast that the Solars would proceed with cleansing their divine shard, despite the protests that this was some trick of the Viziers or the Autochthonians. However, Autochthon explained that he would need access to pure Wyld energy to again work on such a mighty project. So it was that the meekest Primordial was returned from his exile in Elsewhere, and he, along with the Solar Exalted and many of the Sidereal Exalted sailed into the Wyld to restore the Solars to their original glory.


Unfortunately, when the Solars bequeathed temporary reign to their Lunar mates they did not expect to be gone over 2 millennia. In their absence, the Silver Pact took the reigns and declared their long awaited Thousand Streams River experiment open. The Lunars decided to spread that, when the Solars left, they took the bulk of their might and magic with them. Lunar agencies confiscated essence technology and left Humanity to grow on its own, bereft of Exalted guidance. Those Dragon Blooded who where most loyal and promising where whisked away, while the rest were left to breed their blood out amongst the Humans. Generations passed, and the Exalted were left to myth and legend. Recently, Lunar companies have allowed a trickle of Dragon Blooded children back into the world, as products of Human experimentation with new Dragon Line Reactors.

The World

Creation has been expanded back to the size it was in the High First Age. The Wyld invasion changed some topography, and not all islands in the West are exactly as they were. However, the continent once know as Saigoth has been reclaimed from the creative magic of the reality engines. It is now known as Albion, and it is the center of Lunar power. Here, high essence technology reigns, and weather gods have created all of Creation's landscapes for Lunar inhabitation. Beastmen, Dragon Blooded, and a few Alchemicals train and relax here. Gods come to visit (and often dally with) mortals and Exalted. The Lunars and the remained Sidereals hold meetings here. Powerful essence diverters cause Human ships to sail around the giant mass, never knowing it was there. However, rumors exist of a lost continent swallowed by the sea, and persistent scavenger lords often need dangerous reminders to stay away.

What do the Humans know?

The Lunars were nothing if not thorough in their eradication of Creation's magic. Lunar corporations have capped dangerous demenses with geometrically stable buildings, to contain their essence. Sorcery and Necromancy are mere CG effects in movies. Those few Humans who manage to awaken their essence no longer have the means to focus it. The Lunars have allowed Thaumaturgy to circulate, albeit in unpopular circles. Gypsies, fortune tellers, Psychics on television shows, all may be con artists, but some have true Mortal power. Gods are immaterial once again, maintaining their domains at the behest of Heaven and the Exalted. It is true that traditions have persisted, such as the leaving the corner of a field unharvested, that benefit local gods with some additional essence. However, the Lunars act quickly to squash upstart Gods that seek to expand their power. As Humans were originally created to turn the prayer wheels of Heaven, the predominant religion in Creation is a nearly-secular veneration of Heaven and the Celestial Bodies. Daily and weekly services form a cross between prayer, light exercise, and taxation, with Humans rarely knowing their origins. The Lunars themselves have been reduced to conspiracy theories and legends of "Bigfoot" and "The Abominable Snowman". The magical materials are unusable to Humans, but that does not stop Lunar agencies from collecting them out from under the Humans that find them.

Your Mission....Should you choose to accept it

As newly Exalted Lunars, you must balance protecting Creation from the worst supernatural threats, while simultaneously adhering to the Thousand Streams River tenants. Humans must have absolute freedom, even if that means they spend their days destroying each other.

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"Alright Maggots! Listen up! I am Flawless Iron Pillar, and I have been assigned to make sure that you don't embarrass those shards you have been given! Now, I don't care that you've got your pretty little tatoos, and I don't care that you're holding ancient weaponry that your pitiful minds have never even conceived in this life! As far as I'm concerned, you aren't worthy of your predecessors memories!"

The massive man before you paces back and forth, his face reddening. He wears a perfectly pressed uniform of silver and black, bereft of insignia. Moonsilver tattoos peek out of his short sleeves and at his collar. On his head, he wears a round, broad-brimmed hat slanted down over his forehead. A silver half-moon is emblazoned on the hat.

"Be that as it may, fortunately for you it's not up to me. It is, however, up to me to complete your training. Now, you've had it easy here on Albion, bastion of the Silver Pact. Your lessons in essence manipulation and advanced combat tactics won't mean drek when you're faced with your first slavering demon without my help. And my help, gentlebeasts, is live fire exercises. That's right, time to hit the ground running. You two, escorted by myself, will take part in a mission for the good of the River. Far in the North, a rogue god has decided to try and generate additional essence for himself. He's well aware of the River's policy of non-contact with Humanity, so he's started a legend about himself. This extorts a loophole in the official laws, as many cultures have traditions and superstitions based on former deities. This particular spirit goes by the name of Sandy Claws, and over the last several decades many in the North and East have spread word that good deeds and doing nice things for each other will result in gifts from some supernatural power. Ridiculous as it is, Heaven let it go because it wasn't really hurting anyone and Sandy Claws never physically appeared to anyone."

"However, we've recently had intel that Sandy Claws has enslaved a pack of Buck-Ogres, who have been witnessed pulling around some sort of Ice Sled. More concerning is the fact that Sandy Claws appears to have made a bargain with a local Freehold of Winter Fae, and that is unacceptable! Your mission, gentlebeasts, is to track down Sandy Claws and find out what deal he's worked out with the Fae, and to convince him that The Pact will no longer tolerate his actions. You have until 0600 tomorrow to prepare. Dismissed!"

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Munnin looked confused and a little upset by the abrupt dismissal. He didn't really know what he was expected to prepare. Always before, his preparations had been handled by support personnel and he had simply executed his mission. He wasn't sure exactly what his place or position was in this little excursion and he sure as shit didn't think that this small group was expected to perform the entire mission. Where the hell was his squad?

"Um, Sir, how will we be deployed" he asked the large man walking away? He brushed his long black hair back behind his ears. It was a little frustrating for him. No matter how many times he cut it, within minutes it was long and feathered around his head. It certainly didn't match any military uniform dress code he was used to but the Lunars here didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, most didn't even seem to notice. "I mean, do we have a logistics officer to report to? What is our transportation situation? I guess, I just was wondering what our operational... situation is, sir."

The newly exalts Lunar reached up and straightened his new black and silver uniform.

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Oh, the little birdie needs support personnel does he? Well that's just too bad! You are a Chosen of Luna! Mightiest warriors in all of Creation! You are your own recon, team, and support. That's how we roll. Don't plan on following any other Lunars around like some little know what? That's your new name maggot! Duckling! Make sure you answer to it until I say otherwise! Now, get out there are prepare for your mission, I want you ready to move out from Helo Pad Bravo at 0600.

As he storms off, Flawless Iron Pillar gestures toward the imposing structures behind you. You are in a massive military compound that shines brightly in the noon sun. From where you stand, you can see marching troops, obstacle courses, and live-fire ranges. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes roll along the ground or cruise through the air. The various buildings are connected by vertical and horizontal elevator shafts, many of which burrow into the mountain range that springs up behind the compound. Surrounding it all is vast, dense forest. In the horizon you can see white-peaked mountain ranges.

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Character Portrait: Onyx Garden
Onyx Garden

Detective, Tracker , Huntsmen and lover.

Character Portrait: Munnin

No Moon - Transportation and long range combat expert


Character Portrait: Onyx Garden
Onyx Garden

Detective, Tracker , Huntsmen and lover.

Character Portrait: Munnin

No Moon - Transportation and long range combat expert

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Character Portrait: Munnin

No Moon - Transportation and long range combat expert

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Onyx Garden

Detective, Tracker , Huntsmen and lover.

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